25 comments on “Why India denies legitimate Muslims Rights and promotes “terrorism”?

  1. dear Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
    you the muslims have no right to demand right in INDIA as you had been given whole pakistan for you go there and demand right there as the SINDHI muslims are demanding……

    if fills encroached in India go where ever ur rights are secured….

  2. Dr Abdul Ruff Colachal,

    You do a great disservice to the Indian Muslims with articles such as these. All your articles state that Muslims are being victimized throughout the world and especially in India. It is very hypocritical of you to sit in a prestigious university in the Capital of India and say that India is anti – Muslim.

    If India was against Muslims from the time of Independence, then there would have been no Pakistan today. All the Indian Muslims today are descendents of those Muslims who chose to stay in India even though a brand new Islamic country was there for them. These Muslims believed in India and Indian leaders who were mainly Hindu. India was never anti Pakistan to begin with. The rioting during the time of Independence was all thanks to the “Muslim League” and the “Direct Action Movement”. The Indian Government gifted Pakistan Rs 55 crore (Rs 22,52,80 Crore today) and we got an assault on Kashmir in return. The Kargil fiasco just reminds us of Pakistan’s true intentions. So if you say that being anti – Pakistan is being anti – Muslim, I request you to rethink your priorities and ideology.

    Let us not dwell in the past. In what way has India promoted anti – Islamic strategy? All Muslims have the same rights as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians. If you go to AIIMS you are not going to get different doctors based on religion. Today, you can walk on Lamington Road, Mumbai and the Muslim shopkeepers are giving stiff competition to Hindu and Parsis. Does a Muslim have to take extra permits to open up his shop? In fact there are reservations for Muslims in some states like Andhra Pradesh. Does a Muslim have to go to different courts? Who is Dr. Abdul Kalam? Who is Omar Abdullah? Who is Azim Premji? The Indian entertainment industry is dominated by the Khans. A film is not a hit if it doesn’t have Shahrukh, Amir, Salmaan or Saifali Khan. Fortunately India does not have the concept of “Jiziya” tax for minorities today.

    The very fact that India has a Muslim Personal Law, which no other secular country has, shows India’s pro Islamic tendencies. Islam and the west have been at war for more than 1000 years. The concept of religious war was introduced by Islam. The wars fought previously were for land and not God. You point just a few incidents which, I admit were wrong, like the Babri Masjid or Gujarat riots. I can point out Islamic oppression against the minorities since time immemorial. From the Kashmiri pandit situation, Godhra, Direct Action Day and going all the way back to the destruction of the Zoroastrian tradition in Iran. India (Hindus) has always treated its minorities well. Ask any Tibetan, Parsi or Jew in India and they will sing praises of India. Oppressors and fundamentalists will always be treated with disdain and rightfully so.

    The ban on SIMI has nothing to do with being Muslim. There was a thorough investigation and they were found to be promoting terrorist acts. If all Muslim organizations had to be banned then the WAKF would have been disbanded immediately. Tomorrow you will make a case of the humanitarian nature of Al Qaida because they helped the people trapped in the Pakistani earthquake back in 2005. When you show a map with Muslim dominated areas and a star on Ayodhya, what exactly are you trying to say? That we must be afraid of Muslims because the Afghani, Pakistani and Indian Muslims are one? As I said before, this is the greatest disservice you have done to Indians and especially Indian Muslims who are not even in the same league as the Pakistani or Afghani nationals.

    India has always been pro Iran in the UN meetings. No Islamic country, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc has voted for India when they had to vote for Pakistan. Of course India will move towards those countries who are its allies and friends. Please do not be in the misconception that all Muslims look at each other as equal. The Arabs look down upon the Indian and Pakistani Muslims. This was mentioned in an article of “Times of India” many years ago, which spoke about the discrimination the sub continental Muslims faced in Mecca and Medina. The article was written by a Muslim man who had recently come back after performing the Haj.

    In conclusion I would like to tell you, that with a demand of reinstalling Babri Masjid it would be like adding fuel to the fire. In return are you willing to erect all the temples destroyed during the Muslim conquest of India from the time of Muhammad Qasim to Aurangzeb? You sit in Delhi, criticize the government and call this a “so – called” democracy. You, with statements like “it is time India shed its anti-Muslimism and anti-Pakistanism” are the main cause why many Indians take an askance look at Muslims. Our foreign policy has to be PRO – INDIA. If being pro – India means being Anti – Pakistan then so be it but it definitely does not mean it will be anti – Muslim. If you think so, then I suggest you should make the journey which you or your forefathers did not, in 1947 because you were safe in a secular democracy and still are.

  3. Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, if you were in any Muslim country and saying all this against them then you would have been “executed”. Is this much of independence not enough for you to say this and survive. People like you, the so called Intellectuals, are doing the greatest disservice to the society, country and the world.
    The only Muslim state in India shows utter disregard to other religions. By the way traitors like you are the ones to bring bad name to India. God may provide you with some social wisdom.

