65 comments on “Sixteen Hour Load Shedding in Nepal: How the Hell Can One Run the Government?

  1. I like your statement that the Maoists cannot just blame the past “bourgeois” for the state of the nation, they might have a bigger share to the root of the problems that persist now.

    Btw, with all these conspiracy theories going on about in the “chiyapasals” about the Maoists artificially creating load shedding, I feel that this might be a very good ploy of censorship by the Red Nepali government. I also think this government should make public of why this electricity problem has become so perverse in this year as compared to other years. They’re putting us at dark.

  2. Satyanas!!
    Parmanu Bhatti chaiyo nepal lai. Electricity production garna. Singa durbarma youta parmanu bhatti banayo vani sab thick hunchha.

    • Yes Neuclear Reactor is good for the low cost electricity production but who gonna take care of it as we are amoung “not only pasupati but all country ‘baadar’ – monkey” . If there is a leackage problem then non of us will be live.

  3. prachanda chor sala junglee afu adharyo ma basyo bhandima aru lai pani adharyo ma rakchas randi ko choro. tero tuppi katera tuki balnu parla jasto cha. tero bau ko kalo lado nai baldinchu batti aayena bhane. and thats a promise .

  4. after the elimination chamber . After beating 5 other guys: the game has done it . the game is back

  5. Reminds me so much of India – we’ve had similar power problems in most states since times immemorial.
    In fact, when I spent a few days in Uttar Pardesh (which borders Nepal), I was apalled to find that once the power went off just about NO ONE could predict if it would return in a few hours or days !
    One can only sympathise with people like students and housewives who get the shorter end of the stick.
    Nepal must harness all (perpetually flowing) rivers or create dams so that cheap abundant power supplies will be there atleast in the future.
    It should invite international tenders offering long term tax & other incentives to companies that set up such plants in record times.
    The entire progress depends on power, or the lack of it.

  6. no need to supply electricity in nepal what can we use in 8 hours electricity .when we sleep electeicity will go when we wake up it will be gone
    suck elecricity

  7. Uma Singh, was a heroic young woman who was attacked by primitive, ignorant evil men who must be held responsible and brought to account for their crimes. I am shocked that these murderous criminals have not been identified. 15 to 20 men in front of witnesses attacked this courageous young woman and I believe some people will know who they are, her blood would be upon them and someone would have seen them return from perpetrating this evil deed.
    If you are afraid to speak up send anonymous information to leading news papers. These murderers are the lowest of the low. Do not let this young woman’s murder go unpunished.

  8. machigkanni prachanda tero sarkar le nepali lai switzerland hain dark contery banayo.switzerland ko sapana na dhek.10000mw ko sapana pani na dhek taila 0.1mw pani produce garana sakdainase.t chooor hos tali jungele ko tuki tik cha ra ta. ta tacher kai job ma thik cha.tero kaccha bhashan la aba new nepal haina khokra nepal bhaunaush bhushih.taila politics na gar.fuck upppppppppppp

  9. Hami sabai nepalile Alkatra pani khanchau vanya thikai jasto cha.. Natra yo muji sarkar lai hamle vote halera banako haina.. K herara basnu ajjhaii?? Prachande ko geda futaune dau nagari kei hune wala chaina ya..

  10. khai yo nepal k vako ho yar!!!!bujnai na sake ne….strike garyo vane chhai electricity dine ani chupa lakera basyo vane chhai jati man lakchha tate kati dine…aahele 21st century ma without electricity basne vanya ta its not a joke ni yarrr….its fuc***g shit ni…j vaye ni sathi haru sanga naya sheduel chha vane post garm na la….

  11. This is not fair. Many expectations were associated with present government. It has been almost a year that the maoist are ruling over Nepal. What is the difference……………………… Nothing changed, everthing is the same. The condition has even worsen than before…. 16 hours of load shedding, price hiking, roadstrike, unsecurity. These are the things we got from recent government.

    How much extra year do you need to prove yourself? Isn’t it enough….

