One comment on “Prez Ram Baran & Chutiya Politicians of Nepal

  1. As I was reading “interpretation of dreams” by freud, i felt the familiarity i felt as soon as i read this tiltle has sth to do with my dreams… then i realized that this is precisely what you’d commented on an article on Laxmi Prasad Devkota. haha.

    The President visited Bir Hospital. Seems like he always did that in the past – go to the specific doctor, who monitors his dental problems. But yeah, he could have invited the doctor over, but chose to go. Haha. That can be a ploy to make the president look more people motivated than the so-called People’s leaders (prachanda and company).

    That’s the plight! Baburam goes to Switzerland, a country devoid of natural resources (like minerals, and stuffs like that, and not rivers or mountains) that developed tremendously under capitalism. He promises to turn Nepal into Switzerland within 10 years with socialism. And, he further says capitalism took centuries to grow. Socialism hasn’t had that chance.. we’ll give that chance to socialism in Nepal. haha. So, there he contradicts himself! These intelligent minds are turning our country into an experiment zone when it’s been clear the world over that socialism is not the way.

    Well, yeah in Newspeak vocab maybe Nepal will become a Switzerland in the next 10 years.

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