40 comments on “Declare India a Terrorist State

  1. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ? ARE YOU A ISI AGENT or A NASTY RAT FROM LeT, JeM and so many Dirty Terrorist Outfits working from across the Border. You are dirty Rat as have no couraage to face Human Beings, You Kill the Innocent people coming from the Dark World, secretly placing Bombs. Do you know What Islam Says ? You are using Islam to Kill the Innocent People. You are bringing ISLAM a Bad Name ! Because of you World suspect the innocent islamic ordinary people as terrorist ! Allah ! should not forgive you dirty Rat !

  2. Bcoz of few ppl like you, the whole of community gets affected. I myself am a muslim but thanks i dont share the same feeling as yous. There is definately somthing wrong with you. You should consult a psychiatrist, i can pay if you dont have money.( put ur money in some better way such as treating ill ppl like you instead of jihad )

    Infact i was stunned to see that you are an indian Muslim feeding your dirty stomach by indian bread and speaking against the same. how can u ever do tht.

    I am an indian and will always be……… Dont try to gather support from local indians..u wil FAIL BADLY…


  3. I really like your post……….you know very good about India…….more than me….

    But dude its politics…….also called as mind game……so PLAY……..else you will be nothing

    I think its in blodd of every human

    at any cost human can go to any extent to have power

    India is doing that only……….whatever is the path……..but goal is same

    well done for writing very good about India
    I am proud of INDIA

  4. I strongly condemn this insane article written by some Dr. Abdul Ruff Colacha who I sincerely believe need a good medical attention.

    People like you have given bad name to a religion which is synonymous to honesty and integrity. Its time for you to find out its real preachings and follow them.

    You are criticizing your own country in the a religion’s name which you even don’t follow. Isn’t it quite ironical.

    In the veil of your religion, you are giving a bad name to the country as well as people of you religion by writing such articles.

    What have you ever done for the country? I guess nothing except criticizing !

    Keep you mouth shut if you are of no good and stop taking support of religion because it is not going to help you for long !

      • why do u feel guilty of being Indian ? atleast u can say all this . If u were in Pakistan & spoke like this abt your country they wd flog you !! Thank God we are free.

  5. Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal is in JNU Delhi. He is very much anti-India pro-Pak element. He seems to be troubled soul, unable to digest India’s progress and gradual decline of Pakistan which will be attacked by US sooner than later. This guy is such a big Fool-Sceptic that he smells foul in everything. Read this article, its just amusing ::)))

    Also his blog,


  6. this is a worthless arguement. if we wanted to, we could declare any nation a terrorist state. so next time, try to write about something more logical. and don’t waste your time writing things like this. or just don’t write anything. the world would be better without people like you. people like you actually start terrorist activities. so get a life and shut up. thank you.

    • india main sirf achi zaat wale indo ki hukomat hai aur un ka raj hai.

      me christion aur maine achi tarah dehka hai indohoon ka athank.

      yeh dimagi tor phar bimar hote hai .

      cow ka pishab (urine) pite hai.
      apni wife ka milk pite hai.

      • aur koi kaam nahi – logon ke ghar me jhankne ke ilawa ? aur aap jo saaf pakistaani lagte hain – aap hamara hi hissa hain isliye hum bhi aap ki tarah hain ……

  7. and by the way think about what you say before you say it. all indians are not terrorists, just like all americans are not terrorists and all pakistanis are not terrorists.

    – i’m not just saying this because i am indian, but because it is true.

  8. I think you are the root cause of militancy in kashmir.It is because of people like you who brain washed the innocent kashmiri youth to take the guns instead of pen i am sure who have send your children to abroad for better education and the insne and barbaric teaching are you giving to kashmiri youth. FOr God sake don’t disfame the name islam .Islam has taught you love not hatred. People like you are just disrespect the islam .I am Kashmiri muslim girl but I am Indian .I love my Indai . Go away from India .You are poeple who are repsonsible for the deestruction of the peace

    ….. Rifat Ara

  9. hello brother, i’ve always been wondering about who Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal is.. is it your penname to write stuffs about india? i checked out the blog of “abdul ruff colachal” and it’s not been updated for a long time..please enlighten..

