7 comments on “Indo-Pak Bickering After Mumbai Taj Mahal Terror Attack: Following Bushism

  1. And just see what that bit of unnecessary self-created hype bought us. We’re having to backtrack under pressure of the US, China & Saudi.
    Most of the shouting was (as usual) the creation of the 24 channels who(again, as usual), helped in creating a Bhindranwale out of the Mumbai carnage.
    The outcry was OK till the time we were creating pressure on our own Government to beef up security ; we should have thereafter left it to them. If everyone was unanimous in praising Chidambaram, they should also have had the confidence that he could deliver required goods without our TV anchors egging on the crowds into a hysteria which could have no other end.

  2. “A proverb in Nepali goes like, ‘Burning your house to get rid of the mice …..”

    Well that establishes another confession – the identity of the mice in question ………..

  3. well written
    If you go by the statistics, the Greeks are not poor & uncivilized people by any standard, & there seems to be little reason for ethnic conflicts. Greek’s GDP per capita stands at $30,500 in comparison to Nepal’s $1,100, & one fifth of Greek labor force are immigrants. The Greek economy grew by nearly 4.0% per year between 2003 and 2007. The country has more than 96 % of literacy rate. The Greek society is largely homogeneous – with 98% of the population being orthodox Greek, & 99 % speak the national Greek language. What really ails the Greeks then?

    A BBC report suggested that the protesters must be a group of “communist

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