4 comments on “Father Gandhi vs. Mother India

  1. Dear Writer,
    Please wake-up. Its 21st century. Mahatma Gandhi & his convineant (for Pakistan) principals are no more. You ruled Delhi for centuries. But that is a history. We & You, are twinns, 61 years old. Grow-up to the age. We, with our progressive attitude, hard-work & attitude to look-ahead, are surging fore-word. We have progressed in the fields of Industries/Technologies/Economics/Education/Infra-structure/Neuclear Science/Agriculture/ I.T. Sector/Messile Technology/ Space-Technology/Medicine/Nano Technology etc. We are a worlds largest Democracy. We have worlds largest no. of Intelectuals. We are the worlds leaders in culture. We are the prooved non-agressers. We are prooved non-proliferaters. We are secular, tollerant, moderate democracy. We have more no. of Muslims than Pakistan. All communities in India, including Muslims/Jews/Parsis have contributed to our progress. Muslims in India have held highest positions in govt, including our president & messile man Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Economic foccus is fast shifting to East & epecially we & China. We are trying to solve our problems with China. Since JFK of US, all these years US has always supported Pakistan against us. US has helped you in every war against us. US has always beefed-up your armed-forces. It always considered India as a USSR friend. It had even sent its 7th fleet, air-craft carrier during 1971,in your support. Now things are changing.

    Pakistan on the other hand lags behind for the following reasons.
    1. Since its conception, Pakistan has thrived on India hatred policy.
    2. Army has ruled Pakistan for more no. of years than a democratic govt.
    3. Even most of the democratic govts in Pakistan, always used India-hatred rhetoric to appease Pakistani population.
    4 Pakistani policies were all the time India-centric.
    5 Instead of identifing itself with India, Pakistan always tried to identify itself with central asia, but unfotunately were kept at a distance by central asian muslim countries.
    6 Pakistan involved in arms-race with India, instead of diverting those funds for much needed development.
    7 Pakistan tried to balance Indian military might with state sponsered terrorism, which has boomranged on itself in NWFP/Baluchstan & even pakhtunistan.

    Its not too late. If India/Pakistan are friends, if not twins, they will still be the most powerful/succesfull states on the face of this earth & soon. Just try it.

  2. You are very right Dr. Anant Bhagwat. Pakistan is wasting its energy in supporting terrosim. India will be super power very soon. Nobody can stop that.

  3. Unfortunately, religious fervor has been on rise in India for last 17- 18 years. But BJP has suffered loss in many elections that clearly shows that Hindu majority doesn’t support BJP of their ideology. India’s politicians are as corrupt as Pakistan’s but India is lucky that Indians have some how kept this sick disease (religious fervor) under control. I hope Pakistan and India both become progressive and cure themselves fully before it is too late. We should realize that we are modern men of 21st century and shouldn’t revert towards stone-age mentality.

    Pakistan had and still has less population density and more fertile land. There were fewer problems in Pakistan than in India after 1947 but I must say that Pakistan rather than adopting positive attitude nurtured hatred and negativisim. Now at least Pakistan should realize it and correct it.

    If India builds up hatred and religious fanaticism then India too will have to pay dearly.

    I wonder when we human will grow up. Please look back the history of thousands of years of humanity and realize that many civilization came and gone along with their belief. They tried to dominate others or were fighting against the fear that others would dominate. Many of us are following a particular religion or ideology just because we were born to parents following the same faith. It is just a chance. What these religions have given us? Our political and religious leaders have used it to serve their selfish means. I hope we wake up before it is too late.

    We south Asians are almost the same gene pool. We are smart people and can grow together. Our contribution to the development of science and mathematics is too low in proportion to our population. Why can’t we do something positive and meaningful?

    This feeling of hate and distrust would lead to loss of many more innocents for nothing. This world would not be a better place if all were Hindu or Muslim. This world would be a better place if we had more love and trust and not fear.

    Both India and Pakistan have corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and lots of gullible people who can’t think for themselves. We must ask our leaders (religious and political) to lead us to the border and militaries should be behind them. They are the ones who should be punished and then we (both India and Pakistan) should choose new group of people who are good people to govern. We may need to repeat the above exercise few times before things are set right for all of us.

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