15 comments on “Indian Independece Day Irony

  1. indian army rocks ……….. !! if muslims do notty things then they ll be punished .,. , even allah says the same…….. modi rocks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Firstly, are we sure the Dr in “Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal” is not a pseudonym ?? No real Doctor could be full of so much venom. Then again, if he is a medical Doctor. then perhaps he was mistakenly administered the “Hypocritic Oath”………..
    I dont have the sort of money he has and cannot spend ALL my time making out long meaningless diatribes, but I’ll definitely try & take up some issues.
    First, regarding Indians, especially Indian Muslims, I wonder if he is aware :

    Company Quarter Master Havildar Abdul Hamid of 4 Grenadiers, Indian Army was posthumously awarded the highest gallantry award of the Republic of India, the Param Vir Chakra, during the 1965 Indo-Pak War.

    He is the first and only Muslim to have been awarded the nation’s highest military honour.

    He had destroyed many Pakistani tank’s and accepted Jannat for our country.

    For more on this , keep watching this space …. !!

  3. If India gets an Olympic medal & honours the winner even thats showing a violent streak but if “peaceful” Islamic fundamentalists play havoc with (our and) their own country – thats what – realpolitik ??? If they go up, bomb everyone in sight including the WTC tours thats what ? That is not to be criticised.
    Dr (If you are a real Doctor) – please do try to justify your existence as a human being first and then as a (foreigner) Muslim commenting on every breath India takes. Do remember that you are not God’s gift to mankind either.
    Lord ! the venom you spout would shame a cobra !!

  4. It is becoming clearer that people sponsoring terrorism in India directly or thru the sort of article written above , are having a deeper interest in mind. Its purely personal. To get better insight one only has to go to some of the Sikh websites so famous in countries like UK. They manage to find rich sponsors & keep fleecing them in the name of religion. they tell them that “you are enjoying life here while your religion – your “nation” – is in danger !! Danger from what ? Of what ?
    We have billions of people in India who are not interested inpetty politics ; they are in no danger – terrorists and extremists definitely are.

    It is now obvious that the author of the article is out purely to line his pockets. By inciting Kashmiris not living in Kashmir, specially those settled abroad, he will only be arranging a steady flow of funds. After all what is his investment ? Just a spewing of venom thru such blogs as allow him that luxury.

    • hey Rajiv, don’t you think it’s better to allow Dr. Abdul for expression, and then refute his arguments, if illogical? Moreover, many Indian Muslims have fiercely opposed Dr. Abdul in their comments. Don’t you think that will create a positive opinion in India? If not on this blog, Dr. Abdul has been expressing his view in other regional and international media, so he’d spread his views anyway.
      I think we can learn a ‘minority’s psyche’ through his articles. Besides, hardly anyone would doubt that Dr. Abdul is an intelligent and prolific writer.

  5. abc dear,

    I agree I have the tendency to fly off the handle, but I do have my reasons.

    I have worked hard for over 30 years & now I have to pay a huge amount of taxes – enough to sustain an ordinary middle-class family of India or Nepal.

    When I see the amount of money (which has gone from pockets like mine) that is spent by the corrupt Indian politicians and the sum spent by defence forces in handling non-issues like Kashmir, it raises my hackles.

    It is people such as the so-called doctor who are responsible for the state Kashmir continues to be in; the misguided unemployed fall prey to the propaganda of hostile neighbours which is turned into yet more of hype by our own self seeking media.

    A study should be done on how many ‘actually’ employed people take part in the so-called “freedom” struggles. It’s the same everywhere else in the country – this is not an isolated issue as you would be aware. But, everywhere it’s the same old story – the only protests being raised are by the unemployed people who are ‘employed’ by politicians (such as the Islamic fundamentalist politicians or persons such as Raj Thakeray and his ilk).

    Which working person has the time for all this rot?

    To first live in India, work here, and then to continue to make a noise about every leaf that moves with the wind is just intolerable.

    I was reading elsewhere on the blog that India was even being blamed for honoring an Olympic hero and for showcasing its capabilities in the Republic Day parade. If it were not so sadly insane, I would have laughed at the reasoning. I wanted to ask how they handle such people and occasions in Pakistan. Do they disenfranchise someone who gets them an Olympic? And on 14th August? I quote from an old article:

    “Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz told an anniversary gathering of hundreds of government officials, school children and others that Pakistan took pride in being the only Muslim country to have nuclear weapons.”

    The article mentions the 21-gun salute etc. And so? What’s wrong with that? I didn’t mind Pakistan celebrating their day. They should; any self respecting country would. Why should the doctor then criticize India for doing it – is Pakistan sacrosanct for him?

    If you have noticed, I have always said I detest all negative people irrespective of their religion or country. People such as the doctor are not letting my country get back on rails and I hate them for making their earning out of such jobs.