    • no man, Dr. Abdul says he’s a professor at the JNU in Delhi. Personally, i know him as much as you know about him. how can i dare to be against India like him? 😀 I myself sometimes get concerned over his strong opinions. But still i think there is a reason why he’s so angry with Indian politicians & Hindu Mullahs.

      BTW: He’s not sent any article after the Mumbai Attacks, may be he does not wish to add tensions. Dr. Abdul’s email auto reply answers you with the following message:

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SINCERE MESSAGE. If you expect a reply kindly add your post address also.

      Please note:

      1.Kindly stop emails about fake awards and prizes. I DON’T buy Prizes
      and Awards.
      2.Indian government owes me, a former university level faculty for
      central government, billions of rupees as dues and VRS but the
      present regime refuses to settle the money.3.Indian government
      unleashed remote as well as direct terror on me for years,to
      surrender job for VRS including terror dreams,denying me continuous
      sleep by making me to wake up to the remote terror strikes. India has
      several times unleashed politico-lumpen elements to attack me.The
      shameless GOI people(PM,President,HRD minister) don’t even bother to
      respond to my appeals in this “largest democracy”. Kindly pursue that
      for me.
      I shall be grateful to you Thanks for kind cooperation.

      -Dr.Abdul Ruff,2008

      So, perhaps you can have some sense of what he’s going through, & not everything he says is a crap.

  10. Great article.An eye opening account of Indian Terrorism in sub-continent.India is responsible for terrorism in B.Desh,Pakistan,Sri Lanka,Nepal,Bhutan,Afghanistan and most importantly in its own premises against minorities.Ethinic cleansing of Kashmiris not to be forgotton.India will soon be declared Terrrorist Nation.

  11. You are required in Pakistan as al-quida ,and laskarey tayiba will pay to a lot to mislead innocent pakistanies and kashmiries .
    You are a bloody tourist and should have a gun fire in front of whole nation. Your mom and dad will be ashamed of them selves.

  12. One thing I’m definitely interested to know about and request anyone in the know to please revert with :

    Which government job in India pays someone “billions of rupees” ?

    The esteemed Doctor must have worked for quite some time – he says he got promotions after promotions – he was that bright – and this inspite of him being a Muslim in “Hindu” India !! That in itself is surprising & refutes all of his arguments.

    Still, coming back to that job which pays “billions”…. Can someone please enlighten me ? I dont think even Anil or Mukesh Ambani earn that much ; in all my work in multinationals I never heard of an employee earning that much.

    So, this is one job I need to know about – I can ask my kids to try & get there somehow. On second thoughts let it be – I may be creating even more Dr Abduls………….

  13. thank you Dr. you really Put the mirror front of Indians who really didn’t want to see there faces in mirror. Hopefully will see your other article soon. We now Indians are and Indian is largest terrorist country in the world, also in the 2008 he supported 13B US$ to terrors

  14. I would normally not sink to rhetoric retort, but in this case atleast I am constrained to suggest that such people as the gentleman above strongly deserve to have their own blog.

    In Urdu.

    And, if they have to commit rape, let them find something more compatible -not language.

  15. If India will be decalred a terroist state then Pakistan will be wiped from the map. India is a true seular state. Minorities like muslims are protected more effectively than hindus by the legislature. I wonder how Hindus are treated in Pakistan?

    Most of my Muslim friends in India are supportive towards India are are well educated. India at present and in the past had imminent personalities who are muslims – presdients, film actors/actresses, writers, singers, painters…you name it. How many Hindus in Pakistan do we ever hear about?
    The Muslims living in India who think they should support pakistan should pack and head to Pakistan. And stop bitching about India where they live and are supported.

  16. although this is a quote, i feel it is now a blunt reality – the sooner we face it the better it will be for all of us – even pacifists like me !!

    This article by Vir Sanghvi truly drives home some home truths !! Read it till the end and it’ll open your eyes to some hard hitting facts.

    Indians and Pakistanis are no longer the same people in any significant sense (NEW)
    Posted By: Vir Sanghvi | Posted On: 07 Mar 2009 12:38 PM

    Few things annoy me as much as the claim often advanced by well meaning but woolly headed (and usually Punjabi) liberals to the effect that when it comes to India and Pakistan, “We’re all the same people, yaar.”

