4 comments on “Nepal: Madhesis Murder their Journo Daughter Uma Singh

  1. Don’t know what’s going on….
    whatever have been done…..it’s leads to nowhere but becoming failure state….
    Madhesi armed group are supported by some political parties and they (armed group) are criminal… they are not a rebellion….
    I belive she must be killed by them, as she is journalist… and she is doing her duty……. may be another (Manika) is going to be targeted… ufff…
    Condemning is not a solution, criminals should be punished…and it’s a duty of government and the duty of all Nepalese who love Nepal and Nepalese…and more-over some political parties leader should be punished as they are supporting the activities of armed groups in Terai silently …
    May her soul rest in heaven….

  2. This incident shows how serious the dowry problem is in the terai region of Nepal. Just look at this particular incident, she had to resettle to a different place than the one she had been previously working because of the pressure on her from different groups since she used to write against the dowry system. But this time she was murdered for the same case.

    This is just one case which has surfaced. There might be hundreds and thousands of cases like these which might have been silenced.

    The people who are involved in this murder have to be brought under law and punished severely so that others get the lesson that no one is above the law.

  3. Uma Singh, was a heroic young woman who was attacked by primitive, ignorant evil men who must be held responsible and brought to account for their crimes. I am shocked that these murderous criminals have not been identified. 15 to 20 men in front of witnesses attacked this courageous young woman and I believe some people will know who they are, her blood would be upon them and someone would have seen them return from perpetrating this evil deed.
    If you are afraid to speak up send anonymous information to leading news papers. These murderers are the lowest of the low. Do not let this young woman’s murder go unpunished.

  4. Govg itself is Kriminal, Thats a resionn goverment is not able to do any thing. Other wise they would had give the justice to there family.
    Poltician are killer, thats reason he is finding the actual killer.

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