11 comments on “Know Nepal: Caste, Ethnicity, Religion and Languages

    • Thanks P for pointing out the discrepancy. i too had consulted encyclopedias, and since i’m not updating the blog these days, the data here might have become outdated.

      Personally, i don’t give a damn whether it’s 80.6% or 85%. But it may matter for political, social, and other reasons. thanks again for making things clear.

  1. Hi,
    I am from madhesh and know its histroy better than most you articleeditors. Please give your attension at this line
    “Politically part of Nepal is essentially an extension of India in other respects. In Nepal, Madesh refers to India,”
    AS history says Madhesh has never been extension of india nor it is now.I can provide you enough written proves about it. And, madhesh is not only polotically part of nepal but it is part of nepal in all respect.It was part of nepal before and after anglo-nepal war. so plesae update your this article.

    • Thanks Santosh for an enlightening comment. it’s really nice to receive such an authentic comment from an person who hails from the region he speaks for. You may not realize it now, but your comment is going to help a lot in making a peaceful and prosperous society.


    • Hi I m from pahad and I want to say u that when someone says madesh I remember abt my frnz from terai. We all are frnz

  2. hi i am panchi i want to know the caste bayak of nepal. In which category it include ? and in which place we can find these kind of caste ? it would be more better if u answer me correctly.
    thank u

  3. hey what is the difference between hindu people and kirati people…is kirati people other then hindu…

  4. The people of madhesh are adibashii of Nepal because it holds the history older than that of Nepal. Mithila was the country and maithli was the national language and janakpur was our capital.The Tharu people are kirati people of Chinese descent similar to rai and limbus of hills who entered terai region and started living with maithil societies. So Tharu from morang to sarlahi speaks maithli.in Bara parsa they speak Bhojpuri then awadhi in nepalgunj area and so on! Yadavs of madhesh are chhetri who engaged in agriculture. most of the Muslims of terai have migrated from India.

  5. whatever ethnics, castes or religions we are, all of us are Nepali and Nepal belongs to us. We have to be united and for fight against corruptions in order to develop our country.

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