12 comments on “Laughing One’s Ass Off at Maoist Manifesto

  1. Commies look good only in paper.. in ideals.. In reality, commies suck donkey’s balls.

    NWPP has some good points in their manifesto but I personally do not like the one which says “compulsory army training…” – to defend our societies, there are other ways too, like educating people, esp the poor ones, that commies are the worst kind of tyrants one can ever imagine.

  2. LOL.

    Communism = humanity.

    There is faster development in communist countries. Countries like US, UK, Germany are developed too, yes, but that’s because they have looted from other countris. Then remember China and Russia achieved that level of development in 40 years what took the capitalists countried 300 to 400 years.

    Please study the NWPP manifesto properly, EVERYTHING written there make perfect sense. I don’t have it right now, but I’ll post more points if I’ll get access to it.

    About the compulsory army training, it is necessary because we have neighbour like India, who are constantly trying to sieze more and more of our natural resources (land, rivers, etc.) They may even attack us. Then there is US, which is aiming Nepal because if they are able to get Nepal, observing China becomes easier for them. So, to be safe, it is absolutely necessary.

    One thing I’d like to take back is the ‘jasko jot usko pot’ thing. This is also in the CPN-UML’s manifesto.

  3. “Then remember China and Russia achieved that level of development in 40 years what took the capitalists countried 300 to 400 years.”

    This is a serious fallacy.

    Commies or Capitalists – it was because of the industrialization, technology and modernization at the start of 1900s that propelled the countries into development.

    It was inevitable.

  4. Oh really? Which non-communist country developed so fast so much?

    The NWPP manifesto has the solution to the problems the current politics is facing right now.

    For the stable administration of the country, there will be a powerful president elected through direct election. S/he can appoint the ministers of choice. No minister can be a member of the parliament. This way, no buying and selling of MPs will takes place. The ‘bhagbanda ko rajniti’ will end as well.

    The president can even dissolve the government of a federal state if question arises on the sovereignty and national unity.

    The 2/3rd majority of the combined meeting of the Upper and Lower Houses can remove the president.

    The jobs of the MPs would be to make rules for the benifit of the nation and the people, and to stop the wring deeds of the government.

  5. Communist country or Non-communist – it was not entirely any form of politics alone that caused any “development”.

    Your impression seems like this -that USA should have flown rockets in the 18th century or should have developed Atom bomb way earlier and thus bombed Hirosima in 1850s – because they were already capatalist 300-400 years ago.

    It’s really not appropriate to award the capitalists any benefit of “head start of 300 years”.

    Cos, with no technological/scientific advancement and industrial revolution – communist country could not have done it either – in 1000 years. Example: China

  6. You clearly lack knowledge in this fiele. I was talking about economic development.

    A country’s development pretty much depends on the economic policy of the country. A small country like England ruled in a big country like India – big both in terms of population and area – for 2/3 hundred years. It also ruled in today’s big countries like China and the US. Similarly, as I said earlier, China and Russia achieved that level of development in 30-40 years.

    Small in both population and area – Democratic People’s Republic Cuba and Korea, despite the US’s 10-50 years long economic blockade, attack, and many other conspiracy, are developing, and protecting their country’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. They are not based on foreign aid – they are standing on their own feet and their own work.

    DPR Korea has launched a satellite to fight against the US. It has over 3 lakh engineers. No person has trouble getting food and work. No drug sufferer or AIDS victims. No shelterless person or family.

    Similarly, in Cuba, all people are literate, In the field of health, they are one of the most-developed countries in the world (see movie ‘Sicko’ of Michael Moore – an American filmmaker). Nobody has to die without treatment. Health and education facilities are available free of cost. No discrimination at all. Not much ago, the salary of all the workers were doubled.

    And the reason behind all the development is because of a Socialist economic policy.

    PS: BTW, what are your thoughts on the powerful president system proposed by NWPP?

  7. And you are not getting my point either. Politics and policy alone can not be projected as the sole factors for development.

    Your premise was based on the statement that while countries like, say USA, took 300-400 to develop; countries like, say Cuba, took only 30 or 40 years to reach where USA had achieved – because of economic policy alone.

    And this is where I disagree.

  8. Other factors are also important, yes, but the economic policy is the major factor.

    In socialism, all people are provided with work according to their skills, and are paid according to the work done. Everyone gets an equal chance for personality development. Education and health services are accesible by all as they are completely free.

    Read my post fully (I don’t think you have).

    Cuba, a small country, despite the fact that it has very few natural resources that can be utilised to earn money, and despite the economic blockades and conspiracies by foreign countries, and without depending on foreign aid, is doing just fine.

    Nepal, on the other hand, is like a country who has currently lost the key to a big treasure. That key is socialism.

    If socialism comes here, we can be one of the developed countries in the world, as we are really rich in natural resources..

    Take the example of North Korea. It had to spend a HUGE amount on defense (owing up to the US’s attack), and when only 1% of the money spent in defence was reduced, it would be able to double the living standards of the people.

    In socialism, you can develop even with less money.

  9. hey dudes, u people r making excellent arguments. But, my opinion is that we can’t change other’s perception through reasoning. i may be wrong, though! 😀

  10. That’s not correct all the times. If you have really good reasoning, and the person is open to new ideas, there can be a change in the perception.

    The best part about a Socialist economy is that no one is really poor. In the US, though there are the richest persons in the world, there are shelterless people too, who are forced to live in the street, begging for money, food, etc.

    In a Socialist countries, nobody’s that rich, but nobody’s that poor either. Everyone has good quality of life. This is possible only in a Socialist economy.

  11. To borrow again, there’re many philosphers in the world: the thing is to change it!

    Can we change the world without making people suffer?

  12. “Can we change the world without making people suffer?”

    We can, for that a Socialist economy is required.

    No one will be multi-billionaires, but no one will be suffering as well.

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