2 comments on “There’s Nothing Moral About Sex

  1. I was linked this blog by a friend and had a read. I will comment as I go.
    I’m not quite sure what you are searching for here; you say you’re speaking the truth but I think that might be over-generalised and well – who is to say what is true? So as to not get bogged down with too much philosophical speculation though, I’ll continue.

    The world is constantly in flux, yes this is good enough, though there are some things that remain quite constant (like the central importance of sex etc), though I might add if the world is important to you, get out there and do some good in it rather than just writing blogs. Also, could you please link me the Aldous Huxley quote?

    I think saying that sex leads to suffering is not quite right; desire can lead to suffering, just as hunger can, rather than food or eating itself.

    To say that everyone is sexual without question is also questionable at the least considering the amount of people who nowadays identify as asexual. I also don’t think it is appropriate to say that people are ‘sick with sex’ – all your research re: search engines to the blog show is that people want sex in kathmandu!

    You also say that people are sick with sex and then instantly reverse that to saying that to be sexual is to be healthy; I’m not quite sure what you’re saying. To say that sexual attraction within families is alright is fine so long as all you continue saying from that is there should be no shame in terms of the attraction. The acts themselves might well be deeply objectionable, if not repulsive. It would be wise to get some data on exactly how many relationships of this kind you have found. As for Freud being right, nearly all of his work on sexuality has since been discredited and it’s very much pop-psychology now.

    What you say about virginity doesn’t really amount to very much.

    I’m also not quite sure what you’re saying about sexual prestige and what relevance it has for the rest of the piece.

    Happiness being the greatest responsibility is a bit of a sweeping statement – there are lots of other things that you ought to be responsible for, such as your health and wellbeing and whether you are developing nicely as a person. It’s all very well being happy but if you’re also a deeply repulsive individual you won’t get particularly far in life.

    Saying all of this, I think that we might well be on the same side regarding morality and sex. Morality is something that cannot really impact sex unless you are doing it with people who don’t have any responsibility or say, or those who cannot give consent (for example children, animals etc).

    So, an alright piece of work – though I think it could do with a much more rigorous analysis of every piece of information you’re drawing from, as well as draw from much more information. I wouldn’t have commented, but you encouraged it – and I’m always much more of the opinion that constructive criticism is always a valuable thing. I do hope I’ve not in any way offended you.


  2. Dear Coram,

    Thanks for making an interesting criticism. I’d not argue much with you coz i see that mostly you’re using your logic lessons merely for the sake of argument…however, there are some valid points in your argument which i must address.

    * You’re rt on the quote. it’s from Andy Warhol, & not from Aldous Huxley. But does it matter who said it: Andy Warhol or Aldous Huxley ?

    *What i’m saying is that being sexual is healthy but getting obsessed or paranoid about sex or using sex as a tool for manipulation is bound to be troublesome both for the individuals and the society at large..

    *Regarding Freud, i also sometimes find him too obsessed with sex, but still i think Freud has made a great contribution by illuminating & generating a debate on hitherto taboo issues..

    Anyway, it’s nice to know that we might be on the same side regarding the basic argument of this post.

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