    Therefore, when people such as me have to indirectly fund such people by way of my taxes going into unnecessary defence expenses AND the corrupt politicians’ pockets, I am left with no choice.My children are deprived because of such people.

    In fact, the sorrier aspect is that at my age I am tempted to leave my passivism aside & to finally become active. Luckily, I am not that insane.

    While I agree that the purpose of a discussion is lost if we do not
    allow everyone to speak, there should be a limit to the amount of venom each person is allowed to spit.

    I have always believed that “if rape is inevitable, it is better to lie back and enjoy it’. But, please do accept my apologies if I am unable to accept this one. As another human, I will not lie back either.

    NB: I have no doubts that he is much better educated than me. Definitely more intelligent. And obviously a prolific writer too.

    So was Ravana in the Ramayana.

    • Dear Rajiv bro,

      Thanks fr ur reply. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I took you for a commoner like me. dear friend, I responded to you in dr. abdul’s case coz I really enjoyed your couter-arguments, and in yr previous comment u also expressed dissatisfaction over his writing being posted on this blog.

      I’d not defend Dr. Abdul’s views, for I myself do not agree with his opinion on many points and levels. Still, I think he should be listened to. I agree that there’s a huge debate on whether an ‘extremist’ should be listened to or not. Bush said no, Obama says yes.

      However, dr. Abdul does make some interesting points. For ex, in his recent article he accuses the Muslim terror groups including Laden working for the USA to weaken Islam. He also condemns all terror acts including that in Bombay. And plz note that unlike what many commentators think, he’s not a Pakistani, but an Indian citizen.

      I’d like to see his case from psychological angle. I guess, dr. Abdul is particularly angry with India govt coz he feels that he was unjustifiably treated becoz of his religion. He’s claimed of fraud on him by the CIEFL, the Govt of India undertaking. He seems to be very desperate on this issue. I think India Govt should look into his case and give him justice. Given his potential, he should be given a responsibility that keeps him occupied. And, of course, if he’s making false claims, then he should be put on trial for deceiving the public.

      Ur name suggests that u & I share similar cultural (I avoid calling ‘religious’) background. U’ve talked of Ravana, but I’ve heard many ‘pundits’ say that even Ravana was not a villain. I’ve also heard that the people of South India and North Sri-Lanka worship the Ravana during the Dussehra days in India, and Dashain in Nepal. I also sometimes ask myself that If Ram can be right, can Ravana be called wrong simply coz he lost the war? If I was to give my opinion I’d say both are wrong.

      To take example from recent history, I feel v much influenced by Gandhi’s methods…not for his ideas, for he was not a great “intellectual” anyway…but for his sincerity & insistence on practicing what he preached…but there’s also a danger in admiring Gandhi…as the Bollywood movies show, how can one justify all corruptions and violence simply by wearing a Gandhi topi, or putting Gandhi’s picture in all Govt buildings? I forgot the film, but I was really impressed at a scene in which Anupam Kher snatches the inspector’s revolver, and yells in the court, “My Lord, I know this is not a pen but a revolver, I can see things right, do u want a proof of that?” Then he points the revolver to his own head and pulls the trigger. The dead body falls under Gandhi’s smiling picture.

      I sympathize with dr. abdul if he’s suffering. And how can a suffering person make others happy? The only cure is to seek ways for ending his sufferings. Many psychotherapists argue that Hitler wanted to be an artist, but was refused by an art school, and the humanity could have avoided Hitler the Fuehrer had he been accepted as an art student.

      Again, I’d say that sympathizing with a human being does not mean that you agree with him…dr abdul articles r published by many famous regional and international media, but only on this blog you’ll find that he also faces strong resistance for his views, and mostly by his fellow Muslims, including from Kashmir & Pakistan. I think all these opinions would strengthen the secular principles of India.

      Perhaps I’m also getting old…as I too feel ‘passive’ to respond all the time…& I’ve not achieved anything either…I really admire that you worked hard, got successes, and honestly pay taxes… I think an active and balanced person like u should not worry too much…we all have limitations as a person…


  6. abc,dear,

    Don’t get me wrong, please. It is not YOU who is hurting my feelings. My anguish is at the opportunities these people are being given by blogs such as yours – it is from here that they manage to graduate to even more serious stuff, and then starts their funding. And where that funding leads, we are all aware.

    And, I am truly a commoner – just a patriotic citizen of my country who can’t stand to see someone who calls himself also a fellow citizen to be so full of treason and yet be allowed to get away with it. It is perhaps only in India that we allow such freedom. In Pakistan or in a truly Islamic country they would have such people whipped at the post.

    Even now, I can counter genuine arguments and even accept the failings of my country. But I cannot take such atrocious rot as he spits without reacting. I mean, does he even read what he writes. And he is supposed to be educated. I differ. I think he is only literate. No educated person could write such filth about his own country.

