39 comments on “After Defaming Islam & Terrorizing Muslims, Now a Film on Prophet Muhammad of Isam?

  1. Al Quida And the Taleban have opened the world’s eyes to Islam.
    I myself have become intrested in Islam since 9/11 and have learned that Muhammed married his 6 year old neice when he was 53 and that he kept slaves and murdered the male populations of villages he ransacked. You have done your faith no favors and have opened it up to ridicule. Well Done!

    • hahaha LOLLLLLZZZZZ
      Actually u d not knw abt the new generation of AMERICA,CANADA, AUSTRALIA ETC??? they are not start the sex in the six yearz …….just when they are two or thee years old,their father started that THINGS…….u r so jealous pplz………u nt knw abt the ISLAM any word and any hadith…….caz of that these countries face crises……
      if u ppl like that……..!! than ur country go to the hell totally….nd u nt able for protect it…………anyway y u ppl nt learn firstly ur own religion and thn shw ur deez type activities…… u a all fool white ppl like the BUSH………hahahha

      • nd rick is also the…………just chill Muslims……..dnt u worry abt these type ppl…when they learn abt ISLAM……they became the Muslim……..thats y they feel hesitate to start the learning abt ISLAM……plz rick view this link

  2. Mohamed is a man of honnor and respect
    he is the last God’s messenger coming to us to guide us
    there is no God But Allah and Mohamed is his prophet

    “Ina kafainaka mostahzi2in”

  3. The character of those who think mohamed was a man of honor should seriously reconsider what they’re actually stating to the world about themselves.

  4. Salamu aleykum

    عار علي من في هذا انهم لا يعرفون شيئا عن الاسلام و ايضا لا يعرفون اول المنظمة الارهابية تشكلت من قبل المسحيين في اسبانيا

    • you motherfucker,ass hole,your father gay,your mother a call girl and she use to sell on low rates!
      if u don’t know about an religion and it’s biggest personality so shutup your stinking mouth..ass hole

      • Brother, even if they incite you, do not react. It is against our teachings I be disrespectful.
        To the the gentleman/lady (Moha) in question, It is unwise to make such remarks without prior knowledge or thorough assessment of the situation. I would only suggest that you gather information in a more, shall we say, responsible manner. Inciting hatred and insulting someone is never the answer. I hope you understand. JazakAllah!

  5. أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم , جزاك الله على ما قلت ,أنت لا تعرف شيئا عن هذا الدين و تتحدث بالفراغ , أتمنى أن تسرع للتوبة إلى الله , لعله يعفو عنك , لأنك بمجرد تلك الصورة أهنت أعظم بشري خلق , و لكي تفهم ما أقول , إبحث جيدا , و تأمل جيدا , و لا تترجم ما يروج من ” الإسلام الأمريكي ” إن صح التعبير , لأن الإسلام دين للعالم كله و ليس للعرب فحسب .
    حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل , جزاك الله بما فعلته أنت و من معك في نبينا و رسولنا محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم , و اعلم أنك مسستنا أيضا بإهانتك هذه , جزاك الله , والسلام على من التبع الهدى.

  6. @ rick,

    There is a lot of propaganda going on everywhere in the world; defaming Islam, Muslims and their belief. But such efforts are proving counterproductive, for this very propaganda is generating more interest in Islam not only amongst non Muslims, but also the Muslims themselves are rediscovering the depth of their own faith and thus are getting more Islamised than ever before.

    As regards your comments on Holy Prophet’s marriage to a 6 years old girl [which is definitely a white lie concocted by those who day and night want to defame Islam and the Holy Prophet [PBUH), I would recommend you to watch a YouTube video on this subject. Its available on StSheetrock’s weblog (http://stsheetrock.wordpress.com/2008/05/page/7/)

    Nayyar Hashmey

    • It is so refreshing to read something so well thought out and respectfully written. Thank you!

