3 comments on “Muzaffarabad Murders: A step towards independence from India!

  1. as if the kashmiris in the Azad Kashmir are a happy lot. Every day ethnic violence take place and even that cowardly general Musharaf used the minority muslims to infiltrate India during kargil and later disowned their bodies.
    I shall be very happy to know that you are not an India. pakistan is itself in a state of collapse and no doubt India is very happy to get the rogue elements out of India.

  2. pls also give details of POK (pakistan occupied Kashmir and also Kashmir which pakistan has sold to China. u r coward who dont talk truth.

    why r u misleading kashmiries and pakis and ur self as u know in ur heart that J&K is best wiht india as u know what u pakistanis have done not only to POK but whole of Pakistan – a terrorist nation.

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