    This may have been true once upon a time. Before 1947, Pakistan was part of undivided India and you could claim that Punjabis from West Punjab (what is now Pakistan) were as Indian as say, Tamils from Madras.

    But time has a way of moving on. And while the gap between our Punjabis (from east Punjab which is now the only Punjab left in India) and our Tamils may actually have narrowed thanks to improved communications, shared popular culture and greater physical mobility, the gap between Indians and Pakistanis has now widened to the extent that we are no longer the same people in any significant sense.

    This was brought home to me most clearly by two major events over the last few weeks.

    The first of these was the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team on the streets of Lahore. In their defence, Pakistanis said that they were powerless to act against the terrorists because religious fanaticism was growing. Each day more misguided youth joined jehadi outfits and the law and order situation worsened.

    Further, they added, things had got so bad that in the tribal areas the government of Pakistan had agreed to suspend the rule of law under pressure from the Taliban and had conceded that sharia law would reign instead. Interestingly, while most civilized liberals should have been appalled by this surrender to the forces of extremism, many Pakistanis defended this concession.

    Imran Khan (Keble College, Oxford, 1973-76) even declared that sharia law would be better because justice would be dispensed more swiftly!

    (I know this is politically incorrect but the Loin of the Punjab’s defence of sharia law reminded me of the famous Private Eye cover when his marriage to Jemima Goldsmith was announced. The Eye carried a picture of Khan speaking to Jemima’s father. “Can I have your daughter’s hand?” Imran was supposedly asking James Goldsmith. “Why? Has she been caught shoplifting?” Goldsmith replied. So much for sharia law).

    The second contrasting event was one that took place in Los Angeles but which was perhaps celebrated more in India than in any other country in the world. Three Indians won Oscars: A.R. Rahman, Resul Pookutty and Gulzar.

    Their victory set off a frenzy of rejoicing. We were proud of our countrymen. We were pleased that India’s entertainment industry and its veterans had been recognized at an international platform. And all three men became even bigger heroes than they already were.

    But here’s the thing: Not one of them is a Hindu.

    Can you imagine such a thing happening in Pakistan? Can you even conceive of a situation where the whole country would celebrate the victory of three members of two religious minorities? For that matter, can you even imagine a situation where people from religious minorities would have got to the top of their fields and were therefore in the running for international awards?

    On the one hand, you have Pakistan imposing sharia law, doing deals with the Taliban, teaching hatred in madrasas, declaring jehad on the world and trying to kill innocent Sri Lankan cricketers. On the other, you have the triumph of Indian secularism.

    The same people?

    Surely not.

    We are defined by our nationality. They choose to define themselves by their religion.

    But it gets even more complicated. As you probably know, Rahman was born Dilip Kumar. He converted to Islam when he was 21. His religious preferences made no difference to his prospects. Even now, his music cuts across all religious boundaries. He’s as much at home with Sufi music as he is with bhajans. Nor does he have any problem with saying Vande Mataram.

    Now, think of a similar situation in Pakistan. Can you conceive of a Pakistani composer who converted to Hinduism at the age of 21 and still went on to become a national hero? Under sharia law, they’d probably have to execute him.

    Resul Pookutty’s is an even more interesting case. Until you realize that Malayalis tend to put an ‘e’ where the rest of us would put an ‘a,’ (Ravi becomes Revi and sometimes the Gulf becomes the Gelf), you cannot work out that his name derives from Rasool, a fairly obviously Islamic name.

    But here’s the point: even when you point out to people that Pookutty is in fact a Muslim, they don’t really care. It makes no difference to them. He’s an authentic Indian hero, his religion is irrelevant.

    Can you imagine Pakistan being indifferent to a man’s religion? Can you believe that Pakistanis would not know that one of their Oscar winners came from a religious minority? And would any Pakistani have dared bridge the religious divide in the manner Resul did by referring to the primeval power of Om in his acceptance speech?

    The same people?

    Surely not.

    Most interesting of all is the case of Gulzar who many Indians believe is a Muslim. He is not. He is a Sikh. And his real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra.

    So why does he have a Muslim name?

    It’s a good story and he told it on my TV show some years ago. He was born in West Pakistan and came over the border during the bloody days of Partition. He had seen so much hatred and religious violence on both sides, he said, that he was determined never to lose himself to that kind of blind religious prejudice and fanaticism.

