8 comments on “Nepalese Himalayan Scene

  1. India giving in? Constantly? When? And when has it become evident – the Nepalese chauvinism? Except for calling Indians as “dhoti”, there hasn’t been any other instances of such display of chauvinism.

    All benefits of the open border for Nepal?
    Bhutanese refugees dumped into Nepal – who benefited? How can you say those kicked out from Bhutan were Nepalese not Bhutanese? Why turn a blind eye on this one?
    Millions of Indians from Bihar swarming into Nepal every year – who benefited? Now they (not Nepali people in Madhesh, but Indians in Madhesh) are demanding a separate Madhesh state.

    State some instances, please. India sacrificing it’s values for some Nepalese demands!

  2. Normally i would not condescend to reply to this but there is a basic lack of understanding of the english langauage.
    1.Chavinism is not for debate it is obvious in all Nepalese statement from every strata of official or non official political comment especially with regard to “Madhesis”.
    2.The reader has not understoodthe comments of the author as these comments were against Government of India’s policies and in favour of the Nepalese position castigating Bhutan and India for their policy of hrowing out Nepalese from Bhutan.
    3. Iam not sure about how many Nepalese seek jobs in India but it would be as many as any Bihari etc and this comment about Biharis bears out the first point about CHAUVINISM.
    Tashi Pemba

  3. Writers often take the readers, who paintstakingly go through the former’s write-up & come up with a different perspective, for granted.

    Thanks to Tashi for responding to a genuine reader like ShutUp & adding clarity to his article.

  4. Just think about it, if ShutUp got it all messed up, how many other readers DID actually get the message?

    Nepali Ukhan: Ma kura garchu Agra ko, u kuro garcha Gagra ko!

    Testai bhayo aba ke garney!

  5. let’s remember that words r the poorest medium fr communication.
    N still we need words fr communication!

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