5 comments on “India’s Options in Kashmir

  1. C’mon Dr. Abdul,
    We all know very well that Pakistan was formed on the basis of religion and it could not stand unite for 25 years, as Bangladesh born.
    It is the culture which we share that keeps us united.
    Kashmiriyat is a culture, which is above the religion.
    We will sustain it peacefully without spreading hatred.
    What you are trying to spread is the wrong face of Kashmir, which could not be tolerated anymore.

  2. Very vital comment! Pakistan is a uncertain state. Its policy itself is a great cause of concern for this reagion. J&K is integral part of India and will remain. People of J&K will not get that freedom what they are getting in part of India. See the fate of POK people. They have no voice. But people of J&K has the voice to tell anything. Think that you are prfering Iraq over USA. After going through this mail you will definetely get bad about India but that is your problem. My message is that dont be biased by handful selfish people.

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