4 comments on “Poll & Kashmir Freedom Movement: A Great Betrayal

  1. I could cover nearly every sentence, but the following will suffice.

    “Since 1947 when the Indian separatists–cum-terrorists managed independence from Britain,”

    Meaning that Dr Abdul would have preferred that we remain slaves ..…. ? Taking the corollary further, that implies he doesn’t prefer an independent Pakistan either – just a British colony ?

    “Possibly, Omer’s heart bleeds for Hindus while Muslims voted him to power.”

    Dr Abdul forgets that they are supposed to be Indians first and then Hindus or Muslims. But then such people are stateless and cannot belong to any country. Best would be for people such as him to have their own country (like Israel). There’s a lot of vacant area around the North & South Poles …….
    Therein, I guess, lies the visible difference beween sane people and the sort of fanatic shown in the photograph in the article.

    “he now thinks mainly about the Pundits as if he belongs to that community even though he knows they played havoc in the lives of Muslim Kashmir recently ..”

    Dr Abdul is quite powerful – he seems to have formed a new country altogether – a Muslim Kashmir !!!! And Pundits (who have been ousted from their homes and who are ) staying in camps / tents playing havoc …….. fantastic sense of humour too………

    “Indian secularism is meant only for Muslims who are expected to obey Hindus and take care only abut their concerns.”

    No , Dr Abdul ! We don’t allow your brothers – the Hindu communalists – either. Jokers like Raj Thakeray & Modi are laughed at and marginalised to state level politics and they appeal to just the sort of bigot you are trying to appease.

    “Freedom leaders have done their best to reach out to people to dissuade them from voting for an Indian government in Sri Nagar.”

    In a democracy the majority decides. And , 64% voted for peace and India !!!

    “Only Indians and pro- Indians had free life in Jammu Kashmir and all others, especially the pro-freedom leaders were persecuted , rather terrorized by Indian forces occupying there.”

    Dr Abdul, this is slightly confusing. You are openly admitting that “ Indians and pro- Indians had free life in Jammu Kashmir.” After all Indians and (maybe even non-Indian) pro-Indians are not being harmed in India. Which means that those you are talking about are foreigners. What do they do in other countries ? Does any nation in the world allow foreigners staying in their country without passports / visas to wage war against the country ??

    “As an outlooker from across the Kashmir border..”

    Having elsewhere admitted that he would stop shouting about Indian Muslims / Kashmir, if he were paid some dues, it seems he is now operating from his original (parent) country finally …..

  2. Hye !

    – u have freedom already. just like the rest of india does. but those of u who try and behave like anti national foreigners should be treated in that manner.

    – even i dont know “where is uno resolution”.

    – if you have a genuine problem why dont you write to the International Court of Justice at Hague ? They have a website at http://www.icj-cij.org . maybe they will wake up.

    – indian army is killing terrorists, traitors and anti national ; there are a lot of Hindu pandits and muslims ; obviously , even it were to try, it cannot kill an entire “generation” because there are countless of the two breeds elsewhere …………

  3. To
    The Editor

    Sub:-Displaced Kashmiri Pundits (DKPs), the most cunning and scheming
    people on earth.

    Ref: – (i)- India uses DKPs merely as stick to beat Pakistan with.

    (ii)- Shiv Sena still prepared to help DKPs.

    (iii)- Obama ought to keep it in view before deciding any policy on
    Kashmir solution.

    Dear Sir

    This refers to permanent complaint of DKPs from different forums that
    1.5 million of them are refugees in their own country as they left
    Kashmir valley in nineties and onwards in the face of Muslim
    fundamentalist terrorism in valley. The latest such complaint was
    heard from a Kashmiri Pundit lady (during almost three hours address
    and question answer session of Pakistan’s ex-President Musharraf to a
    prominent T.V. Channel of India on Mach 7, 2009 evening).

