12 comments on “Indian Threat : Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-V

  1. ignorance is bliss. thats how islam got this big. by getting married to teddy bear playing girls by their prophet

  2. If after reading all this one can still honestly say or accept that it is an article written by an Indian national then either there is something wrong with this blog or we have to change the lexicons.

    • dear Rajiv sir, I haven’t read this particular article…but if you’d ask me, I’d say there is something wrong with the whole world…American and Soviet policies Cold War created Al Qeada and Talibanism…Increasing Talibanism in Pakistan and failure in sorting out Indo-Pak relations seems to be creating what Dr. Abdul calls ‘Hindu Al Quaeda’ in India… Dr. Abdul no longer sends his articles to this blog…perhaps he too thinks something is wrong with this blog…i see more trouble in this region… instead of accusing others, I think, all nations need to introspect their policies…just as Obama says that America would now work toward ‘de-nuclearization’ policies…

  3. Look dear, my point always has been that it is not that India is a perfect country ; only Utopia is ! But, I definitely feel that a true national can never spew such poison against his OWN country. Yes, he can criticise the policies, the leaders, whatever ……… But to just keep harping on & on that India is bad – that too only Indian Hindus are bad and that Pakistan is only an aggrieved party – now that is too much to digest. Especially now, when pakistan stands to be divided for a third time – possibly in to a hundred pieces.
    I wanted to say that an Indian cannot write all this so if he says that he is an Indian staying in New Delhi, it sounds somewhat impossible because if he was, and Indian Hindus are the sort of butchers he makes them sound to be, they would never have left hime alive !!!

    Our sympathies are with the “normal” citizens of that country ; the diehards have managed to make it a truly terrorist nation where the sane few are now left in a minority. You would have read about the public flogging of a young girl there. And the incident in Iran ? Is that something sane people can do ? If they were truly normal human beings they would have flogged the man in question simultaneously. Their laws are such that in all such cases (like rape, promiscuity etc) it is the woman in question who is punished – why is the man left out. They ensure that the whole world points fingers at them , they react by terror attacks and then they expect to be “accepted”. And they call it a religion of peace, As I ‘ve sais earlier, their misfits and unemployeds have given Islam a bad name else it would have been a wonderful religion.

    In India its the same. I am a Hindu. The staunch Hindus – rather the same publicity seeking politicians or joblessHindus too turn into “savers of the faith”. They beat up girls when they see them walking with boys. At night they’ll go & rape females themselves (like the Muslim militants in Kashmir or elsewhere).
    The Indian Hindu was never like this. Till the Muslim militants started all this. Yes, the average Indian walking in the street is not a morally good person. But, that holds for ALL Indians – Christians & Sikhs alike. They’ll pinch a girl in the bus, ogle at them in the market, break queues everywhere & so on………. It’s not confined to Indian Hindus. If only Hindus were bad, then what about Nepal where you hold Hinduism as the main religion ? Can we honestly say that all Nepalis are bad ? I dont think so.
    So, although I don’t like what’s happening in my country I come out openly and say so and we look for solutions to get rid of our corrupt politicians. But I just dont go about throwing diatribes against just one class or religion.

    In any case, as you agree I’m sure, its now all over the world. We live in a planet where no one is safe. Its no longer a GOOD place to live in. Tell me one country where one can live happily without such problems. we can either view it objectively and in a positive fashion or we can just keep blaming one particular caste / creed for all the ills in the world.
    All said and done, the fact remains that at this time in history Muslims are one (or both) of the two protagonists involved in each and every scrap in the world.

    So far as your blog is concerned, I can only request that some amount of restraint is necessary – even on people shouting against the so called Indian Muslim Doctor. They use vile language which you allow to be published. As a keeper of the blog you owe it to the world at large to maintain some dignity, some decorum. Some basic etiquettes must be observed if you want this to remain a good blog.

    • Dear Rajiv sir, Just like Dr. Abdul takes everything “religiously”, i think you make every point from the view of “Nationality”…my understanding is that things are not quite that clear cut in today’s multicultural world…Regarding your question on Nepalis, i can’t say Nepalis are any better or worse that any other people on earth…. moreover Nepal can not remain immune from what happens in India…I don’t know whether I’m doing things the right way or not…but as a keeper of this blog, I’m neither supporting Dr. Abdul nor his opponents, “vile” or otherwise… I just wish people realized how one action creates multiple reactions…and how futile is our self-righteousness…with a hope that may be that’d help us to understand the social dynamics of the society we’re living in… regards,

  4. Subject: Oz contribution to the world!!!! Topic: Topic 6 Tools of Counter-Terrorism
    Author: RANJIT RANA Date: 14 April 2008 8:58 AM

    International Counter-Terrorism
    The Australian Government is cooperating closely with key partners, particularly in South-East Asia, to bring terrorists to justice and to prevent further terrorist attacks. Australia’s substantial international counter-terrorism efforts, which include capacity building assistance and information sharing, are focused on law enforcement, intelligence, border and transport security, diplomacy, defence, terrorist financing, legal capacity, countering the threat of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear terrorism, and promoting inter-faith understanding.

