3 comments on “Nepal: Sorry Mr. Human Rights Officer, You Were Too Late to Respond

  1. “But, what kept Mr. Upadhyaya from cautioning the government for ignoring human rights violations until the United Nations’ Human Rights Committee condemned the Nepal Government for HR abuses, & the Danish Foreign Minister had to visit Nepal & express his concerns over the ‘undemocratic’ activities by the political parties’ youth wings read youth gangs)?”

    I have always wondered what actually NHRC does to prevent and control human rights violation.

    But, the answer is quite clear. It does nothing. Except for preparing and publicizing long boring reports with numbers and digits and recommendations with “should must and ought”, NHRC absolutely does nothing. And in some instances, it “condemns” the acts of violence and human rights abuses.

  2. I don’t exactly agree with both of you!!
    NHRC is for making recommendations to the government not acting against the violators directly.. It has made strong recommendations and the long boring report has all the details in it. So many cases of violation by your chosen so called leaders … be it gyanendra or Prachanda or any one in between are at the same level in HR violation.. so be it…
    What is the rule of law is NHRC recommends and government makes sure it gets followed through various security and leagal means….
    Regarding delayed response ..my dear I have to say that NHRC is an institution who cant respond and blame anyone just like that…Detail homework needs to be done beforehand even speaking a word for any issue… This is how it maintains its integrity and value for words ….

  3. Dear Nepali frien, if you’re associated with the NHRC, then thanks for responding to this post. However, although this blogger is not a high profile figure, looking from human point, you’ve taken more than two months even to defend the NHRC & its chief as this post was written in December 2008. By the way, how many cases of human rights violation you’ve discovered on your own in these two months, please explain.

    And why do you think that Mr. Upadhyaya goes into public condemnation of the Government & its leader through the media only when he himself faces personal criticism from the Maoists?

    And how on earth are you people working for safeguarding human rights in Nepal when you can not even coordinate with the UNOHCHR? Do you really believe that NHCR can put enough pressure on the state and non-state actors to respect Human Rights?

    I hope you’ll enlighten us a little bit.



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