6 comments on “Message to Prabhakaran: Learn From Prachanda

  1. This a-hole doesn’t know the atrocities and red-terror created by maoists in Nepal. Fuck you Mr. whatever

  2. Nina Gregurev was in the Woodleigh House of Modbury Hospital detained under SA Mental Health Act for attempt to kill her Witch Mother Darda Gregurev in 1992. She was there for 2 months.

  3. of course this article suitable to say Learn From Prachanda but now its not suitable. now we can sey to prachanda Learn From Prabhakaran. just opposite.

  4. hello nepal travel i m not agree with you because Prabhakaran wanted to seperate the country. he wanted make 2 country but mr prachanda is not like that and he is for people of nepal to make freedom.there is 100% different between tow people.

  5. me ,
    dipendra simkhada from nepal .i am totally affected by this article actually there is vast differents between parchanda and parbhakaran .this is main that prbhakaran want other country by separation of shrilanka for there race .but prachanda is not that as prbhakaran .prachanda want all neplease progress .he calims that,farmar son have right to become minister .other thing which is wake up by prachanda is so good .
    other second difference that prabhakaran can not succes to his reveal but prachanda succes .

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