7 comments on “Politics of Festivals, Energy & Economic Crisis, Negotiations, and the Gloomy Winter Ahead in Nepal

  1. It amazes me how you have chosen to remain optimistic. I want to be opmistic too, you know. Just don’t know where to start digging up for even a strand of optimism. Where.

  2. Hey young man, do I sound optimistic? Thanks dude. But i think i’m more “fatalistic” in my outlook. Anyway, to speak of social aspects, there are certainly great binding factors between different cultures in Nepal. Just look at the sufferings people are going thru in Rwanda, & presently in Congo. We’re far better off if you think of the whole world.

  3. “Fantastic” as in Bhuwan KC type outlook – perennially happy and smiling!! Hehehehe.

    It’s very heart aching seeing, rather knowing what’s happening in the DR of Congo. Is it gonna be a repeat of the Hutu-Tutsi incident? That would be even disasterous.

    Fortunately, Nepal is in a far far better state than those African nations. Unfortunately, Nepal can also be driving down the same lane; with all sorts of conflicts and issues taking the form of violence.

    I want to remain opmistic too but searching for optimism during infinite hours of powercuts is a bit tiresome for me.

    BTW, do you look like Bhuwan KC? hehehehehehe.

  4. 🙂 no mate, i’m not that lucky like Junge Bhuwan, who still feels like a 20-yr-old virgin with 32-yrs of experience ! 😀

    Regarding your concern for optimism, these days i feel that the whole concept of personal & societal development needs some introspection.

    After all, what do these new kinds of diseases, accidents, Stock market & Bank failures that are making people diabetic, isolated, and phobic indicate?

    i feel like saying blessed are those who have no ambitions.

  5. Wow!!Two people debating about optimism.Well,I agree to the point that there are many countries worse off than Nepal.But dude(s) the fact that we are overconfident is the biggest problem.I have a facebook account and I added a few unknown Nepali people so that I can have some friends(I don’t live in Nepal so I know very few Nepali’s).The other day I talked to this guy(unknown) and started by saying ‘namaste dai’,and after talking for about thirty minutes I told him about being a student in Dhaka,Bangladesh.The guy replied so negatively and said that I study in a 4th class school.My reply was easy:In Bangladesh school’s are way better than the best school’s in Nepal,so if I study in a 4th class school,just Imagine the education he is receiving.I mean what sort of over-confidence is that?I mean look at the literacy rate and the amount of people who don’t have enough food to eat!Aah well if I continue this will be bigger.

    But a good blog that you have.Well done!!

  6. hey abhi,since you’ve not been to Nepal much, & that dude perhaps not outside Kathmandu, i think there must have been some cultural misunderstanding. 😀

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