  12. While the past Panchayat, Kangressi, & “hijda” UML governments

    लौ किन नि हिँजडा UML ? ? ? सरकार चलाऊन पाको भए न थाहा हुन्थ्यो ? ? ? बिचराले ९ महिनामात्र त चलाऊन पाको हो नि
    त्यो ९ महिनामा राम्रै गर्न खोज्या हो ।

    But it doesn’t mean that I am a UML supporter. I found UML’s 9 month government policy nice rather than congress and other party’s 9 yrs.

    But at the recent time what the Bamdev Gautam is doing , फेरी त्यो चाँही मन पर्‍या छैन है ।

  13. saab le bhaneko kura thik ho ..aba yeso batti nikalne idea pani garne ki????..hamle kehi nasoche ta hamro santan le hamlai gali garchan ni ta…let every fucking neta go to hell n rust there…hami tini haru ko pachi kina lagne…we can produce elctricity….6000 rivers..and atleast 50 kw(((yo techinically atti thorai ho..)))))..means dherai electricity….so can we work on it>>>>>>n hydro matrai haina wind ra solar pani ta cha…..

  14. also there r several multinational companies who r desperate 2 invest in nepali market esp. in the field of hidro power.

    hoina , Y the government is not interested in foreginer’s investment.

    In the present era, if we r not going wid the multinationals, we really gonna suckkkk!!!!………….. believe it or not..

  15. hey ametya, i agree that UML was more popular when it’s running the 9-month guv…but don’t u think that the UML party n its leaders have always been one of the key players in Nepal politics?

  16. divas, you are very smart. Nepal will never be anything but poor and miserable until corruption is pulled from its leader’s marrow. I am so disappointed that Nepal accepted these Maoists who destroy their own people’s infrastructure and claim it is for the good of the Country. Who threaten their own people’s lives to steal votes. These evil men who only care about themselves.

    Now they ignore the mandate of their 2 year term and spend most of their effort milking any source they can find for money, land, and buildings so that in 2 years, when Nepal says “no more” to them, they will be too rich and powerful to remove. Nepal has traded one king for 600 kings and cannot afford their pay. Now they promise 10 lakh to the Maoist “martyrs”… Which of those people will say: “this is not your money to give to us”? None! They are corrupt too. They will each be bought by the Maoists and make everyone around them more miserable and poor. Nepal’s children will die or be stolen as slaves, it’s elderly will cry in the streets for rice, and businesses will continue to fail and those that take the 10 lakh will think they were blessed by God but they have only become another Raktabija.

    • Hey there!

      I do immensely agree with you that Nepali people will face such a miserable situation, if not given serious thoughts on it before it is too late…
      I totally agree on the statement you have punched in above in connection to Nepali people. Children of Nepal should NOT and MUST NOT TRUST for a single moment to these (Maoist) people who has come out from forest….These are the people who has created such situations in Nepal, they are not to be trusted or even think of trusting them.

  17. Thanks for your concern Bideshi friend of the Nepalis. Your grasp of Nepali politics & culture shows that you’re no longer a ‘bideshi’ in Nepal. 😉

  18. thanks for the post abc. One more question. What group is Maharajgung, Chakrapat? I can’t seem to figure that out.

    • hey Zero, honestly, i didn’t make up this schedule…i just found on the NEA website…man, why don’t you ring your No Light guys?

  19. We are facing one of the greatest problem with this fucking lodshedding in our country. I want to tell everybody including our so called PM, Mr. Prachanda to fuck off from the PM’s position and get back to his birthplace immediately. If the PM has no potentials to solve this problem, he has no right to take any decision for our country.
    All the hopes from the Nepali citizen are in vein and useless.
    We have unfortunately created a rascal and freaky Government. This is really a great mistake done by us to choose the Maoist as the leaders to rule the nation.
    We are being perimistic and waiting for the unknown result of our diminishing country.

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  21. Well Nepal couldn’t run the government WITH electricity, so what’s the difference? Kathmandu Valley has become one of the most polluted cities in the world. Water shortages will be critical soon. Probably rioting will ultimately result when no water is available. And the government is still bickering about power politics. It will never end, no matter whose in power. Hopeless.

