5 comments on “Cricket or Fraud? Indo-Austrailian Matchfixing

  1. Lol! Get your facts right.
    The matches are not fixed.
    There is no discrimination against muslim players.
    We all love Zaheer, Irfan, Kaif etc. If they don’t perform we will criticize, but that we do for even ganguly, laxman and kumble etc.
    Don’t spread false rumours and hatred.

  2. This article seems to be have a sarcastic tone, but I didn’t find the point the writer’s trying to make.

    Indians are the best when it comes to elevating someone – they’ve a temple for the Indian cricketers and they are also the best when the matter boils down to criticizing someone – they attack the players, coach, or the player’s houses. And, the India media does it much more than the public does – it even inspires them to act as such. Indian cricketers benefit and suffer the most from this innate Indian trait.

  3. Few Points –
    The author is mentally sick. Sarcasm is his single point agenda.
    Each of his posts is a worst piece of article completely devoid of actual facts. It seems the author fetches facts from his day dreams.
    In this article, at one place the author mentions Gaurav (Instead of Saurav), which exposes his in – depth knowledge of cricket.
    A stupid fellow can never be transformed into intellectual by just adding DOCTOR to his name.

  4. Match-fixing is not a new phenomenon in cricket; it has been going on ever since cricket was introduced by the Englishmen as a sport of “gentlemen” in order to keep their colonies in good humors. No introduction is needed about India’s hidden agendas or to tell about Indian greed for big status in every thing and its fight for some importance in world affairs. It is using its militarization of Jammu Kashmir as a trump to showcase its military power to UNSC and come closer to the USA that has literally colonized Afghanistan and Iraq.

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