    Rather than blame Muslims for the violence inflicted on his community – after all, Hindus and Sikhs behaved with equal ferocity – he adopted a Muslim pen name to remind himself that his identity was beyond religion. He still writes in Urdu and considers it irrelevant whether a person is a Sikh, a Muslim or a Hindu.

    Let’s forget about political correctness and come clean: can you see such a thing happening in Pakistan? Can you actually conceive of a famous Pakistani Muslim who adopts a Hindu or Sikh name out of choice to demonstrate the irrelevance of religion?

    My point, exactly.

    What all those misguided liberals who keep blathering on about us being the same people forget is that in the 60-odd years since independence, our two nations have traversed very different paths.

    Pakistan was founded on the basis of Islam. It still defines itself in terms of Islam. And over the next decade as it destroys itself, it will be because of Islamic extremism.

    India was founded on the basis that religion had no role in determining citizenship or nationhood. An Indian can belong to any religion in the world and face no discrimination in his rights as a citizen.

    It is nobody’s case that India is a perfect society or that Muslims face no discrimination. But only a fool would deny that in the last six decades, we have traveled a long way towards religious equality. In the early days of independent India, a Yusuf Khan had to call himself Dilip Kumar for fear of attracting religious prejudice.

    In today’s India, a Dilip Kumar can change his name to A.R. Rahman and nobody really gives a damn either way.

    So think back to the events of the last few weeks. To the murderous attack on innocent Sri Lankan cricketers by jehadi fanatics in a society that is being buried by Islamic extremism. And to the triumphs of Indian secularism.

    Same people?

    Don’t make me laugh.


  17. you son of a bitch, atleast learn to write in proper english. all you bloody pakistanis think kashmir is going to give you something. WHAT will it give you? are you fighting for your so-called ‘freedom’? are you fighting for land? what is it that you are fighting for? and you bastard, you say that indians are killing poor harmless people in kashmir. we indians, unlike most of you pakistani savages, don’t plant bombs and mines all over the place and we never sponsor organisations that kill harmless pedestrians and happy teenagers who are celebrating a friend’s birthday in a public restaurant. think what you write about first, AND BASE IT OFF FACTS, NOT YOUR BLOODY OPINIONS. Alright? You are such an extremist, you are the kind of person everyone called a terrorist. BECAUSE YOU WANT TO KILL PEOPLE. FOR NO REASON. again, i greatly sympathise with all the pakistanis who are suffering because of all you extreme radicals, so please don’t harm your own nationals. remember there are people in your own country who suffer because of your misdeeds. and don’t forget even your intelligence agency, ISI, ***SPONSORS*** terrorist organisations. you idiots can’t even hide that fact now; there is enough evidence with every UN country that supports this. common you stupid pakistani, knock some sense into yourself and start thinking about the world in terms of EVERYONE’s benefit, not only yours.

    • u r totally bastard….caz u r indian…I,m a kashmiri..I know better than u, what is the situation there…india having 7,00000 troops out of 1,500000….. do u know basterad???

  18. Pingback: Indian according to Khalistanis | Reformistan

  19. arrey bhai, waise to tumhara desh India se hi paida hua hai ; to tum apni maa ki hi ………….. baap re baap ………..
    ab to gussa bhi nahi aata – sirf daya ………….
    aise keede jis kaum me hon us kaum ko to wakai – khuda bachaaye !!

  20. really, even hell is better than india, india has no right to interfare on internal issues of other south asian countries fuck raw, the indian terrors, which is responsible for terrorism and violence in south asia especially in Nepal and Pakistan

  21. fuck the indian dhotis, the british slaves, indians are not allowed/dogs are not allowed to enter in other south asian countries..

  22. http://abdulruff.wordpress.com/2007/02/28/where-is-osama-bin-laden/

    If anyone still believes that really is someone by the name of Dr so and so in JNU, he shd go to AIIMS and have his head examined ; after that he shd open the abv link and read the article (reproduced below) himself.

    Where is Osama Bin Laden?

    Filed under: Blogroll by abdulruff — Leave a comment

    February 28, 2007

    Where is Osama Bin Laden?

