10 comments on “Social Turmoils in Greece: Democracy or Anarchy?

  1. Greeks never really decided where should they positioned themselves.
    -Greece seems to he a politically polarized country between the “socialists’ & the “capitalists”.
    We can translate this as the ambivalent feelings of Greeks for the West. Their divison between their affinity for the ‘West’ and an old fashioned ‘romanticism’ coming directly from our ‘glorious’ history and their conservatism – we are country of Cristhian Orthodoxs- creates a mixture of frustration.

  2. the country where democracy was born seems to be the only country out there that keeps a small flame with the meaning of true democracy still in its heart.

    democracy, is for humans to struggle. When you give up your right to pursue the reconstruction of everyday structures after they have stopped fulfilling their purpose – then you have been won over by the sources of capitalist power that put those structures in place so they can drain people of their creativity and productivity.

    What greeks are doing with their riots, is communicating.

    politicians and billionaires out there will simply never listen to the concerns of common folks, especially young people – especially in greece. Greeks have seen their country turn from greatness to Europe’s anus. And they can’t do nothing to stop it cause whoever gets voted at elections will always fall victim to the money trap.

    you call it corruption… i call it survival.

    when young people work for nothing – just enough to cover bills and rent – and see doctors, lawyers, politicians and nowadays even priests! earning millions of black money from bribes. Sometimes they might get “seduced” from the benefits of “corruption”, others they will live their life in mediocrity and often in/near poverty. Laslty others (much like in our case) will just get angry and without / or not knowing how / a way to go about correcting this, they will go out and burn things.
    Struggle in whatever way possible to break this vicious cycle that predetermines a sheepish life, of wasting their labor in order to accumulate “wants” that media is constantly trying to implant into their brains…

    In fact, I keep wondering…

    How on earth is it possible that the whole western world haven’t yet wised up to the whole money trick that is being played on them by the “banks” . how can 99% of the population on earth ignore it? How far have the media /politics gone to cover this up? have they made our brain this numb?
    …and now we have an economic crisis and it is no wonder. And what do we do to fix this? we pull together even more of our resources and labor in order to save those tricked us from drowning…

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying go out and hurl molotov cocktails at the police or innocent shop owners and businesses. I am just saying wise up. We are being scammed and we need to react.

    personally.. i just feel like lol.

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  4. “Greek’s GDP per capita stands at $30,500 in comparison to Nepal’s $1,100, & one fifth of Greek labor force are immigrants. The Greek economy grew by nearly 4.0% per year between 2003 and 2007. The country has more than 96 % of literacy rate. The Greek society is largely homogeneous – with 98% of the population being orthodox Greek, & 99 % speak the national Greek language. What really ails the Greeks then?”

    these numbers created by few people in power to give them even more power. National economies grow in numbers and people are getting poor with corrupted values. people in Greece should not feel deceived to vote for the right party for the second time. The government is only the face of the public. the truth is that the public is corrupted, uneducated and very very stupid

  5. @Sali
    Very interesting! Certainly I would agree with your last sentence.

    “The government is only the face of the public. the truth is that the public is corrupted, uneducated and very very stupid”.

    The main practical problems in Greece are the cost of living and unemployment. The other problems… you summed them up!

    I started thinking about emigrating. Getting out of Greece. Would any kind person in this blog tell me a little about the cost of living, in Sri Lanka or Nepal (or places near you)?

    If poor people in Nepal can survive on $1100 a year, would not someone who can bring 10 times that amount live comfortably there?

    Much obliged to anyone answering my questions,

  6. hai mam/sir

    please help me i have been cheated by my husband now living in greece we get married in 2006 in india and he left me after 15 days and now we come to know that he was already married with a girl there and when we talk to him he abuse me and want devorse from me once he came to india in 2007 he take money from my father for my visa but after that we come to kanow that he is a big cheater and also he is illegal there in greece please mam do some thing for me and tell me what should i do i want to complaint against him and mam i want justice please help me

  7. well written
    Greek seems to he a politically polarized country between the “socialists’ & the “capitalists”. All these events shatter one’s romantic perception of an idyllic world in the West. In fact, the mode of violence & the underlying causes & politics are no different from what we’re witnessing here in Nepal, except that unlike the European Greece, Nepal is a poor country – insignificant for making any news item in the world media.

    Oh, sorry, I forgot, perhaps the “great” warrior Alexander was also from Greece!

  8. A fed Bear is a dead bear.

    Feeding the Serbian bear with $20 billion grant aid from the West, and with $20 billion in weapons from Russia East, ended in 10 years war with 500000 innocent civilian dead, through execution, torture, raping, kidnapping and forcefully displacing millions of Croatian, Bosnian, and Kosovars. Shame on EU, shame on Russia.
    The actions of Serbian beast ended in dismembering of Yugoslavia, and creation of many independent states, sworn enemies to Serbia. If you go to Croatia they say don’t forget VUKOVAR, don’t forget Srebenica in Bosnia, Vojvodina in Hungary, “Western Outlands” in Bulgaria, and about Kosova there never will be peace without justice. So, Serbia will end a dead Bear if not protected from outsiders forever.
    Feeding Greece with grant aids, the West is creating another beast. Greece has created a virtual reality, with a very strong military, (330 Leopard tanks, F 16 jet fighters, a very powerful Navy, included up to date submarines, and more.)
    The Greek people never learned to pay their taxes …. because no one is ever punished.
    To make things more interesting Greece has FREE HEALTH CARE, LUCRATIVE PENSIONS, and HIGH PAID JOBS, which they cannot afford either.
    So the WEST is feeding another Bear that soon or later will end in a DEAD BEAR.

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