One comment on “Fake Sept11 Trials: Mumbai Terrorism: Beyond Official Story-III

  1. Both the American Government, the American people (Long live the flag) and The Militant factions are all guilty of terrorism. They do to us, what we do to them. We do to them, what they do to us. All of this is one way or another is simply a function of Israel, sadly enough. Judaism is the number one cause of anti-semitism around the world. Please watch a video, entitled “Land of the Gun”, by an artist named Immortal Technique. Watch the Palestine invasion version of the video please, and if you think my comment is unreasonable afterwards…I will tuck my dick in between my legs and cluck. I am a patriot, with the heart of a terrorist. By no means, and I mean NONE are people entitled to kill innocent people, and should really think twice about killing even the most guilty of enemies. Long live Gods new land…America. And God bless our freedom we so heavily guard.

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