  22. The NEA used to post the load shedding schedule in English. It really doesn’t matter.We soon will have only 4 hours of power a day. Many have just given up, and use email/internet at cafes that now have 24/7 generators. Nepal basically has two choices: either decide to live in th 18th century (which most of the country does anyway) or make concrete steps to live in the 21 Century, which the last 20 years, they’ve made little effort, save private enterprise. Personally, I think 18th Century is better with no radio, TV, internet, and maybe people will talk again. I tell you all, everyone is bad mouthing about electricty. But we can live without electricity very well. What we can’t live without is water. And this is the big issue. But since we have water today, nobody seems concerned about water tomorrow. It will be an absolutely desperate situation SOON.

  23. I agree that our leaders have failed us – again. Time and again they have shown us that serving the people is not the topmost priority nor even a priority for them. I think that our so called netas are responsible the most for destroying our country but we the people are also guilty for allowing, or even helping, them do it. It seems to me that our new generation is really concerned about where the country is heading. Maybe its time to start a new revolution. How about kicking the netas out and getting our ex-army lahures to run the country? Seeing the way they are doing good work in their neighbourhoods – getting roads pitched, water supply lines improved, drainage system constructed, and so on – it struck me that maybe we should get them to run the country.

  24. hey all of u guys u guys said the correct thing so lets get the hell out of the prachanda sale gada fucking chor machikni randi ko choro

  25. The irony with Nepalese is that everyone wants a strong leadership, but no govt is allowed to function smoothly…

  26. sathi ho pranchda lai matra gali garera k garne . sale girija ra shere deuba le tetro barsa sarkar chlauda pani lado kanyarea basyo. tyo randi prachade pani exception chi hoina sala khate. nepali lai andyaro ma rakhne sabai bhanda main role randi ko choro girija ko ho . sale girija ta marda ta ma 1000 kw mo genetor kinera 13 din samma batti balchu. may your soul rest in peace very ver very soon.

  27. this time the power crisis is certainly on high compared to past years.when i pose this question: how come are we facing this severe crisis all of sudden ? makes me more and more cynical about this so called maoists and their sister organization PLA. They have proved themselves to be not more than mere opportunist like all their predecessors.
    i wonder why these politicians lack common sense.plz somone infuse them with some

  28. Hi Guys
    This is serious stuff and sensitive too.
    I just want to let the cat out of the bag. I don’t care if it goes wild any more because now iam safe and far from those whom I want to expose. I have a very sensitive document shared between HAMRO NETA and BEDISHI DALALS. it is all about not keeping Nepal dark BEDISHI MUDRA KHETI. Our NETA is is the culprit for not repairing Koshi this year. i guarentee, i cut my head if they repair the road this year. They have a dangerous pal around mid Asahr 2066. Nepal is going back to Chaubeshi style though not in black and white put in practice. That is it. if you want the document –i’ll but let me know.

    • Hmm
      Bharat ma pugera nepal ma Dhamki dene. Khabardar yadi Janakpurko Kura Kasailai thaha deyama? Ek din ta ghar pariwar samjiyera aaunchas holani-tara taile kasailai bhetne wala chhaina. Thekadar ko kura garish bhane tero thik hune chhaina. paisa chainchha bhane bhan.

  29. aru kei hoina sathi ho yo neta muji haru ko chack ma nahanu jel kei hunae wala chaina…..na ta congress ne ta UML-CPN nata UML-maiost….kasai bata kei hunae wala chaina…….aba feri raja lai nai firta lyau nu par chhhaaa

  30. lado kha randi ko bann haru load shedding ali dherai garnu paryo kt chikna na payera daha bhayo raati raati load shedding bhaye po aru le chikya pani hernu milcha ani 36 garnu pani milcha………..radni ko bann neta haru timi haru ko sabai ko aama lai mero bau le ghopte chikai chiya ta ho ni………….

  31. tero bau le ati dherai load shedding garera k paess asshol……….tero dimag chaina sale aana dheki gu khana thal prachanda masale … yadav… bhattrai ..dahal.. nepal kutha ko jasto thar cha goli le hane ra udaedinuparcha bujis

  32. oi machikny neta ho . timi haru sabai ko lado ko poal ma dhago chirara, mukh bata mattitel halera tuki bati balnu para ho randi ko choro haru. lau.. mattitel pani kaa bata halnu ni yar. yini harule matitel ko bhau pani sun ko jasto banai hale k garnu. moj gar samrat lai politics ma interest na bhayara matra ho natra timiharu ko chak chik the .Adi samrat politics ma chiro bhane herlas nete chor , randi kaa ban haru…

  33. My Wonderful and Highly dedicated Electricity Board,

    I sincerely think that the its time to redesign your website especially on the banner whereas its written ” 10,000 MW in 10 Years :: Our Mission, Our Commitment “.