    Key elements of Australia’s international counter-terrorism efforts include:

    Bilateral engagement, particularly in South-East Asia and through our 13 counter-terrorism memorandum of understandings with Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey
    Multilateral engagement in forums such as the UN, ASEAN, ARF, APEC, PIF and CTAG, as well as in issue-specific groups such as the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism
    Initiatives such as the Bali Regional Ministerial Meeting on Counter-Terrorism (February 2004) and the Sub-Regional Ministerial Meeting on Counter-Terrorism (March 2007)
    Cooperation and coordination with other key partners and capacity building donors, such as the US, UK, Japan and the EU
    Enhanced engagement with Australian academia and the private sector.
    The Department’s Counter-Terrorism Role
    Ensure a comprehensive and integrated policy approach to combatting terrorism internationally and in facilitating cooperation between Australian agencies and their counterparts in other countries on counter-terrorism issues
    Support and coordinate the international counter-terrorism capacity building initiatives of Australian agencies, including through management of the inter-departmental International Counter-Terrorism Coordination Group
    Monitor and respond as appropriate to international terrorism developments
    Coordinate and promote activities to counter the threat of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear terrorism
    Engage in international interfaith outreach activities
    Administer legislative arrangements for freezing terrorists’ assets
    Advise Australians resident and travelling overseas and Australian businesses about terrorism-related security threats
    Ensure the security and integrity of Australia’s passport issuing system
    Ensure the security of Australian embassies and consulates abroad
    Liaise with foreign diplomats and consular missions in Australia, and with relevant Australian agencies, with respect to the protection of those missions and other premises and visiting foreign dignitaries.
    Dealings with Terrorists – Australia’s international obligations
    What Australians and Australian businesses need to know
    To meet Australia’s international obligations under United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1267 and 1373 to freeze the assets of terrorists, the Government has passed laws that make it a criminal offence to hold assets that are owned or controlled by terrorist organisations or individuals, or to make assets available to them, punishable by up to five years imprisonment. DFAT maintains a Consolidated List of individuals and groups to which this terrorist asset freezing regime is applications. Currently there are over 540 individuals and groups listed.

    More information on Australia’s terrorist asset freezing regime.

    DFAT maintains close contacts with Australia’s financial sector to ensure asset freezing arrangements take account of the sector’s legitimate interests. Australian businesses, in particular exporters, should also be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that they do not do businesses with an individual or groups listed on the Consolidated List.

    In addition to the Consolidated List, the Australian Government also maintains a list of groups that are proscribed as terrorist organisations under the Criminal Code. Go to the National Security Australia website to view the Criminal Code list of ‘terrorist organisations’. If a group is listed as a ‘terrorist organisation’ it is an offence to:

    direct the activities of the organisation
    recruit persons to the organisation
    receive training from or provide training to the organisation
    receive funds from or make available funds to the organisation
    provide support or resources to the organisation
    Other Australian Government Departments
    National Security Hotline (1800 123 400)
    Attorney-General’s Department
    Australian Customs Service
    Australian Federal Police (AFP)
    Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)
    Australian Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)
    Department of Defence
    Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)
    Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS)
    Protective Security Coordination Centre (PSCC)
    External Sites
    UN Action Against Terrorism
    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum Counter-Terrorism Task Force
    Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Transnational Crime and International Terrorism
    ASEAN Regional Forum Documents
    Building International Political Will and Capacity to Combat Terrorism – G8 Counter-Terrorism Action Group (CTAG)
    Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
    Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
    Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering
    Other Resources
    Sub-Regional Ministerial Conference on Counter-Terrorism
    Bali Regional Ministerial Meeting on Counter-Terrorism
    Protecting Australia Against Terrorism 2006
    Australia-ASEAN Joint Declaration for Cooperation to Combat International Terrorism, 1 July 2004

    This article was written by Prince Colonel Dr. Ranjit Rana. This was used by Nina Gregurev.

    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally.
    R.G. Casey Building, John McEwen Crescent, Barton, ACT, 0221 Australia. Tel: +61 2 6261 1111 Fax: +61 2 6261 3111
    Australian Offices: New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia
    International Offices: Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, Multilateral Missions and Representative Offices
    ABN 47 065 634 525
    Copyright | Disclaimer | Privacy

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    Oz contribution to the world!!!! RANJIT RANA 14 April 2008 8:58 AM

