12 comments on “Why I Support the Private Sector in Nepal?

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  2. I think private sector’s should not try to corrupt government organisations. Government has police and Intelegence agencies ok. Kun din mafia haru sabai lai samatira gail ma halcha ani thikka parcha.

    Mafia haru lai thik parna counter mafia bancha thaha cha ki chaina? Mafia haru sabai lai identify garira “white van” ma kochira public dhulai denu paryo ni yaha.

  3. Government Organisation lai private sector le corrupt parni nai ho vane. I think strict laws and more tax should be imposed to private companies.

    Nepal jasto sano desh ma why should there be private companies. Its better to have large government organisations than to have small private companies who try to corrupt Government Organisation in the name of compitition.

    I think in coming days yedi Nepal Airlines lai bigarna nai khojni ho vane. Private companies lai strict laws and tax impose garira hatau nu parcha. Nepal Airlines should be the sole airlines in Nepal.

  4. hahaha…looks like you’re afraid that you might lose your job if NAC is privatized…but if you’re really honest and hardworking, you needn’t fear losing your job…look man, if NAC would have been operating the way it should, this question wouldn’t have arisen in the first place…

    Yet, i agree with you that the private sector can not run away from it’s share of responsibility when it comes to owning up the corrupt practices….but one thing is sure, Nepal Government can not run any business venture..& foreign companies are taking advantage of Nepal Government’s incompetence…

  5. lol what makes you think i am afraid to loose my job. I am permanent staff of NAC. What makes you think NAC’s staff are not honest and hardworking?? I think you have got the wrong impression of NAC. The problem is not with us. The problem is with mafies (private sectors) controlling government like puppet. They are not allowing NAC to move forward. If so what made you think NAC should be privatized.

    I have seen to the extend these private mafias goes inorder to make government orgs (NAC) look incompetent. I am just fed up off public trying to corrupt NAC.

    I will tell you how NAC should be privatized. If it is ever privatized it should be done in a way to improve management. That is to say foreign airlines should be given the contract to takecare of NAC for around 10-20 years which doesnot have any political objectives or relations in Nepal. So that all the mafias in our board maybe systematically kicked out of the organisation.

    Give me one example of foreign companies taking advantage of governments incompetence? Nepal is the place where you cannot even transfer money to foreign bank account without authorization of government.

    How do you expect NAC to be operated with only two aircrafts for 30 years without updating its fleet. Do your home work before posting anything in WWW.

  6. Btw are you posting this post to publisize objectives of mafias of Nepal? If so let me tell you they are in the loosing end. Government has police, law, army. what does mafia have? so don’t mess with government.

    Everyone lets try to make Nepal Government the best. Don’t support these mafias. Because Nepal Government’s future is Your future.

    Mafia haru sabai lai desh nikala gar !!

    • thanks man for your interesting argument. i agree with your argument to give the NAC management to some third party, just like they did it with Rastriya Banijya Bank some years back…

      btw, if you’re really hardworking, honest, & permanent employee of NAC, then you should support the view that NAC needs revamping on its total structure..

      regarding your views on private sector mafia, i don’t deny that…but where isn’t the mafia? and who’s going to control the mafia? and if anyone group, party, or institution could kick out the mafia(as you said), then the nation wouldn’t have been in this sorry state..

      And regarding your question of foreign companies taking advantage of NAC’s incompetence, you should know better than me if you’re an employee of NAC…don’t you know that nepal’s airline business is dominated by the international airliners?

      On your question on NAC’s fleet and operation…you’re right…& you’re also rt to point out that i’m not an expert..but i don’t think you’ve be an expert to see what’s self-evident…i post what i see and experience to generate a debate..but if you’re an expert, i fail to see how can you rely on any government to run NAC as you desire…

      Political parties run the government..and there has not been a stable govt in Nepal for the last 23 years…and the management of NAC changes every time the govt changes..and thus, every government is only concerned to keep status-quo and take advantage from NAC..

      even if you’re an honest and hardworking employee of NAC(unlike most of the NAC employees), and certainly i personally know some of the really hardworking and honest employees of NAC, but in any case, if you’re a professional in your field, you should not be ‘fed up’ (as you said), when the public questions your performance…esepecially being in a service sector business, it’s your(not mine) duty to convince the public of your performance..

      anyway, thanks a lot for keeping up the healthy debate…

  7. Foreign airlines are taking advantage because NAC is not functioning well. why isn’t NAC functioning well? which used to be number one ones? because of these mafia’s (private local companies) they have tied hand and legs of NAC so how can you people blame employees of NAC. They are Honest and Hardworking as anybody is. So you should not be ashamed of NAC you should be ashamed of those mafia’s. Who backed stabbed the organisation which made them. Which back stabbed the Country which made them.

