2 comments on “Kosi Floods: Establishment Refuses To Learn Any Lesson

  1. First and foremost requirement is there has to be one leader with full power and commitment . Let him understand the situation. Fact is that how to identify this man and of course he is definitely available among us (120 crore people) but let this Politicians keep them selves much much away from it except extending the supports from his holding Power.

    Who will identify them?. Why not to leave this part of identifying processto be handed over to Dr.APJAbdul Kalam. A secretariate as per his choice is formed with a open mind and let us wait for the release of time bound action plan from him through Kalam’s would be secretariate.

  2. hey i m keenly intrested in reading your blog.but the background color you have used is making it difficult for me to read it.If possible please change it and use contrast colours for the background and text.

    Reply from ABC

    Thanks Mr. Prasad for visiting. Hope the new theme might be more reader-friendly.


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