    Dear Sir:

    A fearless and bold India is habituated to blame Pakistan and Bangladesh for whatever attacks taking place indoors. And Muslims in India, if not physically harmed, are at least psychologically threatened.Fortunately, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan are left out.When the Pakistani media have been more or less fully silenced by brokers of peace, Indian media thriving on government patronage, continue to throw mud on Muslims, the so-called “suspected terrorists”. Even when US holds Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Queda responsible for the so-called “terrorist attacks”, New Delhi and its loyal media harp on vague Pakistani and Bangladeshi hands in the so-called terrorist activities, and don’t even think Osama has any hand in these deadly, horrendous activities in India. One suspects that Osama belongs to India and preferably a non-Muslim (or Hindu) disguised as a Muslim planting terrors across the globe. That explains why Osama who is supposed to be fighting for the cause of Islam does not even bother about the insults to which Islam is exposed in India and tortures the Muslims undergo in the country. Not being a Muslim himself, not even once he criticized the demolition of Babri Mosque. Is that so, Sirs …?


    Thanks for publishing this and letting the people know the truth.

    Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal

    JNU, New Delhi

    • how come the Pakis were shielding a Hindu (Osama – as per the above person) right next to their military compound ??
      with and in spite of all the mud slinging going on , i do hope the (so-called) doctor (who no one seems to have heard of in JNU) will come out and re-explain.
      when u come on a public forum to make such allegations , be prepared to eat your words too. after all you have blind followers who are so frustrated that they are willing to fornicate with inanimate objects (not even animals) ………..

  23. I completely agree with this Article as So called Indian democrapcy is nothing more then tens of lies and deceive. Comparing Pakistan with India is two different things. Past of india is full of incidents indicating that India is a terrorist state it self. Golden temple was toppled by phonetic indian terrorists, Babari Masjid was Attacked and destroyed by the same mentality people and Indian Govt. was silently supporting and protecting the perpetrators. All the wars fought between India and Pakistan were started by india. Nuclear arm race was started by india, threatening Pakistan was over when Pakistan responded in blasting nuclear test in 1998. Last decade india was involved in Balochistan and west Punjab. Attacks on Sri Lankan team was carried out by RAW train terrorists. Even so called Mumbai attacks turned out an other drama by Raw to get 9/11 type sympathy. Some facts from an American research showing facts and involvements of terrist state of India in Pakistan…
    A car bomb explosion in the Saddar area of Peshawar on 21 December 1995, which caused the death of 37 persons and injured over 50 others.

    An explosion at Shaukat Khanum Hospital on 14 April 1996, claiming the lives of seven persons and injuries to over 34 others.

    A bus traveling from Lahore to Sahiwal was blown up at Bhai Pheru on 28 April 1996, causing the deaths of 44 persons on the spot and injuring 30 others.

    An explosion in a bus near the Sheikhupura Hospital killed nine persons and injured 29 others on 08 May 1996.

    An explosion near Alam Chowk, Gujranwala on 10 June 1996 which killed three persons and injured 11 others.

    A bomb exploded on a bus on GT Road near Kharian on 10 June 1996, killing 2 persons and injuring 10 others.

    On 27 June 1996, an explosion opposite Madrassah Faizul Islam, Faizabad, Rawalpindi, killed 5 persons and injured over 50 others.

    A bomb explosion in the Faisalabad Railway Station passenger lounge on 8 July 1996 killed 3 persons and injured 20 others.
    Kashmir and treatment of the Indian army against Kashmiris is one biggest fact that cannot be ignored.

    yet brain washed Indians are not ashamed of their bias and so called democracy standards.

    India is a terrorist state and there is no doubt about it…..

  24. too true ; too many examples i guess, so no harm in adding a few more.
    osma bin laden was a RAW agent and hidden by the Pakis coz RAW and ISI are the same thing – Hindu fundamentalists.
    and, i guess saddam , gaddafi belong to the same category – Hindu extremists or atleast Indian agents in any case ; after all any thing that happens in the world is done by Indian Hindus as they are the rulers of the entire world 😦
    in fact, even Pakistan Is part of India – at least that is something no one will dispute – after all, it was carved out from India – so obviously the heroes are Indians !!

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    HaHa!) Fantastic job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.

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