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  5. Dear abc,
    Agreed. To a large extent.
    BUT !
    As a choice, religion is available to a person everywhere – Nationalities are not. One can practice his religion “nearly” all over the world whereas the Nation stays where it is. You can shout Allah -ho-Akbar from the rooftops from practically every country in the world ( although it may not be so easy to say Jai Shri Ram from anywhere in the same fashion – try doing it in Pakistan !!) Similarly, whereas it is possible to shout that Ghana is great or Egypt is great , or any other nation is great, this is possible either inside your own nation or possibly inside the UN assembly Hall. Elsewhere you have no choice but keep your nationalism to yourself while respecting that of the country you LIVE in.
    I object to violence by militants / terrorists and its supporters anywhere but especially in MY country – naturally !
    And yes, just as Nepal will not remain unaffected by happenings in India, similarly, how can we hope for peace in India when Pakistan is on the edge of disaster and the flowover will naturally enter India through the J&K areas ?
    While you remain neutral and may not support / oppose anyone, I still maintain that its not a question of self-righteousness but one of maintaining a minimum decorum. I even accept the guise used by journalists today when they say that are only reporting the news – they are not responsible for it ; its a different matter that they will stand and videotape a suicide or a murder but raise no finger to even try and stop it. Which is why I mentioned that I was worried by the language used by people attacking the writings of the man in question (although they are only supporting my views).
    I will repeat that the seriousness of anything is diluted once you let it go out of hand.
    In any case, as you say, the person has already stopped writing – these comments continue to flow over old articles.

    Meanwhile, yes, the world has changed a lot – mainly for the worse, but ultimately we will have to accept that it is a “global world”. The US is a land of immigrants yet you can sense the amount of hate they have for “new” immigrants. On a macro basis that is the same with all already-developed countries. The social dynamics of the society we are living in ensure that it is not yet multi-cultural to the extent of the acceptance of diversity, and that is possibly only when we manage to convince each other logically with discussions instead of trying to ram our ideas/beliefs down others’ throats.
    Take care.

    • Dear Rajiv sir, thanks for considering me “neutral”, however, I think, I’ve my own views…as you too might have noticed in our conversation…i disagree with all sorts of religious and ideological fanaticism…and interestingly, Dr. Abdul also seems be keeping a watch on our conversation…he’s sent an article(posted today on this blog)…perhaps to inform that he’s not stopped writing… 😀 … in fact I know, that he has been very active on the net through his articles on different websites, forums, and blogs…a simple google search of his name shows that…but what amuses me most is not his arguments or logic, but his passion and activism for his belief…and I wonder if we could persuade him to use his energy constructively…what i wish is that Dr. Abdul responded to the comments on his writings himself…for blogging is different from writing articles for papers…and readers expect prompt response and constant updates from blog authors…and comment authors are as important
      as the main post authors…in fact, there’s no hierarchy in the blogging world…whether you write an article or main post or post your comments, all are called bloggers…and blogging is a discussion forum where everyone is expected to respond to the comments made on their writings…

  6. Comment 6 above posted on April 13, 2009 by Ranjit Rana, pensioner and perpetual student, mentions both the name of my daughter: Nina Gregurev, and the following prefixes for Rana’s name: Prince Colonel Dr Ranjit Rana.
    2. Ranjit Rana was a PRIVATE in the Australian army and worked as a STOREMAN and was unemployed before and after that.
    3. Ranjit Rana is DELUDED calling himself both COLONEL and DOCTOR. He has not completed any post-graduate degree and may not even have been able to finish his undergraduate degree. He is always in trouble with university lecturers, administrators, and fellow-students. He is NOT and NEVER WAS a COLONEL or anything but a very poorly motivated private who managed only a few brief months in the Australian Defence Force due to his severe mental health problems and extreme laziness and arrogance.

  7. Subject: What is different about terrorism in 21st century? Topic: Topic 4 The Changing Characteristics Of Twenty-First Century Global Terrorism
    Author: RANJIT RANA Date: 8 April 2008 7:19 AM used by Nina Gregurev

    1. Religious terrorism use vulnerable Islamic women to be poor persons’ smart guided bomb. It is a sexed up thing for maximum slaughter though any IUDs (not tampoons)or improvised unidentified explosive devices.

    2. Also secular left wing terrorists like Tamil Tiger where literacy rate is over 95% in the population; use effifminate gender or altruistic females to be poor persons’ smart guided IUDs for maximum impact of fear and publicity exploitation of the global media circus as some weird and wonderland special event.

    3. The organisation of the terrorists are getting atomised, terrorists think now linearly, and they can communicate in virtual sense like from You Tube or social network via internet chat rooms and much more to craete instant mosque, provide lecture of beheadings and bomb makings and much more.

    4. Deobandi Indian Sufism/mysticism like Benagli Hare Krishna cult (believe that absenting from sex one can allaow the flow of semen upwards for spiritual union of radha and Krishna ala androgyny with self like Ying and Tang in tantric sense) in alliance with Wahabi/Salafism where teaching is by the script. Theology practice is different like Zen Buddhism with that of Born agaisn Christian cum Tibetean Dalai Lama Buddhist california style. In sum, Tablighi Jamaat or the Preaching Party is globalising all Mulsim mosques locally, regionally and transnationally and further globally like McDonald Macca or Mecca’s for Muslims instantly as a sense of place for convinience, familiarity and for instant acces be it vityally 7* 24 or in bricks and mortar sense of reality. This means a pure play of virtual mosque like the virtual Swedish Embassy and also as bricks and mouse clicks in terms of accessibilty and usabilty.

    I will stop here as I am using lots of electronic business marketing gargons.
    Last edited on: 8 April 2008 8:35 AM

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    What is different about terrorism in 21st century? RANJIT RANA 8 April 2008 7:19 AM

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