5 comments on “What Happens When UNMIN Exits From Nepal ?

  1. Nepal on a verge of collapse
    24 Jan 2011
    It is well known to every body whether they are opportunists or patriots that our country has become a play ground for all kinds of mafia leaders as well as international spies. From the royal massacre to Maoists war, Nepal is being exploited by the outer world for their own benefits. Here, what I want to put forward is that Karin Landgreen had told at UN Security council that there is a strong chance of military coup or direct rule of president in Nepal. She puts her own views without analyzing what will be the out come of such allegation. If we go back to Nepalese history, even 200 years back there is not such evidence where army had done coup in Nepal nor does our newly elected president have such guts. These kind of baseless allegation simply deviate our army men morale. Only few years back, Maoists had strongly denied for the involvement of UN agencies in Nepal stating that they were harbored by US Government, are now sticking with UNMIN and reiterate the same word everywhere that there is a need of UNMIN in Nepal for lasting peace. From this type of Maoists statement clearly gives us true indication that Maoists and UNMIN are part and parcel. As there is a popular saying that “Forest is protected by Tiger and Tiger is protected by Forest” You know what I mean to say that, Maoists are harbored by UNMIN and UNMIN is harbored by Maoists. If we go back to the past world history of China and Tibet, then similar type of incident had occurred in Tibet. Tibet asked for the help with China government during foreign invasion in Tibet and Chinese troops came to Tibet and never went back till date. Now, in Nepal only the entry of UN troops is left behind. Let’s see what UN troops are doing in the rest of the world especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On an average 5 civilian are killed weekly on a drone attack in Pakistan and Afghanistan where UN troops are working from 9 years back. The present type of problem in Nepal is the problem of almost every developing country in the world. The guerillas war are present in almost developing country in the world and the presence of UNMIN and UN organization have not help to end any such kind of civil war but they keep on lengthening such war as a means of comprehensive talk with the warring parties and the government where the common point is never met. In fact who wants peace neither UNMIN nor Maoists because, in the name of PLA Maoists are getting hefty sum of money from the UN agencies and on the other hand the staffs of UNMIN are getting good chunk of salary from their office. If these kinds of civil war ends from the world then, you know their job is gone and who wants to end their job. No country can prosper if it keeps on fulfilling the demand of every citizen. The demand must be acceptable to the major population. If we take the case of America, you cannot even talk about NAZI and at that point where is Americans human right? But, we think and talk that there is enough human right in America as if America is the land of origination of human right. Similarly, in the well developed West European countries too there are some sorts of ban in some kind of activities. Likewise, in Nepal too we should clearly mention in the constitution that no body can raise voices against some acts which are solely associated with the sovereign and integrity of the country. Karin Landgreen has been posted to Burundi and you know that there is a civil war in Burundi from many years back. No doubt to say that I had heard about the Civil war in Burundi since I was a child. Burundi is simply one example you can take cases of Rwanda, Liberia, Lebanon, East Timor, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and many more African and Asian countries especially the developing country, where UN is working to reinstate peace since time immemorial but till date no peace agreement has been signed by the warring parties and if it happened it is not in practice like in Nepal where the combatants of cantonment went outside taking arms and ammunition. Why this is happening because, in each and every country the fate of the citizen is same. In fact, UN agencies don’t want to bring peace they just remind the unnecessary human rights of the citizens and warring parties which will ultimately add fuel in the fire. In fact, if peace is reinstated then there job is gone for forever. They are luxury gobbling monsters as Maoists are becoming these days. So, we should solve our problem by ourselves and let us say in one voice “GO BACK UNMIN”.
    Alaukik Upadhaya

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