4 comments on “Oh, India , why this mischief?

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  3. Dude,

    You are a researcher? u r talking thru ur hat. u have given no sources for ur claims – can u quote ANY indian laws that discriminate against muslims? I can quote laws that give muslims special privileges.

    Talking of Indian malaysians, dude, they are the poorest of malaysians, then why special help to malays but not to them??? u ueself quoted that ppl are not legally allowed to convert to hinduism from islam, but from hinduism to islam is allowed!!! THAT IS DISCRIMINATION YOU ASSHOLE.

  4. You possibly don’t read the scholars writing in Persian about how many infidel But-prasts and “black-faced Hindoo” the glorious “servants of Islam” put to the sword and how many women and children of this “Dar-ul-haram” land of the “Hindoos” were enslaved to satisfy the “pleasures” of the “soldiers of Allah”. You are wrong in claiming that no Hindus come out in support of the muslims – they do, and from positions of power and influence, look at all the Hindu historians who claim that all these were propaganda by Muslim scholars for the glorification of Islam. Maybe they don’t think that actually they are raising an even more serious problem – what makes enslavement of women and slaughter of men so glorifying in Islam! In your cries about Kashmir there is no mention of the ethnic cleansing of the minority Hindus left in the western part of the state during the disturbances of the 90’s. You have not written about the Chitrali muslim tribal raiders looting of women during their raids in 1948. You have forgotten entirely about the 2.5 lakh Hindus displaced or killed and their women enslaved as sex-slaves during the 1971 war specfically targeted for their religion. You have forgotten about the persistent feature of expulsion of non-Muslims from any area where Muslims have gained majority and are not surrounded by non-muslims, abduction of non-muslim women, and looting of the property and land in the name of jihad whenever the opportunity arises to do so as evidenced in 1947, 1965, 1971, 1990’s. There are well known records of claims of destructions of Hindu shrines and building of Muslim sites or mosques on them. When the records are relatively modern, such as during the Mughals, and cannot be discounted as fantasy or propaganda, fanstastic reasons have to be invented, such as it was done because Hindus desired it – and when even that cannot be done, then simply try not to talk about it or see to it that it remains suppressed. These are all done by mostly Hindu historians, and even after that you say Hindus do not come out in the support of Muslims! Now thats “namak-harami” !

    I dont see why Hindus should take the “film” so seriously. I would personally rather ignore it. In this arena I do not think Hindus have to learn from Muslims about intolerance of the spoken word. It is a peculiarly Muslim religious feature to demand physical or capital punishment for deviating orally and sexually from the prescribed path. The Hudood and the demand to chop the head off (or declaring Murtad in its most literal interpretation) for merely speaking out words that are deemed undesirable, is something the Hindus need not copy from Islam.

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