    For example Cpt KB limbu its clear that he is a mafia agent who was appointed by Girija prasad koirala to destroy NAC. Thats why hisila yami of UCPN(Maoist) appointed Mr. Kansakar parallel to Cptn KB limbu to save NAC. Because they know about these things. Don’t think everybody is blind like you are.

    What we know is that koirala family Nepali Congress and private companies (mafias) were planning to destroy NAC to the extend it cannot recover from and buy it for lowest price i.e privatize it. Like they did to Government Runned “Saja yata yat” Electricity runned buses.

    Aba ring road parikrama garcha thotro micros and private buses. owned by these mafias. Are you loving it? Testo ramro saja yata yat and Trolly bus destroy garira thotro micros and buses !! You must be loving privatization, right? If you privatize NAC and give it to mafias Nepali janata will not benefit from it. Tai mafia haru and Nepali Congress will benefit from it.

    That’s why if NAC is privatized its better to do it in a partnership way with foreign airlines like Thai, Qatar, Emirates, Lufthansa …. for certain period of time. Just to improve management and not be influenced by Nepali Politics. But I think NA can recover with or without partnership. Just let them buy Airplanes and support them.

    After Democracy Girija prasad koirla, Nepali Congress didn’t allow NAC to buy even one airplane. And appointed mafias in top level to destroy it. Thats why Its not a time to think of Privatizing it.

  8. look man, if you ask me personally, most of the time i commute with my bicycle these days…and yes, i’m loving it…but all i see is that you’re speaking from the point of view of an NAC employee who is afraid of losing his/her luxurious post… the day before yesterday, you supported the King & Panchayat coz they were stronger, yesterday you supported the Congress & UML coz they were stronger, today you are supporting the Maoists coz they’re stronger these days… & tomorrow your support will be for those whoever comes to power..nothing strange in that…

    You’ve given an argument of Sajha Yatayat, Trolly Bus & microbuses… i’ve always traveled on public transports, and whenever possible, i will always travel on a public transport…and my experience is that surely microbuses aren’t the best means for commuting, but they’re a lot easier than the heavily crowded Sajha Yatayat & trolley buses…got it? and why get jealous if anyone invests his/her money, takes risk, works hard and grows richer..if an enterprenuer gets richer, he/she will invest his money on his business…and that will create even more opportunities for others…it’s so simple & straight…

    But your argument shows the characteristic of an employee of any organization..and i’m not criticizing you for your views, you will say what you’re…& that’s fine…but my post is intended for the philosophers, political economists, policy makers, and for those who run the country..and more importantly, for the public at large…regardless of who comes to power…

  9. What luxurious post? All the employees of NAC have been frustrated for several years.

    We are neither jealous nor do we think earning riches through doing business is wrong.

    Do you know It’s a crime to try to corrupt and destroy government owned institutions. If private organisations does whatever they want. To destroy government owned organisations then one day government will also do whatever is necessary. That’s imposing strict laws against organisations who are trying to do unfair competition with government owned organisation and hunting down criminals. Jailing them for their criminal acts.

    I am speaking on behalf of public, philosophers, political economists, policy makers and those who run the country who have love for Nepal at heart.

    My question is that if private companies think that they are capable then why don’t they run their own international airlines? Kina nepal airlines ma akha gadnu paryo?

    Do you know this years budget has discourage private sector. This is only the beginning. Don’t think people who are running government are all fools. If you do something then we will also do something.

  10. hahaha…thanks man for continuing the dialogue…Btw, i really sympathies you for your frustrations…poor guys, you guys couldn’t enjoy the life the way i enjoy it…

    i agree with you that it’s a crime to corrupt a govt organization..& political parties, governments, and the employees have been committing that crime for a long time..we, the public, must do something about that…ki kaso ta gaathe..;)


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