    Do you even realize what exactly does that mean. The institution or an organization should be very careful while adopting the words. You all are only playing with the sentiments of the common people of Nepal with misinterpreting and giving false statements. In fact, the general public have now no faith on the government which has been devastated by the corrupt and diluted politicians for their own means.

    The country rich in natural resources and on top of that the foreign co’s ready to invest in the country’s hydro power, but unfortunately the government doesn’t want the disinvestment flowing in the country…what a economic strategy. I believe either the so-called “Netas” are illiterate or they are so ill-savvy in their lust to full their pockets that the problems of people are not seen to them and rightly to say its been ignored intentionally.

    Hence, on behalf of the people of Nepal, we request you not to divert and give the false hope to us, instead you can still indulge in all the nuisance and unethical activities to take the country into the stone and dark age.

  34. Lacking of wise leaders.
    Nepal has been suffering because we lack visionary leaders who can guide the nation to a path of development and lasting peace. We have leaders who do not read and therefore do not understand what is happening beyond Kathmandu. They amass property without feeling a sense of cheating; they care for their coterie and sycophants who always guide them to do mischievous things. The quality of present day leaders in Nepal is questionable. They loyalty is doubtful. Their interest is vested. Their way of thinking is limited. It is because of this reason we are suffering today. We have to make efforts to change the society consistent in the changes in our thinking. We must and should think; if nation survives we are there if it is not there where we are going to find ourselves?
    Roshan kumar jha
    Kathmandu school of Law, Bhaktapur

  35. guys aba dekhi yesto huna nadina lagi.gate colez le yeuta abhiyan garnu lage ko cha i mean.student will make a human chain in ring road.to protest strike free education and electricity too and other problems.in baisakh 1st.cum and join any one can join.only is u gotta b informing gate college,mandikatar.In this program many celebs are going to be there.and many media will be showing live.but done mean that there will be burning of tires,throwing the stones and all.jus peaceful protest by making the human chain for 15 minutes.the slogan is chain for change.come on people join it contact me at gate college m in 1st semester.

  36. … motherfucking son of the bitches …. they are doing all this shit on purpose …. in order to hike the power prices …. aassholes …. yo sab dhoti haru ko chaal ho ….

  37. Country is getting a conditio of equivalent to the Congo and Burundi but public are still on asleep.

  38. Remember that Maoism is not good for Nepal. Beacause of their stupid things in the past, Nepal has been gone back to stone age. While other countries in the world are trying to make home in Mars, Nepal is using full efforts just to produce electricity. We can not blame only to the government. Government has always worked to bulid enfractures, while Maoist has destroyed those enfractures in the name of revolution. They used uneduated people as a grenade.

    And also remember that the maoist are influenced by China. China may try to take Nepal and India. As you can see that on these days, Maoist are activating killing people in India. I hope Indian government knows this and thinking proper way.

    At last, we never have to acept Maoism in Nepal. Prachanda must be hanged and punished for his evil work.

  39. I merely planned to comment your blog and articulate that will Would like experienced checking your blog post in this article. It had been exceptionally revealing and i additionally reddit profession create! Keep it up and that i?ll come back to see far more soon?( space )

  40. Please provide the new load shading schedule in a easy form specially in leading news papers.You are the highest tax payer in our country still you hesitate to do so ?
    If it goes like this whom we can say the right person in this country neither leaders nor the govt.authorities.At least see the people’s priority.Its a welfare service center rather than profit organisation.Thanks

  41. la mu g yo congress le tetro 2 3 barsa chalyo ghanta ni kei garena n hijada yemale le 9 mnth chalayo n tei mathi ni mao ko sarkar auuda yei deuta congress ra yemale n madesi milera .. single sarkar mao le chaluna payena n we all know that how government run that need majority of 301 but mao has only nearly 280 so couldnt possibly run by itss own so need other soupport .. by the converge of two party mao couldnt do what they want to do…..

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