    But very few people know that these DKPs are simply not interested in
    going back to J&K, even if they are assured of their security and
    restoration of their lost properties. Rather these DKPs are allowing
    Government of India to use them merely as stick to beat Pakistan
    (which, even as per Musharraf during said T.V. session, is responsible
    for Muslim militancy in J&K in the aftermath of Afghanistan war of
    eighties, when mujahidins free from Afghanistan were diverted to
    Kashmir). This is evident from the following:-

    (1)- In 2002 Shiv Sena (when it was in Government at centre in Delhi) participated in a meeting with Kashmiri Samiti President Sunil Shakdar and other members of its executive body at Kashmiri Bhavan, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi where –

    (2)- Shiv Sena offered to send 5,00,000 (five hundred thousand) Shiv
    Sainiks (male & female to be taken from all over India) along with 5,00,000 DKPs (who reportedly wanted to go back to Kashmir valley) on one to one basis till DKPs feel secured to live in Kashmir valley on their own.

    (3)- These 5,00,000 Shiv Sainiks though were not to be a financial burden
    on rehabilitated DKPs but it was expected from DKPs that they would
    extend every possible non-monetary help, assistance & support in
    making livelihood in Kashmir valley easy for these Shiv Sainiks.

    (4)- For this program a study team consisting of equal number of Shiv
    Sainiks and DKPs was supposed to go in Kashmir valley. Therefore 20
    Shiv Sena office bearers participated in this 2002 meeting at Kashmiri
    Bhavan, with 20 members (mostly from executive body) of Kashmiri

    (5)- But Kashmiri Samiti later on backed out from this proposal and

    (6)- Shiv Sena still stands by this program and 5,00,000 Shiv Sainiks
    are still prepared to go along with DKPs in Kashmir valley.

    (7)- Shiv Sena does not believe in giving political sermons while
    sitting at Delhi but believes in solving this problem by going in the
    field and talking to other citizens of Kashmir valley so that these
    Hindu DKPs may live peacefully & harmoniously with Muslim majority
    population of Kashmir valley.

    (8)- Here it is in context to add that during this 2002 meeting, in
    reply to Kashmiri Samiti’s query (that what is the guarantee that
    these rehabilitated DKPs will not be attacked and killed in Kashmir
    by terrorists), Shiv Sena told that only guarantee is that the
    accompanying Shiv Sainik will lay down his life before such DKPs is

    (9)- But the way DKPs backed out in 2002 and the way Government of
    India is supporting DKPs financially and economically, the Shiv Sena
    suspects that the DKPs have clearly developed a vested interest in
    remaining out of Kashmir valley as refugees.

    (10)- If DKPs believe that Shiv Sena is wrong in this inference then
    even now let these DKPs go with Shiv Sena to Kashmir valley and then
    only (if Shiv Sena fails in its commitment) DKPs should air their so
    called grievances and even such sweeping statements by some DKPs
    about the alleged impotence of entire Indian political class.

    (11)- Therefore, for God sake if there is a problem of Displaced
    Kashmiri Pundits (DKPs) who want to go back to Kashmir valley but
    cannot, due to violence by terrorists then (whether Sunil Shakdar of
    Kashmiri Samiti or not) Shiv Sena can still help them by sending equal
    number of 5,00,000 Shiv Sainiks (both male & female) on one to one
    basis in Kashmir valley (without putting any financial burden on these
    DKPs) in order to get DKPs rehabilitated and to get their evacuee
    properties restored back.

    (12)- But if there is no problem of DKPs and if Kashmiri Pundits are
    quite satisfied with what India is doing in Kashmir then this bluff of
    DKPs should be called off where they are making huge hue & cry and
    lamenting day in and day out, in media, at various forums, political
    demonstrations etc. that they are refugee in their own country, no
    body helps them etc. etc.

    (13)- Here it is pertinent to add that the above mentioned ought to be
    kept in view before Obama administration (which is reportedly
    committed to find an early Kashmir solution) chalks out its foreign
    policy regarding south Asia especially about Indo – Pak relations in
    context of Kashmir solution.

    Yours truly

    Hem Raj Jain

    [Shiv Sena candidate, 1998 Parliamentary elections from Kota, Rajasthan]

    603 – St. Andrew, Putting Green, Omaxe NRI City, Near Pari Chowk,
    Greater NOIDA (U.P.), INDIA

    Mo: – 09871365288, 0120-4298564

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