16 comments on “Terrorist or Muslim Rights Activist: An Interview With Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

  1. you all are f**kers…are u from india…namak haram …jaha ka khate ho ..wahi susu karte ho…..

    if u are pakistani , to phir dikha di apni wali…u proved all muslims are terrorists

  2. This man confirms that all Indian Muslims somehow hate India over Pakistan or even Bangladesh now. This man should be thrown out of India and sent to his much-loved Islamic country Napakistan and he should be barred from coming back to India.
    I am sure, he might be too old or lazy to become a jihadist. If he was young, he would have joined some jihadist groups in Pakistan and attacked India like the terrorists of 26/11 and many other attacks on Indian soil. If he wants to destroy the Hindu land Bharat/India by conceitedly misusing the right of freedom of speech in a secular country like India, then he really gives you an idea about that he is a true Muslim because Muslims are liars, murderers, hypocrites, traitors, backstabbers, bigoted f**cks, and so on. Indian gov should keep a close eye on this man. He might even have linkages with fundamentalists and radicals from the neighboring countries.

  3. People like Dr Abdul is the reason why Hindus and Muslims don’t get along in India. I am sure that he was fired from Jawaharlal Nehru University for being biased towards Muslim students. He is using his muslim identity to get money…. not seen a bigger pimp than him.

    Read my reply to His other anti india statements. Throw him out of our Motherland.!!

  4. The problem with people such as him is that they seem to find fault in everything they do or see. After saying :
    ” I got a faculty position in ciefl, Hyderabad without paying any bribe and I occupied many other positions there as a member of governing bodies such as Executive Council, Board and Society and Academic Council on seniority basis and I did my teaching quite well, they all know.”
    He goes ahead with,
    ” But they wanted see me out. Hence they hatched the criminal ploys to disturb me. ”

    Then why did they let him enter at all ??
    Why did they allow him to rise to “so many positions” ?

    The ones who could become true Indians rose to become Presidents of this country.
    Those who can only procreate & criticise will end up staying auto mechanics, smugglers and , of course, terrorists or, like this person, creators of terrorists..

  5. All they want is peace, and we stand in their way everywhere …………

    In India, they fight with the Indians.
    In Thailand, they fight with the Buddhists.
    In the Philippines, they fight with the Catholics.
    In the Middle East, they fight with the Jews.And with each other.
    In Europe, they fight with the Christians.
    In China, they fight with the communists.
    In Germany, they fight with the Germans.
    In Malaysia, they fight with the Chinese and Indians.
    In France, they fight with the secularists and Catholics.
    In Russia, they fight with the non-Muslim Russians.
    In the US, they fight with the “house negroes”, Latino workers, blind people with a dog, cab passengers, with alcohol.
    In Denmark, they fight with the cartoons.
    In Sudan, they fight with a teddy bear named Muhammad AND KILL CIVILIANS.
    In Indonesia, they fight with other Muslims.

    I’m sure I’ve missed out quite a few places……..
    Poor misunderstood guys.
    They fight with just about everybody. They firmly believe that to make an omelette you have to break all the eggs in the world …………

  6. Azad kashmir – run by Pakistani puppets is acceptable – because they are Muslims – but an Indian kashmir is not. If you are that blatantly communal then obviously India is not the country for you because here religion comes after country. Once you accept that no one has any problems.
    India may not have many states with Muslim CMs but what do you say about the entire country having Muslim Presidents ?? There one is conveniently silent & if provoked would perhaps give some excuse making Kalam sahib sound like a politician which he was’nt.

  7. all of us should write to police complaining about him.. heisa sleeping terrorist.. recently he has written the first article ( four more tocome ) why mumbai attackwasan indian conspiracy…
    By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

    Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-I

  8. Such blind arguments regarding the country which has the second largest muslim population in the world and has given the highest constitutional posts to muslims and has permitted separate personal laws for muslims, is un-called for.

    In today’s chaotic world, there is a tendency to form gangs and fight for survival by targetting other groups, whether it is in the name of religion, race etc. However it is increasingly visible that Muslims in any part of the world are being dictated by the agenda of “jehadi” elements, those who mis-interpret Holy Quran and always create an enimity with non-muslims. I agree that there would be serious diferrence of opinion between muslims and non-muslims, especially in a materilistic world. Definitely there are chances that a few non-muslims would have ganged up and insulted muslims, but “Khuda ke liye” don’t give all such petty fights a communal colour and push all the peace loving muslims to “JEHAD” with non-muslims, which they do not support. Let us not given room to persons like “Sl.No. 7 above – Rajiv ” to demonise muslims world wide by saying that they are fighting with every body in the world and are intolerant

  9. fatieema ,
    i am talking of exactly the same people that you are. these are people who have no religion. unfortunately , you may not have read my posts elsewhere – i have always maintained that a terrorist has no religion – he is neither Hindu nor Muslim. As you are aware , we now have all brands available in India.
    i have also mentioned (elsewhere) that it is because of people such as the original author of the article (and his friends in this & other countries) that a great religion like Islam has been shamed. You will have to admit that.

  10. dear Rajiv,

    dear friend, thanks for the comments. You seem to enjoy making inductions & deductions. Send your write-ups to this mail if you want them to be posted on this blog.



  11. Dear abc,

    Thanks ! No ! I really can’t say I enjoy the inductions and deductions i have arrivwed at ! All I have is this impossible dream that someday people will realise that violence will NOT solve anything permanently. Just as you can’t FORCE someone to love you, similarly its impossible to solve issues by violence. And, most people will agree, that rather unfortunately, Muslims are one of the two protagonists (if not both ! ) in majority of the clashes ; good Muslims will have to come out and stop supporting them. I agree that in India, this has given the opportunity to bad elements in the Hindus too.
    Politics , as they say, makes strange bedfellows !


    PS : I will definitely write in if I have something fresh to contribute !

  12. Thank God I am not in politics , and really hate the breed ; obviates the need for bedfellows from that cadre atleast !
    In any case even the semi-human figures in politics arn’t worth it either and would hardly appeal to any male.
    Yes, so far as other fields go, there’s a wide range or perfect figures on the horizon, not strange either ……..

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