  7. عار علي من في هذا انهم لا يعرفون شيئا عن الاسلام و ايضا لا يعرفون اول المنظمة الارهاية

    thanks for shearingتشكلت من قبل المسحيين في

  8. you faced heavy losses if we bicot it google getup from sleep delete all the cartoon of our holy prophet from google images

  9. Rick and moha dont even dare to say that again what do you know about Muhammed (S.A.S) .he is the messenger of allah and inspiration for whole man kind.better get the knowledge first on the subject and then share your views. your a christian and never humilate other religions sentiments and i never comment on your religion as you do because am a muslim and we believe in peace .
    and one day allah will defineltly answer to this reply of yours so get ready for that.

    Remember allah is watching Everyone!!!!!!!!!

    • Please don’t use such language. It is forbidden, even against those who do not believe. JazakAllah.

  10. I think the muslim world needs to wake up! This constant violence, beheadings, stoning of women, beating of women and sex with donkeys in Iraq is a horrible representation of your people! You are a religion of peace so why dont you act like it and quit bombing and killing everyone different than you. In the end you will still be who you are we will be who we are. You cant change other people but you can change yourself. Be an example of your religions good side and be the example of being a good person and muslim is all about.

  11. Killing on the name of Allah is never a justifiable job. They will get punishment rather than virgins when they die.

  12. for all those who b’live tht islam is a ridicule….please dont judge by what you see and hear from the MEDIA! AND speak for yourself….
    there is a reason why most women are turning towards islam (especially in america itself!)….
    theres a reason why islam is the fastest growing religion in the world right now!…..ofcourse the media (which is mostly owned by the jews) has to do something to stop this.

    you may see a man beating up a woman in our religion…..but how does that say “because i am a muslim i beat up women”…this itself is preposterous!….ever heard of the word illeteracy?…..why dont you go and check the literacy rate in america…(sure you b’live everyone there is literate just because they can speak ENGLISH!)

  13. you all who believe in the Gospel or the Injil….even we who believe in the Quran that those words are the words of God too….the difference being the words have been altered and thus not appropriate for use anymore. (if u just go and do a tad bit of research u’ll know how the Gospel and the Injil are not the true words of ALLAH anymore. =|

  14. previously someone named nelson…said

    “i have read the whole of koran and i didn’t find anything spectacular about it!!!!”

    well dear brother…sorry to burst your bubble but u may have learned how to read by the grace of Allah but you have lost the ability to analize, judge and interpret meanings. =P=P….inshallah you will soon brother.

    but here are few things that have been stated in the quran 1400 years ago but has been confirmed and experimentally proved recently…by (highly educated and rational =P) scientist and researcher who mashallah in the end has accepted islam themselves! =D

    the scientifuc miracles of the Quran (wanna know buddy?) *drum rolls* :

    1) human embryonic development..the quran states

    ***we created man from an extract of clay. then we made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. then we made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then, we made the alaqah into a mudghah (chewed like substance)*** (Quran 23:12-14)

    understood anything? well, you see at a stage during pregnancy the embryo looks jst like a leech where it takes nourishment frm the mother’s blood…just how a leech takes nourishment frm the blood of the victim (Allah compared the embryo to a leech only to make it easier for us stupid people to understand)
    then the verse further goes on to say that the embryo looks like a chewed-like substance…and indeed it does…..when the embryo is just 25-27 days old it does look like a chewed up gum!
    (scientist have found this out only after hi-fi gadgets have been made…er how on earth could people know about all this 1400 years bak?! i guess a man killed his pregnant wife to investigate because he knew where the fallopian tube is situated!

