13 comments on “India Votes 2009: Billionaires’ Polls: Hindutva, Islam, & Democracy

  1. Dear editor,

    I read this above analysis about ‘India Votes 2009: Billionaires’ Polls: Hindutva, Islam, & Democracy’.

    But, in India democracy is not only the problem, the mail problem of India is the crisis of national identety & prestige. Congress I can’t represent the identity & prestige of India. Congress I ‘s interest is only to achieve the regime toto save the prestige. Actually, Congress I is not democratic party, it has failed to join hand to the Indian nationalist.

    BJP is only the democratic-nationalist party in India. BJP always is representing the national value & prestige. BJP never threat to Islam and Muslims. BJP only want to stablish the hinduism as a humanitarian aspect. The Hindu religion is the world’s most liberal and tolerant religion. BJP knows, epal despite being a Hindu is the most liberal and tolerant non-secular country in the world. India is slowly losing the Vedic culture (Hinduism) is through the process of secular or Christian education. So, I think BjP is only going to save the identies of India as well as the ancient culture & traditions of Indian people.

    Among all religions of the world Hindu religion is considered as the most liberal. According to renowned philosopher Voltaire, Hinduism is the best gift of the East to the West. Similarly, George Bernard Shaw, Irish litterateur also said ‘Hindu religion is the most important and the most liberal religion in the world. According to Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics, signs of Hindu religion are even found in the present Islamic country like Iran. A stone scriptures of 486 BC found in Iran contains the words Hindu and Hindus. Even an ancient Parsi scripture ‘Shatir’ has lifted a word of Ved Vyas ‘I am a true Hindu born in a Hindu country’. Another Hindu philosopher Manu has taken the area between Bindhya in south India and the Himalayas in the north as Aryabrata, the land of Aryans. Even outside travelers like Megasthaniz and Fai Han have written in their travel memoirs after their visit of the Kingdom of Chandra Gupta Maurya that Hindus have tall figure, long life, healthy, who avoid narcotics, simple, intelligent, truthful, who do not keep witness in transactions, do not lock their houses and there is no theft. So, in the evolutionary process of the world’s civilization, Hindu philosophy is taken as liberal, simple and tolerant. Hindu philoshopy respects all the religions, never hate. But, we can’t bear the intervention of other religion.

    So, we Nepalese people hope, BJP must, should take the leadership in new government of India. If BJP can’t gain the government position India can’t also secure. So we hope JP should be in New government of India.
    Thank You.

    Sircerely yours
    Dirgha Rj Prasai
    E-mail: dirgharajprasai@gmail.com
    Kathmandu, NEPAL

  2. Dear editor,

    I support the strong opinion of Mr. Dirgha raj Prasai. I think, Mr. Prasai’s articles and views , always represent the reality of the country.
    Actually, BJP is better than congress (I) for Nepal.
    Thank you.

    Chandra Raj Gurung
    Pokhara, Nepal

  3. Dirgha jee,
    Although i disagree with your political views, from your earlier comments I had the impression that you’re an honest person…for unlike other opportunists who change their stand according to the rulers, you’re openly lobbying for preserving the already extinct monarchy in Nepal. Therefore, stop being a hypocrite…Stop fooling us by saying that BJP is better for India…why don’t you frankly admit that you want to see BJP in India so that it may be easier to lobby for your Gyanendra and your Hinduism agenda in Nepal? And what to say of your pakhandi nationalism when on the one hand you say that Nepalis should join Kashmiris, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis to teach a lesson to India for interfering in Nepal and at the same time you favor BJP in India whose leaders say that Jawaharlal Nehru, fearing Chinese reactions, made a mistake by refusing to annex Nepal into India, when King Tribhuvan had proposed for the same? At least stop being a dhongee and pakhandi Bahun in your views Dirghjee…

    And Dear Chandra jee, how could you support Dirgha jee without reading his previous comments?

  4. Dear Divas !
    I support your political analysis but, frist of all, you have to need sovereign Nepal. I am not the supporter of Indian leaders BJP also. But, BJP’s motto is to stablish the identities of Nepal & India. So, I support to BJP then Congress.
    Dear friend !
    I am not the agent of King Gyanendra. But I want any king of people oreinted monarchy. Without monarchy Nepal can’t stablish.

    Mr. Divas ! what is ethnic based fedaralism ? You see, this is the agenda of Nepal’s disitrigation of India. The leaders of Maoist, Congress, UML and Madhesi are not for the sake of the country. They are catering the desintrigated agendas of the country. In Nepal, in the issue of republic, seculalism and federalism will be most difficult task. Actually, the constituent assembly will be the missile to destroy Nepal. The Maoist model of federalism based on ethnicity can disintegrate the unity of the country.The federalism can’t develop the norms of democracy. Similarly, Professor David Seddon of London (keen observer of Nepalese perspective ) has said-‘ federalism is a big mistake, for Nepal.This is not necessary in fact to defend the interests of majorities or the interest of minorities, where women, or Dalits or Janajatie-s that can be done in other ways. The Madheshis- whoever they may be- can divide off and be a relatively autonomous state immediately provokes movements against this. I would argue very strongly that there is no need for federalism, that there is undesirable,undemocratic and profoundly divisive.(The Kathmandu Post 16 Mar.2009)

