6 comments on “Dear Comrade Prachanda

  1. Two questions:

    Why would the author want Mr. Prachanda to ban Hindi channels, cinemas?

    Barbaad huncha, I love Govinda movies (:

    And, which Nepali movie have you seen lately?

  2. Regarding your numberwise writings:

    No 1: I agree what you wrote.

    No 2: Concept is ok but Chitawan is better than Dang though I am from Pokhara.

    No 3: Yes, caste factor is not acceptable as you mentioned.

    No 4: You could suggest to imporve their way. But how could you…? You are totally bias here.

    No 5: No comment

    No 6: Yes I agree but this suggestion is suitable to other political parties rather than Maoist.

    No 7: Unpracticeable suggestion. Internet, WTO, people’s desires and rights…, where to put them?

    No 8: Yes but need to be patient; it takes time.

    Thank you for your writing and keep on it

  3. regardless of which system Nepalis adopt or who heads their govt, they’ll increasingly depend on India, China or other countries unless they change their consumption pattern!

  4. @ShutUp:
    The Maoists, when started, had this in their agenda. So it’s better implemented. There’s complete lack of national feeling here. No respect for Nepali things.

    Yes, Nepali movies suck, but it can get better.

    @Rup Narayan Dhakal:
    2: As I said, Chitwan is indeed a better place. But that’s really near from India. This makes things difficult.

    4: They show no signs of improvement. So it’s better if they’re dissolved.

    6: It’s the Maoists that are meeting the Indian and US ambassadors time and again. Plus, they seem to be helping India in several ways.

    I can explain more if need be.

  5. this is a voice from a common nepali why are we always competiting against india why don we use our intellegence to form our country as a trade and business transit between india and china why don’t we safe gaurd our rights. why should we have people for the cuntry they belong to we should remember that the maoist say that they will close border with india but lets not forget that they passed the revolutionary years in india as a so called bhumigat jeeven.

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