    So, yes, I can definitely listen to what he says. But when he talks pure rot I’ll have to revert in something similar; I can’t manage to stoop to his real level even if I try hard!!

    The Wikipedia gives a list of notable Muslims of India. I would have reproduced it here but the word document I copied filled 16 pages!! And, these are only the nationally “notable” names; there are countless others. So are they all “spies” in the pay of the “Hindus” of India? Why do people keep saying that Muslims are getting a raw deal here? If you go to their slums you’ll find that most of the poor ones are just not interested in studying and moving ahead. They find it easier and more paying to either turn into criminals or the purveyors of filth by way of treasonous writings. It happens with poor Hindus too but so far not many have turned traitors.

    He may make interesting points but let me give you a corollary from Murphy’s Law:

    If you take a barrel of sewage and add just a spoon of champagne you get sewage;
    If you take a barrel of champagne and add just a spoon of sewage you still get sewage.

    The effect of his good arguments (if there are any) is nullified by the poison of his totally misrepresentative articles which are devoid of reason or sense. It is one continuous diatribe against India. At best he may be a legal citizen of India – an Indian he is not, and can never hope to be.

    So, I agree with you when you want to look at his case from a psychological angle. He is among the rarest of rare – in this case an unenvious position to be in I’m sure.
    He feels he was unjustifiably treated? After admitting that he reached the senior most positions in his organization, he goes on to say that he was not allowed to take time off for his prayers or some such thing. What petty arguments! In over 30 years of working for various organizations, I have yet to see a meeting broken off or deferred or preponed or cancelled because a member wanted to pray! And, nearly all these meetings had people from multiple religions. (Of course, if you were not up to mark with your work, you better be praying hard, but under your breath!)

    Earning “billions” in a government position is possible only if you are involved in murky deals – no government job offers such salaries. And if he is really owed that money, he always has a legal recourse. In India, we have such a legal system that even though it is agonizingly slow, it allows justice to reach every quarter

    Let me admit that I’m not qualified enough to have a theological discussion, nor am I a truly religious person, but whether Ram was right or Ravana or which one more justified will possibly be a discussion relative to the era in which we have such a discussion. In what we term as “Kalyug” the definitions of evil & morality have already undergone too much change. We know of him only through the scriptures, but from whatever I have read I can admit that Ravana was a highly educated & erudite personality – with an evil mind. Just about nothing can justify the kidnapping of another person’s wife, not then, nor today. It cannot be said that he was wrong just because he lost the war because that argument would perhaps justify Mahmud of Ghazni who invaded India more than 17 times!

    Gandhiji was relevant to his time & to the people of that era. Today, when public morality is at a nadir in India who bothers about him? To most Indians he is good because he gets us a national holiday.

    I can appreciate your sympathizing with the Doctor for his sufferings but as I said, I cannot support you there. I am not so charitable that I will allow such blasphemy as he spouts go unanswered just because his mother slapped him when he was young or because he got out on the wrong side of the bed.

    But, your effort is praiseworthy. And your neutrality enviable. I wish I could emulate it!

    Personally, I feel that very few (Indian) Muslims really speak out against such traitors; in fact, most Hindus are allowing people such as Raj Thakeray to go scot free too. This is the same apathy that allowed Hitler to flourish. Had they nipped him in the bud…………. Most of the butchers of mankind flourished because the junta kept their cool. Frankly, I don’t really accept that he could have been an artist. A true artist could never have such a brutal mind.

    Finally, the Doctor (of the hypo critic oath) can feel proud of one dubious distinction – he has proved to be an exception to the rule:

    Breathes there the man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said, this is my own, my native land………….

    my best regards,


  7. dear frien Rajiv,

    thanks fr ur positive attitude…but do u think i’m doing anything wrong by ‘publishing’ dr. abdul? if yes, plz explain…i’ll sincerely think over that…


  8. dear abc,

    you give me more credit than i deserve ; let me suggest that i have no moral right to advise YOU on right and wrong.
    but, your initial arguments had their point. unless it is shown to the world at large that people such as dr. abdul are fakes and are being proved to be so by clearcut arguments based on HIS assertions, he will have succeeded in his nefarious mission !
    so perhaps, he is a necessary evil !
    unfortunately, as i have been repeating ad-nauseum, my blood boils at such blasphemous traitors and the way they continue to call themselves Indians, so i have to react.
    perhaps, the only concession i would seek is that they not be allowed to refer to themselves as Indians. i accept that it’s a tall order bordering on the impossible.
    therefore, let me say again, that as you are more charitable than me and i cannot suggest that you censor articles based on the identity of the authors, i will add that as the keeper of the blog you hold a dual responsibility. when you allow such people the liberty to preach their brand of poison, you must have some sort of built in mechanism to counteract them on a simultaneous basis. i or like minded people may not always have the time or be around to notice, react and counterattack all the time. we may miss out and that would be fatal.
    after all , as a fellow positive individual co-habitant of our wonderful world we owe it to others not to allow its defilement so easily.
    i don’t know if i’ve answered your question in the manner you expected or wanted but, within my limitations, i have always tried to be fair.
    even to some doctors…………..

