12 comments on “Madhesi People’s Armed Rebellion in Nepal

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  2. well written! So you are also a blogger in WHYS?Thats great!I am also a Nepali blogger and I am starting a new blog with some other Nepali bloggers.If you do have a facebook account do add me(Ahinav Khanal).I would love to share the experiences to make the new blog better.

    Thank you

  3. If the Armed Outfits of Terai and Eastern Nepal DO come to negotiation table – would it not be fitting that they demand for “army integration” of their armed cadres into Nepal Army?

  4. They need to talk and make some wise decision with the government so that they can stop the ongoing revolution which is deeply hurting the country and its citizens.

  5. Though Pahadi chauvinism has led to a segregation of the people in the terai, most of these armed groups seem to be moved not by political motivations. Once (illiterate) people learn that guns get you what you demand, they basically go around and imitate what their predecessors taught them, so it seems. The only solution seems that the terai parties that are now in power and in the CA, understand their responsibilities and calm down their fellows. It seems like they don’t feel responsible but every now and then try encouraging these armed factions.

    The scars of the Maoist movement won’t be erased so easily.

    And, btw, you’ve a nice, elegant blog now. The last one was a bit messed up.

  6. i am living in sri lanka and lets say i have some idea about this problem. this problem is somewhat related with ltte but not completely. i wont say ltte are terrorists also. because to understand ltte problem you need to go to the beginning. sri lankan government did some really bad things against tamils thats why this problem arised. sri lankan government was genocidel and still is genocidel. sri lankans or “sinhales” had a demonic attitude to solve race problem. In there communist revolution also. this genocidel government killed all the communist. they didnt leave even a single communists. whether they were from sinhales family or tamils. they killed everyone. thats how they stopped communist revolution in sri lanka. tamils were living from generations in sri lanka but when british left the country these sinhalis wanted them to go to india. they didnt even give tamils right to vote. there are so many issues like this one. lets say they were treated as a third class citizens just like our nepali speaking bhutanese. sri lankan government wanted to systematically kick tamils out of the country. to counter that tamils made secret groups. first tamils carried out peaceful demonstrations for their rights. during that demonstration also they killed several tamils. so one day what happened was to start their revolution these secret tamil groups attacked army of sinhales. they killed some armies. In that rage backed by sri lankan politicians and government all over the country tamils were systematically killed and raped by mob of sri lankans or sinhalese. In three days death toll reached thousands. despite of all that no justice nor compansation was given to tamils by the government. so the tamils lost trust on government and under ground group which we call ltte now came to power. tamils started supporting them and they demanded for a seperate home land (right to self determination) so what 60% of nepalese should do to 40% is fulfull all their small demands. make them feel like they belong to nepal and they are nepali. if they want to make hindi or bhojpuri their mother tongue so be it. Its not a big deal its just a language. they will speak their tongue we will speak ours. most of the nepalese know hindi so even if we go to their area i think it wont be of problem. its true that our ancistors didnt treat them well due to lack of knowledge. so we should realise our mistakes also and stop commiting more mistakes. we should love them and make them love us also. we should spread our love to madeshis because they are nepalese. let us learn from the mistakes of others and act wisely.

    • Thanx Shrawan, it’s great to receive such an enlightening comment. i fully agree with u. People need to learn how to communicate in a multicultural society.

  7. all this happened because tamils lost trust on GoSL. and there is an international law which says under such circumstances people have a right to self determination. means they have a right to ask for a seperate state but what these ravana ko santan are doing they are repeating same mistakes again and again. here in sri lanka everyday atleast one tamil civilian are killed but its suprising to see we dont hear this kind of news in our country. im telling all this out of hope we dont do such things. we need to solve our problem peacefully.

  8. madhesi’s

    have killed innconet Nepali for no reason and they attacked nepali’s
    villagers and killed a man and raped his wife and bomb blast in southern nepal

    i was shocked of what i heard and for this reason madhesi’s can fuck off from nepal
    i would rather choose tibetans to live in nepal not madhesi that’s all

    madhesi i truly hate them for their shameless action wat they done for…. that reason they should never live in nepal ever again

    and i hate them for killing innconet nepalese
    fucking madhesi ugly dark skin son of bitch…. fucking paki fuck off and stay away from nepal

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