3 comments on “Is India gearing up for another terror war in Kashmir?

  1. Dear editor,
    I apprciate the Dr. Abdul’s article about Kasmir.

    We are suffering always the naket intervention of
    Indian leaders. South Asia is in turmoil that India is taking the policy of aggressive intervention against the surrounding countries : Nepal. Bangaladesh, Shrilanka, & Pakistan including Kasmir. Under the leadership of Indian Primeminister, now, including Soniya Gandhi, the task is working to destablishing the countries were assigned to the notorious intelligence agency, RAW. India’s external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has long faced allegations of meddling in its neighbors’ affairs. So, I hope, including nepalese nationatists, Kasmir’s people and Pakistan have to ogarnaze against the intervention of Indian leaders.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    • Dear Dr. Divas !
      I am very anxious that Madav nepal is one of the culprit, oppertunist and antinationalist man has become the PM of Nepal. According to the the interest of India, Maoists had created the situation to become the PM and regime of traitors in Nepal. So, it has proved that Maoists leaders are also the agents of India. Why the PM parchanda resighed without cause ? It is great defeat of Maoists. Dear Divas ! you can seen the drama of Maoists. The Maoists specially Parchanda & Baburam Bhattarai could not understand the rality. So, it is very danger for Nepalese sovereignty. Please, reply me with comment
      Thank you.

      Dirgha Raj Prasai

  2. Half of Bangladesh stays in India – perhaps a price India has to pay for getting them freedom. And everyone knows what havoc outsiders can create in a country where you can hardly distinguish between with and Indian Bengali and a Bangladeshi one.
    Srilanka – yes, we do have some misguided local Tamil leaders out for cheap popularity, but everyone has them. (Well we did lose a lovely Prime Minister to them, so its quits !)
    We also have people like Raj Thakeray & Varun Gandhi. With the damage these sort of people do, we hardly have time / energy to interfere with the neighbours. All that is done is purely retaliatory. After all, what Pakistan is doing no longer needs any comments from India ; the entire world is unanimous.
    Although a lot of India’s enemies find their hitherto open policies make a safe haven for them, Nepal is perhaps still our only true friend. Lets try to cement this friendship instead of finding obvious flaws that every nation has ………….
    India being the largest has often made the mistake of trying to play the “Big Brother” role but our own internal squabbles prevent us from doing anything seriously good.
    Let’s not even try to look for a perfect nation. That’s Utopia. And , if there IS one, I’m sure the esteemed Doctor would look for an anti-India lobby there too ! Pakistan does’nt seem to pay him in cash. Till someone pays him hard cash he’ll keep trying ……………

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