3 comments on “Nepal: Imagine There’s No Country. . .I Wonder If You Can. . .

  1. i got that email a year ago…& i’m still thinking how would the situation improve in Nepal. Seems like the prophecy is really coming true.
    BTW: the above pic is by an indian photojournalist which also won an international award.

  2. oopppssss…hey man, i accidentally deleted your comment. Fortunately i read it before deleting, n tried to rewrite it from memory. That’s why u see the same icon with your name that comes with mine. Plz correct me, if i quoted you wrong in anyway.
    Thanks fr the info on pic. i didn’t know that, & in fact, i thought for twice before choosing it – due to the fear of being labeled as a Kangressi by the Maoists(for there is a Nepali Congress flag on the pic instead of the communist trademarks Hasiya(Sickle) & Hathauda(Hammer). Surely the pic deserves the award…despite the photographer being a Kangressi…if not Nepali then Sonia Kangressi. 😀

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