5 comments on “Nepal in Damn Statistics!

  1. Dear Mr. Dr. Divas !
    You are going to tease your nationality. Why you are going to stablish the means justify the ends ? The republic, secularism and caste-based federalism can’t addust in Nepal.
    Dear Divas ! the most unfortunate fact is that majority of our political leaders Congress, UML including Maoists are Indian agents. What you can do from these culprits and traitors ? Don’t follow the path of anarchism . So,it is worthless to expect from these leaders to save our nationality and independence. Unless such traitors and corrupts dominating in the big parties are chased away, democracy and nationalism will not be secured. So please, don’t try to exercise in futility.
    Thank you.

    Your Dirgha Raj Prasai

    • Dear Dirgha Sir,

      Let me confess first of all. I’m not a Dr more than our Munna Bhai was 😀 . Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      I don’t think anyone needs to be an Indian agent here. All politicians including the King manipulate their strong neighbors whenever they find it suitable. And our neighbors take advantage of that. By the way, as a devout pro-Hinduism activist, how do you interpret the bombings by Hindu Fanatics in a Mosque at Biratnagar and recently at the Assumption Church at Lalitpur?

      With sincere regards,


  2. Dear editor,
    I support the comment of Mr. Dirgha Prasai. He is very honest for the Nepalese sovereign- nationality.

    Thank you.

  3. Where did you get these stats from? Mention the source.

    The stats for Nepalese literacy rate has discrepancy in it. The data for male literacy is an estimate from 2205 while the corresponding one for female is for 2007.

    • Thanks P for pointing out the discrepancy. i too had consulted encyclopedias, and since i’m not updating the blog these days, the data here might have become outdated.

      Thanks a lot for pointing out the discrepancy.

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