11 comments on “Virus killers in Madhesi Politics of Nepal

  1. I agree with you Aakar. But what to say of these “leg pulling” politicians & “mainstream” media who are jeering at the peace talks with remarks like “no homework”, “little-known armed group” etc Why, do you wish and value an armed group which goes on terror rampage & mindless violence?! Burchodikey…chutiya politicians…

  2. Dear Friend Shashi,
    I’m really grateful for your kind remarks. Kindly use my writings in any way you like. I’ll be happy if my views are useful in making a more accommodative society.
    However, plz do not hesitate to enlighten or disagree with my views, whenever necessary. I do not claim to be perfect myself.

    With sincere regards,


  3. Well written.
    Quite an honest, comprehensive analysis.
    Usually, when this issue is written, it tilts down on one side or either. Pahadi writers dismiss Madhesi’s demands as illegitimate and as India’s indirect conspiracy whereas Madhesi writers write with so much emotions that it compromises on the authority and legitimacy of the article.
    I have never seen such an unbiased, balanced article on this issue before. It seems you have both, a pahadi’s lens and a madhesi’s lens, a rare possession, to look closely at the underlying issues.

  4. dear Purshottamji, what to say? …in fact i didn’t make any effort …just jotted down what I thought I saw…& I’ve seen that the reasons behind sufferings and happiness are the same everywhere…
    I’d like to quote here a poem from ‘an old master’ W H Auden,
    About suffering they were never wrong,
    The Old Masters; how well, they understood
    Its human position; how it takes place


  5. Dear Sir,

    You seem to have a very good understanding of the Terai conflict. I am currently doing some research on the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM) and its constituent factions. I was wondering whether you would be able to spare some time to help me as it is very hard to piece together a full story from news clippings online. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is there anywhere I can find reliable information on the JTMM-Goit, JTMM-Jwala Singh, JTMM-Rajan Mukti, JTMM-Ranvir and the JTMM (Revolutionary)?

    2. Do you know if these groups are still active?

    3. Do you know if they are separate from the Samyukta Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (SJTMM), the Terai Army, the Terai Cobras, the Madhesi Virus Killers, and the Madhesi Mukti Tigers?

    I understand that you must be very busy but I would very much appreciate your help with this matter. I am very keen to better understand the conflict over the Terai region of Nepal.

    Many thanks,

    Thomas Worsley
    Research Analyst, Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre

    • Dear Mr. Thomas,

      I’m really grateful for your appreciation. I’m not an expert on the issue nor I have any contacts with these groups, hence i’m afraid that i would not be able to give you a detailed info on these groups. I just interpret the issues and trends in Nepal Politics that come through the news posts & articles in my own way. Why don’t you contact Brijesh Kumar Yadav of BBC Nepali Service who keeps an eye on the Terai issues from Janakpur? You may also contact the bloggers at http://madhesi.wordpress.com . In the meantime, I’ll also forward your message to some people in my contact – let’s see if anyone responds.

      With kind regards,

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  7. well post
    The brunt of anti-India feelings among the hill people falls upon the Indian migrant workers in Nepal – mostly from Bihar who work as cycle vegetable vendors in Kathmandu streets – and their look alike Nepali Madhesi commoners. The Nepali Madhesis owing to their cultural similarity with Bihar & UP people are still looked upon with suspicion by the hill people regarding the formers’ nationality & patriotism. The plight of Nepali Madhesis in their own homeland in turn has fueled anti-Pahadi feelings in the Terai. Incidentally, the poor Bihari people seem to fare the discrimination most – be it in Bombay, Assam, or Kathmandu. “Bhaiya” which literally means “brother” is a ‘nigger’ word used to call the Bihari & Madhesi commoners in all these places.

  8. Thus, the decision by the MVK for holding a truce, and fight their battle at the talks table certainly brings a new wave of hope for the peaceful resolution of the Terai issues. The MVK’s gesture toward peace would not only put a moral pressure on other armed forces, its cadres might face security threats from the rivals. Hence, the government & media must highlight & praise the MVK’s positive stance, and look after the security of the MVK cadres.

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