  9. Dear Rajiv Sir, it was me who actually approached dr. abdul first. He’d posted his opinion on a Nepal forum saying that India media do not allow him to express. i asked him to send his writings to this blog. And I still don’t think he’s an “evil” person…he’s always communicated with me courteously, even when I said I do not agree with some of his opinions

    he just seems to be utterly desperate that he was prejudiced…& his case should be looked upon by India govt. may be I’m wrong, but let’s not forget that even Amnesty International has reported Muslims being discriminated in India.

    The difficulty with India is that it calls itself a secular nation, so it can not avoid taking care of other minority groups like they do in officially declared religious nations like Pakistan & Arab countries. i also think that Nepal would also face similar problems in the coming days, especially after declaring itself a secular republic. For, Nepal earlier had the benefit of saying that it was a Hindu nation.

    But I’m not saying that adopting secularism is wrong…in fact it’s ideal & unavoidable for a free & multicultural society …but when u say all r equal then rebellion follows it naturally…especially when others see that all r not equal actually…some r more equal than others…

    Dear rajiv, I really appreciate your respect fr plurality, And I agree with you principally. but as u too have realized that it’s easier said than done. People seem to be more angry with those who can’t live up to their own ideals…than those who would not claim to be holding any ideals.


  10. Bravo abc !
    as i said i admire your neutrality.

    i will never even venture to suggest that india is a faultless country where everyone is having a whale of a time ! we have our flaws – more than most if i may say so.

    but that would never turn me into a traitor.

    i also raise a noise about all that’s going wrong with the country. in fact, elsewhere i’ve written that i’ve lost the hope to see redemption in my lifetime. things do not improve because we have rampant corruption from the near top to the bottom level. we have perhaps the most corrupt leaders of the world. Public morality as we say that things cant improve because good people dont go into politics. at the same time the good people say that politics is a murky field and they would not like to take the risk of sullying their hands. we are, therefore in a catch-22 situation.

    He may be courteous & have the best of etiquettes – obviously he’s wonderfully educated for he has done excellently in his professional career. But does that absolve him of him of his responsibilities as a citizen. I can have many a grouse – the courts are open to me. I can even yell thru the media. But no one gives me the right to take sides with OTHER countries (especially hostile ones) AGAINST my country, purely because THEY have people only of my religion.

    Use any spelling or lexicon – TREASON will continue to spell and mean the same. That is what I rant and rave about – not the opportunity given to him to practice his brand. I’m grateful that at least I too have been given the opportunity on behalf of MY country to oppose & refute the rot he dishes out.

    A couple of my other beliefs are:
    – In order for something to get clean, something else must get dirty.
    – In order to create a new building one must first bring down the old one.

    Once again, I seek pardon in advance for the level of language I’m forced to stoop to. In my younger days I was fond of saying that if someone stands in a gutter & talks to you, it is not necessary to step into the gutter to discuss issues – you have to first drag him out. These days, the norms are fast changing. I do have regrets – perhaps if my esteemed father & uncles were alive they would have chastised me for allowing myself to so easily fall prey to such a dirty war of semantics. As a mark of respect to them, therefore, I feel I’d better change my strategy.(Doctor heal thyself !!?)

    I will henceforth restrain myself by treating such people with the contempt they deserve. Not responding to a mail I feel is the biggest insult one can pay a person. By not responding to offending posts in blogs will be something similar.
    It may allow such people to go scot free but perhaps we deserve it………
    thanks n’ regards

    • dear rajiv sir, thanx fr ur prompt response. it’s our load shedding time …just 2 min remaining …. apologies…apologies & regards,

      but plz respond to whatever u think is necessary…

  11. To MR Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal,,
    U are a person who breeds hatred in a society ,, its becasue of people like you we have communal riots ,, otherwise india is a peaceful country ,, everyrelegion has its flaws ,, but i cannot understad why muslims have so much problem living and accepting others ,, everywhere u see , south asia ,, bosnia , africa , middle east , US , indonesia , anywhere in the world u create trouble ,, Come and live in india ,, u will love to be in our land ,, we do have our problems but we donot kill people in the name of relion and stupid brother hood ,, i have kashmiri friends ,, and i respect them ,, we have a common problem to rise as a country and not fight and waste our lives ,,,so talk mature and move forward ,, enlighten urself with knowlegde and opportunity my country offers then u will come out of this opinion about india and indians

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