    2)about the mountains

    ***have we not made the earth as a bed and mountains as pegs?*** (Quran,78:6-7)

    ***And he has set firm mountains in the earth so that it would not shake with you…***(Quran,16:15)

    get it? okay…modern earth science have proven that mountains have deep roots under the surface of the ground and that these roots can reach several times deeper than its own height that is visible to us. so teh most suitable word on the bais of this info is the word “peg”.

    likewise, a modern theory of plate tectonics holds that mountains work as stabilizers for the earth. this knowledge about the role of mountains as stabilizers for the earth has just begun to be understood in the late 1960’s
    could ANYONE, during the time of PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) have known of the true shape of mountains?!could anyone imagine that a solid massive mountains which he sees before him actually extends deep into the earth and has roots, as scientist are also suggesting?!!

    nelson clearly didn understand the verse because he doesn have geography. ryt nelson? or an insight? =P

    then the quran says about
    3)origin of the universe. (physics?!) yes!
    4)about the brain. (biology) um…yes!!
    5)seas and rivers. (what was it called again…oceanography?) yep!
    6)formation of clouds (geography…the subject that nelson didn have =P)

    AND THERE IS MORE!! SUBHANALLAH! (ofcourse the jews and the zionist will try to defame us muslims!! and that too by drawing cheap cartoon and writing comics…and indoctrinating us!)

    nelson my dear RE-READ the quran! it shall guide you….only if ur willing to know the truth.

    ISLAM IS a religion of peace…..DONT JUDGE by picking up the black sheep of our community…every community has them.

    heres a link where you can go if you want to know more or you can always google! :


  15. I love islam! and nobody coul do anything against that!
    why are all christians thinking bad of us?
    they didn’t really know what islam is about…
    where had they read them, that muhammed s.a.s. was an gay man or a bad man(estagfirullah)
    dear christians! please don’t think so bad about islam!
    it makes me soooo sad to read that islmaic people don’t earn respect.
    i respect the religion of the christians too!
    why? why do you think so bad about our religion?
    thats wrong!!!! in our religion killing people is a really big faulth!!!!
    you will go to the hell if you do something like that!
    please respect our religion, because we respect your religion!

    • yes u r right
      “I Love Islam”………..bt u(non-muslim) not love with ur own religion ….

      • I never say that all muslims are terrorist. But find it yourself….. all terrorists are muslims.

        Fuck u assholes.

  16. sure….and what the americans did by basically destroying countries like afganistan and iraq is not an act of terrorizing and taking the lives of innocent civilians?
    millions were killed and tortured in the hands of american soldiers…..to me THATS terrorism………..
    using foul words doesn prove anything Pall. =|
    how much do you even know about whats going on in the world today?
    you’re an oblivious person and you should be ashamed of yourself.period.

  17. islam is a peace full religion dont use these type of words for our holy prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD p.b.u.h Please
    pls :`( I also hate those ppl who made a war on the name of islam but pls just read about our prophet pls dont use these words its my request from all muslims…
    specialy u MOHA…

  18. Islam is a joke. If you want to be religious fine by me, just don’t push your delusions on the rest of the world. If you want respect, show some for other religions. HYPOCRITES!!!!!

  19. what DEREK points out is i think a problem faced incase of most religions…i dont see the point in blaming Islam for it….
    Extremism was never accepted in any religion and yet most people end up being an extremist…u cant blame religion for it.
    if u want to judge a religion then dont do so by judging its people…man is mortal and imperfect. there are only a few who really know whats right and whats not.

  20. Wael>
    I simply say that Christians are our human brothers, however, if u dear Non-Muslims say that our prophet was sexually powerful, or sex-seeker God forbids, Go to the Old Testament and you figure out who was the most salacious man was King Solomon, and David killed one of his best men to have his wife as another concubine to the already ones he had.
    Lot’s daughter has done some thing is worldly considered the most malicious thing, incest. Bear into your minds that I do not believe in the last two events since I believe that prophets never pushed by their lusts,

  21. Please come to a conclusion through analysing facts scientifically and logically. Do not ask people to believe or trust anything without analysing. First of all, let them think freely.Do not dominate them with your bloody stuff of barbarian thoughts Then only we can get their real ideas. Ok

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