13 comments on “Why Did Hindu Al-Qaeda activists Invade Taj Mahal?

  1. I don’t agree with your views on the Taj Mahal. It doesn’t fall under the category of a true mosque any longer since it is really a historical site like the Great Wall of China or Notre Dame a Paris, not a genuinely religious location. As a non-Muslim, I feel I should have an equal right to visit its premises and enjoy its beauty. Of course, actual mosques should be held sacred and the Indian government could do better to become more secular, but in light of the recent attacks on Mumbai/Bombay, I don’t believe that’s going to happen anytime soon.

  2. i think u r suffering from a “heavy mental disease”
    how dare you to use the word indian terrorism?
    who the hell are you to question about indian muslims condition in india?
    are u mad or something like that?
    first go and visit india properly n see the life of muslims here.
    iam a muslim and i no my land better than u.we are very happy to live in india.peacefully and with full respect.just mind your business u fool.and the question of kashmir muslim is taken they are suffering from pakistani terrorism not any threat from any indian.and as a matter of fact taj mahal was never a tomb it was researched by renowed british ans prof p n oak in 1965 in his book.so u brain less idiot first visit this url and u will no that u r a tru headless brainless monster!!!http://www.flex.com/~jai/satyamevajayate/tejo.html

  3. P.N. Oak has proven that Taj Mahal is actually Tejo Mahalaya– a shiv temple-palace. His work was published in 1965 in the book, Taj Mahal – The True Story.

    carbon dating test-A wooden piece from the riverside doorway of the Taj subjected to the carbon 14 test by an American Laboratory and initiated by Professors at Pratt School of Architecture, New York, has revealed that the door to be 300 years older than Shahjahan,since the doors of the Taj, broken open by Muslim invaders repeatedly from the 11th century onwards, had to b replaced from time to time. The Taj edifice is much more older. It belongs to 1155 A.D, i.e., almost 500 years anterior to Shahjahan.

  4. u r a stupid muslim mr abdul so u r posting such anti iindian ,anti humanity and anti islam things here
    i think u r a useless person who is jealous of indian muslims and hindus unity and peace
    i think u r an al quedda paid cheap terrorist!
    and i think u are right now “an unemployed ” so u r passing ur time in such ridiculous things on net!!!

  5. Dear Abdul:
    I have understood what you are and you people is going through…. you people are mentally jealous about India and Indian people. in here we love all the religion and respect each other. Indian Muslims have better life than any other Muslim in the world.. in any other countries Muslims give any freedom to Muslim women’s???????. May be you trying to make our Muslim brothers in India like Pakistani mentally jealously terrorist.
    Please try to write something good for the people

  6. what ever you are thinking is total negative about INDIA .There are many historic temple in india all religion are allow no one ask them which religion you belong to.How dear you are calling INDIA terrorist .Your bomb killing not only other religeon it aslo killing muslims and your talking about religien First see yourself you are a true muslim i think not First think about your countery see the past there are many masqus was target by whom (Terrorist) Who are this people and which religion they belong to you no better then me.So this is enough for you to shut your mouth and dont talk about INDIA religion

  7. I think the entire article reeks of the pervasive paranoia that has overtaken the Muslim fundamentalists consistently in the last few decades. If they are so confident about the power of Islam, they should lie back and relax – ultimately Islam will prevail.
    However, as they suffer from so much lack of confidence they have to keep shouting from roof tops (or mosque tops) that “Allah is Great”. Even I as a Hindu believe that Allah is great, just like Jesus Christ or Guru Nanak or Buddha is great ; but it seems that they (like some Hindus) suffer from a lack of faith or confidence that’s why they are not content to performing their prayers quietly at home – they have to keep reminding each other five times a day – the hype has to be built up.
    The point is that I’m not against genuine Muslims, just as I’m not against genuine peaceloving Hindus or Christians. The moment you leave the precints of sanity & start believing that you have to torture everyone who does not believe in you – that’s when you turn me off and join the ranks of the religionless.
    Mature Muslims should welcome the Hindus praying inside the Taj Mahal – they should feel honoured that the graves of two Muslims are considered so worthy by some Hindus that they come & do their Puja there. (Ultimately Shiv Sena / MNS are just different forms of terrorism – the Hindu branches, so to say – just to keep balances……)
    The Indian Muslim who believes in normal life goes about it in normal manner while the misfit keeps looking at shadows around each corner. Alongwith, like minded Indian Hindus they go about bombing innocent people.
    One thing even a liberal like me feels – India has been a liberal country and should remain so. All those who do not believe in this should go – just go – the Muslims have so many countries (including Pakistan next door), while the Hindus have Nepal etc. Just stop trying to convince everyone else that you are saving the world for them. No one has authorised you to terrorise the public at large. You have your beliefs – stay with them – if their base is strong enough you will not need to add your heroic bit – if your religions (s) could manage to survive a few thousand years without you, I’m quite confident they will manage in times to come too.

    Do have some faith in your own religion !!

  8. Hi Abdul.

    You are sick fanatic guy. You should not write such things in the first place.

    Secondly you have Pakistan and Bangadesh to go if you want to be that fanatic. LEAVE India. We have no place for guys like you!!

  9. One issue here – if we can have Hindus in the Al Qaeda – as the title suggests – obviously terrorism has no religious ideology , whatever be the cause ………..

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