12 comments on “Politics and Polemics: Nepal Scene

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  7. Dude/Sir/Dai/Uncle/

    The first picture is awesomely metaphorical. No fking U-turn for the King – hell yeah.

    The second one is a total blast!

    I haven’t read this post though – it seems really long and I really need to go piss right now.

    did u finish, dude? anyway, the pic was coutresy to a young enthusiast Amrit.

  8. sale raja
    marnu parne kasari bachecha
    raja ko nam ma kalanka ho gyane
    kaal pani aaudaina
    pashupati nath le gyanendra lai chadai Aaryaghat ma bolaosh
    sampati jammai janata ko nam ma hosh

    jai nepal
    jai jai jai

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