    Dear friend ! once please think my opinion in cool-mind and say to all your friends & party about Nepalese nationalism. Actually, Federalism with ethinics group will be the causes of desintrigate among the unity. The ethinic division of Nepal will create only ethnic leaders, not national leaders. We are Nepali brothers and sisters but the ethnic division will make us Bahuns, Chatri, Gurungs, Magar, Tharus, Newers, Limbus, Rai, Tamang and Madhsis etc, except Nepali. A scholar Dr.Tilak Shrestha says- ‘Ethnic marginalization has been exacerbated by Maoist to weaken the center and get support especially from Janajaties. They have pressed our every social faults lines without any regard to the negative effects on the nation. However, they do not have solutions to it. Our roots go beyound the time of king Janak, Yalambar. Let us not forget our forefathers and mothers who left their legacy as temples, Chaityas,Chauth, Sundraras,Pagodas etc.’ Infact, such traditional culture are the pride of being Nepal.
    So, monarchy is also the most important pillar in our nation. When communism was at its height in China, Chinese leader Mao from his sick bed had told late King Birendra that China understood it quite well that Nepal’s sovereignty had been protected only because of monarchy in Nepal. Although communists are basically anti-monarchy, China always remained in favour of monarchy in Nepal. This amply tells why China always put its faith on King Mahendra and never believed Nepalese communist leaders like Pushpa Lal, Mohan Bikram and Keshar Jung Rayamajhi. Chinese analysis during the Maoist time was that Nepalese communists wear a revolutionary cloak they have always remained puppets of the Indian designs. This analysis has proved correct now. This character of the Maoists and Nepal’s other communists because of their relations with RAW has always been turning Nepal into another Sikkim or Bhutan from the agenda of republic, secularism & fedelalism.
    So, please, think and contact me how to save Nepal.

    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  5. everyone who talks of india in a derogative tone must also read this article:

    This article by Vir Sanghvi truly drives home some home truths !! Read it till the end and it’ll open your eyes to some hard hitting facts.

    Indians and Pakistanis are no longer the same people in any significant sense (NEW)
    Posted By: Vir Sanghvi | Posted On: 07 Mar 2009 12:38 PM

    Few things annoy me as much as the claim often advanced by well meaning but woolly headed (and usually Punjabi) liberals to the effect that when it comes to India and Pakistan, “We’re all the same people, yaar.”

    This may have been true once upon a time. Before 1947, Pakistan was part of undivided India and you could claim that Punjabis from West Punjab (what is now Pakistan) were as Indian as say, Tamils from Madras.

    But time has a way of moving on. And while the gap between our Punjabis (from east Punjab which is now the only Punjab left in India) and our Tamils may actually have narrowed thanks to improved communications, shared popular culture and greater physical mobility, the gap between Indians and Pakistanis has now widened to the extent that we are no longer the same people in any significant sense.

    This was brought home to me most clearly by two major events over the last few weeks.

    The first of these was the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team on the streets of Lahore. In their defence, Pakistanis said that they were powerless to act against the terrorists because religious fanaticism was growing. Each day more misguided youth joined jehadi outfits and the law and order situation worsened.

    Further, they added, things had got so bad that in the tribal areas the government of Pakistan had agreed to suspend the rule of law under pressure from the Taliban and had conceded that sharia law would reign instead. Interestingly, while most civilized liberals should have been appalled by this surrender to the forces of extremism, many Pakistanis defended this concession.

    Imran Khan (Keble College, Oxford, 1973-76) even declared that sharia law would be better because justice would be dispensed more swiftly!

    (I know this is politically incorrect but the Loin of the Punjab’s defence of sharia law reminded me of the famous Private Eye cover when his marriage to Jemima Goldsmith was announced. The Eye carried a picture of Khan speaking to Jemima’s father. “Can I have your daughter’s hand?” Imran was supposedly asking James Goldsmith. “Why? Has she been caught shoplifting?” Goldsmith replied. So much for sharia law).

    The second contrasting event was one that took place in Los Angeles but which was perhaps celebrated more in India than in any other country in the world. Three Indians won Oscars: A.R. Rahman, Resul Pookutty and Gulzar.

    Their victory set off a frenzy of rejoicing. We were proud of our countrymen. We were pleased that India’s entertainment industry and its veterans had been recognized at an international platform. And all three men became even bigger heroes than they already were.

    But here’s the thing: Not one of them is a Hindu.

    Can you imagine such a thing happening in Pakistan? Can you even conceive of a situation where the whole country would celebrate the victory of three members of two religious minorities? For that matter, can you even imagine a situation where people from religious minorities would have got to the top of their fields and were therefore in the running for international awards?

    On the one hand, you have Pakistan imposing sharia law, doing deals with the Taliban, teaching hatred in madrasas, declaring jehad on the world and trying to kill innocent Sri Lankan cricketers. On the other, you have the triumph of Indian secularism.