  4. you live in india and talk against india – you son of a bitch ! india belongs to hindus and if you dare to speak against india once more, that will be your last comment

  5. The world is full of problems. Some are more trigger-happy than others. Some have the patience to find practical solutions understanding life is not always fair, some just have no time. For all who feel they are being treated badly in India … well you have a majority with you. So, instead of sulking and turning this into a personal or religious agenda, why did you not have the benevolence of joining hand with all who suffer and work for a better India? The reason is that your eye is not on a better world and human values but you have this feudal mindset and hate you are not in power and are stuck up with this evil institution called religion – which has destroyed the peace of half of this world.

  6. Writer lacks knowledge, this is propoganda by pakistan. If state of muslims was so horrible in India, how come Azim Premji earn his billions in India, why would Hidus go and watch Sharukh Kahn, Salman, Amir or Saif????

    Dont speak about India if you dont know the reality.

  7. A completely misguided article…trash like all other fanatic propoganda…Muslims in India have greater freedom of faith and expression then even what so called Islamic states provide…Muslims of minority creed are violently suppressed in those countries, look at the fate of Shias in Pakistan, Afghanistan etc and Sunnies in Iran, other sects like Ahmediyyas, Wahabis are oppressed by the Islamic States. Let them clean their Auguean stables of bigotry before commenting on India….India and Hindus in India choose to be secular and believe in allowing everyman to follow his faith as per his inclination without thrusting down religion in any person’s throat…..

  8. Peace of God on all of us. Our hindu brothers (the commentators) comfortably forget their kind leaders like Narendra Modi, Praveen Thokadia, Kalyan Singh, Sudarsan (RSS), Murali Manogar Joshi, Advani, Vajpae, Uma Bharti, Pal Thackeray lot more to be listed but I afraid this website does not have enough space.

    Can these Hindu brothers atleast say one person as a leader from muslim community who is blood thirsty like their own beloved hindu terrorist leaders? Surely if the commentators have common sense and a human heart, you dont have to educate them to compare muslims plights in India and their hindu leaders avowal to eradicate muslims in India.

    Whenever BJP faces political problem, there will a bomb explode somewhere in India. Many Hindu men i can list atleast hundred incidents read in news, have apprehended by police with detonators, jeleltin, wires, explosives but where have they gone where they were planning to plant that bomb and leaving some muslim costumes and giving information to their siblings in the inelligent agencies and likeminded in journalism and other media sources?

    Brothers, please come to one platform to bring the culprit to justice. Dont vaguely argue and blindly support any one please. We are growing. We will be the powerful nation in the world soon. Some foreign power and the selfish and power monger eliments of our country are doing these plots. We will tear their face. Let the law take its course. Whether he is a Hindu or Muslim we don’t care. Our country’s and it’s peoples welfare is important. Good by.

  9. My Hindu brothers,

    Add to my comments, about two months ago 7 RSS activists have been caught red handed when they planted bomb and killed their own brothers in HINDU MUNNANI office in Thenkasi (Kasi of South) to put the blame on muslims. It is a mistake of RSS as they dont make it usually. Please awake.

  10. My Hindu brothers,

    As you know there are 1000 s of schools in India operated by RSS which produced millions of RSS activists, chemists, doctors, police men, collectors, jawans, paramilitary forces, border security forces, government officers, ministers, prime ministers, journalists, common men with RSS mind. Do you think that muslims india can live peacefully? You with gentle soul who love justice should come forward to help this depriving, beleagured muslims and suppressed hindu backward class and educate the poor and uneducate the millions lying in the villages of our beautiful great INDIA.

  11. The islamic organization like Jamat-e-islami Hind and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) are helping the muslim community’s upliftment in education and helping the common people when striken by flood, hurricane, earth quake and any other natural calamities.

    If there is any terrorism at all in India from muslim side that is the counter productive of RSS and Sangh Parivar’s terrorism only. If there is no RSS in India there is no way for terrorism to prevail in India.

  12. Mr Mohamed thameem seems to be out of touch with reality. It was SIMI who has carried out all the bomb blasts in India posing as Indian Mujahedeen. Delhi, Ahemedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai ….. I could go on and on. The maulvi’s incite hate against other religions and the poor Muslims get brainwashed.

    Taking the names of all BJP leaders won’t help. In Kashmir the Muslim leaders could not spare even a needle point of land to prevent the Amarnath Yatri’s from freezing to death. For Muslims to stop being radicalised, they have to stop listening to illiterate, war mongering mullahs and participate in democracy. They must not demand quotas, because Muslims were never historically oppressed. In fact the Jaziya tax system helped their cause and they must openly apologize for their aggressive past.

