9 comments on “Thick & Thin of Nepal Politics

  1. Communism is another form of Despotism – the Maoists leaders are already seen changing their so called “Hardcore” color.

    I am waiting for the day they wipe out the King – because after that, there won’t be no one to put the blame on, there would be no one to shout at “it’s because of Royalists are plotting”. Je bhaye pani tehi King lai dosh – when the King is gone, let’s see who they put the blame on!

    NC and UML are too humiliated to join the government, I guess. However if they shy away at this moment – the country might be plunged into the worst possible state of economic crisis.

  2. Yes Umes, the parties must understand that the only way to bring all sorts of extremist is not to ostracize them, but to engage them with responsibilities.

  3. i m rry diva ji…this is for umesh ji….since he is your regular reader..so i m here to get connected with him

    hi umesh ji..why did you delete your blogsite ??? I haven’t saw you like person in a straightness in blogging…I hope you willl again start your blogging…Hey umesh ji,, don’t vanish our heart so brutly…come back umesh ji..in blogging…

    hey diva ji..plz umesh ji lai samjhaunus na…blogging ma feri auna vani…..plz diva ji…do smthing yar…blogging need umesh pao…you can’t leave us in this way…come back umesh ji…plz coem back….

  4. really, Umes has deleted his blog. i 2 checked it out. hey Umes, i u’r not doing something better, there no harm in being a habitual blogger :).
    hey ametya, i think umes will make a come back.
    coz many people, incl. myself, have done like Umes.

  5. Hehehehe (evil laugh for those comments)

    Thick, thin and in between – I am really disappointed with the losing parties, especially with the NC for not ever giving up the government.
    Katti samma loviii ra nirankush!

  6. hey wide mouthed ShutUP dude, what d’u think about Maoists licking everyone to head the govt, & not correcting their ‘janakarabahis’?

  7. (Give me some beer, my mouth will be more wider)

    I don’t know what kind of strategy the Maoists are thinking of – but the top level leaders do not seem to have control over their cadres – may be a force of habit.

    But are they licking?

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