12 comments on “South-North Korea Conflict: Recent Trends in Korean Peninsula

  1. north korea is under a lunatic and fanatic leader while south korea has the magnificent economy. the electronic and transportation products of the south korea is a manifestation or evidence that the country is highly develop while its neighbor north korea is very poor and underdeveloped. The budget of the north korea communist government heavily goes to defense. It only shows that this country has bad dream….

  2. Tensions will continue unless there is more diplomatic involvement and acceptance by both sides of each others idealisms. There probably will never be total harmony but continued relationships are essential in order to avoid an all out war.

  3. let this conflict between the two koreas be stopped…..may this not get worse for it will affect the asian countries nearby…

  4. Lived in the south for almost seven, years, I tell you the only way to end all this is if China over the North and rules it.
    Because if I know the south; They will attack the North they been itching to something tohappen this bring in Money

  5. am new to this site. can’t find recent n.s. korea article. will start here.
    we need to tell s. korea to sit down and shut up. they must have thousands of islands where they can practice their war games. why pick an island nearly on the border with n. korea.

    have any of the idiots in wash d.c. looked at a map yet. do it…look at the location of the island that we are talking about and then tell me why we don’t just tell s korea to hold their exercise someplace else?

  6. North Korea should embark on viable economic ventures and stop threatening a sovereign nation like South Korea. No country has monopoly of violence. The world is meant for people to live and enjoy themselves. Leadership is all about leading people aright and not to wastage of lives and properties. If the problem of the North Korea is premature leadership, they should change him to a mature leader who will lead them to economic emancipation and social relevance. South Korea has been peaceful and never forced anybody out of the Island. People should stop making rude statement against America in its supportive role to checkmate violence and to install Democracy in autocratic and near autocratic nations.

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