2 comments on “Dam(n) Kosi?

  1. Re Dam(n) Kosi?: https://drdivas.wordpress.com/2008/09/13/damn-kosi/
    Its best to reforest the subcontinent with the help of dedicated communities of people’s cooperatives using the monsoons, lakes and other water tanks. The dam uses land at 7MW/km^2 whereas the power flow in forests is 1000
    to 3000 MW/km^2 depending on the dry biomass density. The benefits from reforestation follow almost immediately. Of course people must draw upon the knowledge base of botanists and ecologists to ensure analogous trees and other plants are grown. The automatic atmospheric distribution network of the osmosis-transpiration-sun driven water cycle will ensure cycles of use of the same waters while recharging the groundwaters. The giant pumping action of the trees at 1000 atmospheres in an engineering marvel of nature enabling automatic intrinsic control of rain water inputs. The dam system of man-made designs suffers from serious deficiencies like causing transboundary earthquakes, hurricanes and general heating up of the earth. Forests are infinitely superior to embankments, dams and other artificial creations.
    See for a fuller discussion:
    http://damsequakescyclones.blogspot.com/ and
    and the companion work http://predictingquakes.blogspot.com/
    Reverdure of the entire globe is humanity’s call today on a war footing.

  2. Hi All,

    Kosi (Kaushiki) furry reminds old saying “tying knot in the snakehead”. Hydropower, irrigation and flood management are conflicting objectives. Government sees $ value where as local people expects flood management. Irrigation is nowhere close to expectation. Let’s discuss lasting solution for Kosi.

    Please come together to discuss Kosi, Water, Flood, & its policy.


    Kosi Dicussion (google Group) has been motivated from Dinesh Mishra (Barh Mukti Abhiyan) mission.

    Ram Manohar

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