    The same people?

    Surely not.

    We are defined by our nationality. They choose to define themselves by their religion.

    But it gets even more complicated. As you probably know, Rahman was born Dilip Kumar. He converted to Islam when he was 21. His religious preferences made no difference to his prospects. Even now, his music cuts across all religious boundaries. He’s as much at home with Sufi music as he is with bhajans. Nor does he have any problem with saying Vande Mataram.

    Now, think of a similar situation in Pakistan. Can you conceive of a Pakistani composer who converted to Hinduism at the age of 21 and still went on to become a national hero? Under sharia law, they’d probably have to execute him.

    Resul Pookutty’s is an even more interesting case. Until you realize that Malayalis tend to put an ‘e’ where the rest of us would put an ‘a,’ (Ravi becomes Revi and sometimes the Gulf becomes the Gelf), you cannot work out that his name derives from Rasool, a fairly obviously Islamic name.

    But here’s the point: even when you point out to people that Pookutty is in fact a Muslim, they don’t really care. It makes no difference to them. He’s an authentic Indian hero, his religion is irrelevant.

    Can you imagine Pakistan being indifferent to a man’s religion? Can you believe that Pakistanis would not know that one of their Oscar winners came from a religious minority? And would any Pakistani have dared bridge the religious divide in the manner Resul did by referring to the primeval power of Om in his acceptance speech?

    The same people?

    Surely not.

    Most interesting of all is the case of Gulzar who many Indians believe is a Muslim. He is not. He is a Sikh. And his real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra.

    So why does he have a Muslim name?

    It’s a good story and he told it on my TV show some years ago. He was born in West Pakistan and came over the border during the bloody days of Partition. He had seen so much hatred and religious violence on both sides, he said, that he was determined never to lose himself to that kind of blind religious prejudice and fanaticism.

    Rather than blame Muslims for the violence inflicted on his community – after all, Hindus and Sikhs behaved with equal ferocity – he adopted a Muslim pen name to remind himself that his identity was beyond religion. He still writes in Urdu and considers it irrelevant whether a person is a Sikh, a Muslim or a Hindu.

    Let’s forget about political correctness and come clean: can you see such a thing happening in Pakistan? Can you actually conceive of a famous Pakistani Muslim who adopts a Hindu or Sikh name out of choice to demonstrate the irrelevance of religion?

    My point, exactly.

    What all those misguided liberals who keep blathering on about us being the same people forget is that in the 60-odd years since independence, our two nations have traversed very different paths.

    Pakistan was founded on the basis of Islam. It still defines itself in terms of Islam. And over the next decade as it destroys itself, it will be because of Islamic extremism.

    India was founded on the basis that religion had no role in determining citizenship or nationhood. An Indian can belong to any religion in the world and face no discrimination in his rights as a citizen.

    It is nobody’s case that India is a perfect society or that Muslims face no discrimination. But only a fool would deny that in the last six decades, we have traveled a long way towards religious equality. In the early days of independent India, a Yusuf Khan had to call himself Dilip Kumar for fear of attracting religious prejudice.

    In today’s India, a Dilip Kumar can change his name to A.R. Rahman and nobody really gives a damn either way.

    So think back to the events of the last few weeks. To the murderous attack on innocent Sri Lankan cricketers by jehadi fanatics in a society that is being buried by Islamic extremism. And to the triumphs of Indian secularism.

    Same people?

    Don’t make me laugh.


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  7. I feel that everyone except the so-called doctor is right. They are different points of view and everyone (sane) is entitled to them.
    As for me, I feel that both Congress and BJP are evil – one is for a sort of unofficial monarchy while the other is just the flip side of muslims. india is in deep shit and we indians know that best.
    Elections are a joke as long as you allow crminals of all sort to enter. Yes billionaires are more acceptable because they have already made their money and may ACTUALLY do something for the country. The so-called doctor of course, cannot see a world without a muslim leadership holding reins even in a country where it is in a minority. He should read vir sanghvi’s post (repeated above) AGAIN & AGAIN TILL HE UNDERSTANDS IT.

  8. i think dr. abdul’s article is downright stupid and the person does not have enough insight.

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  10. Hi Assalamu alaikum – Peace & blessings of Allah to all of you.
    Actually Islam doesn’t recognize terrorism. Those who kill cannot enter into paradise in the hereafter.

    The Qur’an teaches us that “Killing one person is like killing the whole of humanity and saving one person’s life is like saving all of humanity”.

    Islam doesn’t support, so hereby request all to dont talk bad about Islam anymore. Or you have to answer Allah – The almighty after your death. It’s sure u cannot escape.

    Fear Allah.Convert to Islam and come to the religion of Truth.

    It is not a religion after Jesus, after buddha, after some creation of some stones and worshiping this and that.

    It is Only True religion that tells us why this World is created and why we are all created. Fear Akirath ( After this world ) you kafirs.

    Otherwise u will find a very dangerous Hell in the hereafter.

    —- Shahul Hameed —-

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