One comment on “Russia-West Conflict

  1. Ukraine’s place in NATO should not be put into question because of the noise, disagreements and disorder in Government: all those are healthy traits of any democracy, especially a young one. Do we prefer the silence and compliance under Stalin, Mussolini or Putin? Democracy is messy, and we are very happy for that. Let differences of opinion clash! Both, Tymoshenko and Yushchenko are positive forces supporting freedom and democracy, on their own rights and with their own flavors. They are not that different, in essence.

    Angela Merkel should find no excuse on the internal debate of Ukraine, or in the invasion of Russia into Georgia, to negate NATO membership to the young democracies of Eastern Europe. Mrs. Merkel, coincidentally, made the announcement that a plan for membership will not be offered, when her gas supplier Putin was at her side… This is coward, underhanded and cruel. This is a sad reminding of how lightly Germany decided on the freedom and lives of countless other people in a non-too-distant past, that we would all like to think will never repeat.

    Georgia, Ukraine and the other nascent democracies of the former Soviet Union are fragile and easy prey for a sick, power-hungry and expanding Russia who is seeking to reinstate their former empire. Negating them the protection of NATO membership is ‘giving’ them, ‘delivering’ them to Russia in a silver tray. Angela Merkel thinks and feels so little of the liberty and lives of so many millions of people who are craving for a better life and desperately need protection from their former abuser waiting to strike.

    Russian claimed a ‘privileged zone of interest’, meaning: peoples and nations that ‘belong’ to them, which they can dominate while asking everyone else to stay clear. Germany is acquiescing with Russia’s plan by coldly and with absolute lack of compassion, denying such protection to those countries.

    The newly liberated countries of Eastern Europe have two choices: accept (again) the ruthless and cruel Russian dominance, or join NATO. Germany is deciding for them. This is sickening to the human spirit, bringing Germany yet to a new low.

    It is also stupid. Russia will only grow larger and stronger with the addition of Ukraine and others to their domain. This will mean a larger and more powerful enemy for the democratic world.

    The internal dynamics in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and others will tilt towards their former oppressor, or to the West. Mrs. Merkel is telling the population of those countries to give up, give in and accept the tyranny of Russia yet again, as she is closing their hopes and path to the democratic world. These are millions of lives, now and in the future, that will live in fear, domination, abuse and may not live at all if sent to other ridiculous wars (like Afghanistan or Chechnya). Good job Angela! May the other countries of the NATO alliance persuade Merkel and the other shortsighted leaders in the West, of all the implications: humane, political, economic and historical of negating ascension to NATO and EC to those young countries that so are looking to them as their last hope to contain Russia, evolve into full fledged democracies, and build their societies and families in freedom.

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