5 comments on “Whither Koshi River?

  1. Koshi river has given birth to a big problem of flood in India.This disaster had happened because of the intervention in the natural regime, through the Koshi project was bad science that ignored the problem of sediment in the river. Deforestaton is also one of the main cause of this disaster.



  2. There is deforestation on the western side of the Koshi, not on the eastern side where the embankment is located. Forest areas have thickened on the eastern side over the years.

  3. when there was a danger on first day the government could have been ready and should have announced to other areas and could have took steps to save other areas from flood but due to laziness they didnt do so…

  4. Nepal and India are the two countries of one politician so about the causes of nepal politics the indian political party fil big tension of separation so, we know that india is uncountable reaches than nepal then, they should think who should mange the problem of koshi river.

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