2 comments on “Iran, Syria and Uncle Sam

  1. This is an absolutely disgusting work. Labeling American units as henchmen whilst christening Saddam Hussein as someone above a cruel man who deserved something better than being “cruelly murdered” by means of hanging. Your eloquence is merely a candy wrapper for an excessiveness of sick, perverted views.

  2. Saddam Hussein was executed by his own people, who hated him for his crimes. The United States are criticized because we are the strongest of the world’s nations, and its easy to point a finger at us. We take that abuse, whether deserved or not, because we allow people to speak their minds.
    However, being a bigot is not a right in other countries, who only support their own views, and come down hard on those who speak out of line. Do you know what that tells me? It tells me you are nothing more than a puppet of religion, governments that disagree with our freedom, and a shallow voice of prejudice. You speak only what you want to believe, instead of striding out into the world and learning the truth.

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