  13. i dont think any religion preaches kill innocents to grab your rights. whoever does it hindu,muslim or christian should be severly punished. as far as muslim rights are concerned dr. abdul kalam the president of india is a muslim but we hindus like him we were upset when he resigned and are finding difficult to accept the new president.we still want him back.secondly , khans of film industry are muslim but we love them and respect them for who they are. we have friends who are muslims. whenever their family is in trouble we try to help them in any way out and viceversa. now where do these lack of rights stand.

  14. dear sir ,u are preaching wrong things . i am sure you are going to turn every muslim some kind of terrorist by doing this. we indians still have faith that all are not the same .there are muslims who love their country they belong and respect other religion. but your preaching will turn even the good one s to bad . stop doing this . its not only muslims even the hindus are dprived of rights . but we have to accept it. rights are mostly based on power not religion.

  15. terrorists may not be only suicide bombers .even people like you are some form of terrorists who are at the starting point of creating terrorists by preaching all rubbish and turning good muslims into bad ones . change your path . or your Allah should punish you and your family. MAY UR KIDS DIE in front of you when people like you make other kids as terroristd and kill them .think about what their family has to go through when a young son died as a terrorist .

  16. Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal…… you are a fraud…..

    People please take a note that all articles posted by Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal are biased and he is not working at JNU.

    Beware of this guy….

  17. Well Colachal, if you love pakistan and bangladesh sooo much and fell hindus are bad, then GO TO PAK OR BANGLA!! who’s stopping u? if you dont have money / approval from indian govt pls email me… i will get u a place in either Pak or Bangla (ur choice) and will pay for your flight there.

    the very fact that you sit in your home and condemn it as dirty, while looking at your neighbors house and judging it clean from outside view shows the kind of traitor you are. well, muslims are always traitors. we know how Mir Jafar Ali Khan was a traitor to his own mughal kind that paved way for british… as well as Sheikh Mujib who was a succesful traitor for india.

  18. sri lanka is muslim dominated area? kerala also (both have less than 30% muslims), uttaranchal, more shockingly Junagadh (which was and is Hindu dominated and thats why didnt join Pakistan)???… hey wait a sec, what means ‘muslim dominated’? does it mean area with >20% muslim? so that becomes muslim dominated? well, now i understand you.

  19. “When it was outlawed, SIMI has thousands of members across the country taking up Islamic issues irritating the saffron bands.

    The SIMI annoyed by Indian attitude toward Muslims denying them their legitimate rights and ignoring their genuine concerns, advocates the “liberation of India” and restoring Islamic rule.”

    In spite of such blasphemous “concerns”, the author would have the Indians tolerate the SIMI ?? Democracy is not good enough for them – they can only allow the autocracy of Islam.

    “It is time India shed its anti-Muslimism and anti-Pakistanism and encouraged its media to behave like all-Indians media and not just mere Hindu media. Democracy and secularism are not mere propaganda stuff; they have to practiced quite sincerely.”

    The Hindu media allows you to say all this in our country. Can toy even DREAM of allowing Hindus to talk like this about Islam in Pakistan or any other Muslim country. When you chose sides during partition, you opted for democracy – not just Islam at any cost. You had the option of going over to India or Pakistan & genuine Muslims did exercise their choice accordingly. To stay in this country & spurt venom against it – whether it is by a Muslim or a Hindu – it cannot be tolerated.

    ” India must consider Muslims as equal citizens and not as second-class citizens as they do now and give them all benefits at par with Hindus, even if they are not given preferential treat as per the Constitutional provisions and as Nehru had pledged.”

    I would never have thought that the four of the Indians (sorry, Muslims) who were elected Presidents of the country were second-class citizens and that they were deprived of constitutional privileges !!

    Some people can never have enough.
    Some people only want authority – without responsibility.
    Some people just do not have loyalty in their bloodstream.
    Some people have no faith in their own religion ; they have to shout it out from rooftops to convince themselves, day in day out.

    Such religionless people who shame a great religion like Islam must go……………… Go anywhere, just leave us in peace.

  20. If he did represent the majority, , they were strong enough to have created “real” havoc.
    But he does not.
    And that, friend, is why this country is still managing to run.
    And will run. Successfully too.

    A free Kashmir is the only solution to make us feel safe.
    Freedom can help Kashmiris get rid of a twin “stigma”. “India says it is the biggest democracy in the world. Living in Kashmir, we do not get any sense of that “We live in fear.. Being a Kashmiri is a curse, being a Muslim is a crime.we are treated like terrorists , we are demanding our birth right, it is our right not only BY religion or politically, but geographically also ,
    the only way to set things right is to India get out of our lives and leave us free.

  22. I do expect rash comments from anti-Islam guys. Thanks a lot for your patient reading. Pl read more, learn more and try to help humanity. My writings are free and meant for that.

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