8 comments on “Nepal: When Buddha Gets Beaten-up in His own Homeland

  1. Sir, may I have a different opinion?

    Tibetans are refugees. According to Refugee Convention (1951 may be), a refugee cannot violate the law of the host country, one cannot take out protests/demonstrations out side the refugee camps.

    Nepali police have beaten up their own Nepali people – who the hell are these Tibetans creating chaos and traffic jams in the streets?

    IMO, it’s nothing to with religion/Buddhism.

    If the Bhutanese refugees do the same, the police won’t shower mercy upon them either.

    Both refugees are Nepal’s headache, anyway. The most humane thing to do, from the human rights point of view, is to send them all back to Tibet or Bhutan immediately – or give them all Nepali citizenship and end this headache for good.

    U’ve made a strong nationalist point Umes.
    But do u think the enthnic & religious issues can be solved that easily?
    Besides, is it good to beat up peaceful protesters wherever they may be from?

    It is definitely not good to get beaten up by police for nothing.

    I never supported police beating them up. I just said.. do the police care who ever they were!

    They disrupted the roads, they got beaten up. My point was, if the Bhutanese refugee did the same, they would get the same treatment.

    Mar 23, 10:53 AM


    India is responsible fr Bhutanese case.
    About police beating the Tibetans, i’m sure they were ordered to do so.

  2. yes,when Bhutanese did the same,they would be beaten too,bcoz we have already seen what happens there in (mechi pool) kakadvitta last time……….Anyway,but Refugee shouldn’t be beaten,if they are hatered from all over the world….then,where’s there land ??? Effectively,all Refugee has to return to their country and other has to support them for it.


    Bhutanis were beaten up by the Indian police, not the Nepal police.
    Its really strange that Bhutanis can come through India, but can not go back.

  3. Everyone among us should understand the fact that nobody is allowed to act by any means against another country whether they are Tibetans or Bhutanese. I am not in favor of beating up those protesters but they should be restricted to protest for Free Tibet in Nepal since slogans for Free Tibet projects against another country Chine. If they really want to free Tibet, they should have courage to fight against Chinese on Tibet or China itself. They are noway allowed to protest on neighboring country like Nepal. Same with Bhutanese, they should fight in Bhutan itself. Their status in Nepal is refugees and they should respect UN convention and rules & regulations of Nepal.


    didn’t Nepalis protest against their own regimes in all ‘democracies’ of the World?

  4. बुद्धभुमी भन्नु मात्र यत्रतत्र टाटै टाटो
    हिजोसम्म शितल नेपाल आज किन तातो ?

    उड्दै गरेको परेवालाई किन दिइन्छ पिजँडा ?
    अनी फेरी को छाड्ने भनी किन गरिइन्छ झगडा ?

    शान्तिकी प्रतिक यि चरीलाई उड्ने स्वतन्त्रता खोइ ?
    सर्वत्र त कोलाहल छ, एक सुनसान हाता खोइ ?

    न बोलीमा सत्यता न अहिसावादी चरित्र
    कती रुँदो हो बुद्ध पनि घुटघुट भित्र भित्र

    regards – ametya


    Wa-wa, Ametya, Wa-wa.
    Certainly u’ve worked hard to put your inspiration into words.
    N congrats, the outcome is marvelous!

  5. I agree with you on this Divas. Although the western media seems to be predominantly pro-Tibetan, the videos of Nepali police dragging away Tibetan protestors, who were just carrying banners can not be justified in any context. Tibetans are protesting all over the world. They have a right to. I read someone comment that Tibetans should be sent to China to fight. My friend, the policy of Tibet until now has been mostly non-violence, and besides if they were able to fight against China, they would not have been refugees in the first place.

    Umes mentioned about refugees not being able to protest outside camps. That might be valid to Bhutanese refugees but for most Tibetans, who are absorbed into the life in Nepal, in Kathmandu and other places, they have no camps. Besides, Nepal has also signed several conventions, which have been violated by the recent treatment of Tibetans.

    Umes also said something about the Nepali police beating Nepali people, so, who are these Tibetans? Well, the beating of the Nepali people was wrong in the first place itself during the revolution. That is why the police force was so much criticized, and most people stopped paying heed to the police even. They were like jokers, truly speaking.

    That wrong they did was wrong, and in fact when they treat Tibetans today, they have to remember how they were condemned and how action was taken against so many of them. I always wonder how short a memory these guys have.


    Yes Safal. blaming the police for an action directed by politics won’t help much.

  6. Malai euta kura sodhnu maan lagyo:

    What should Nepal (government and people) really do about this issue?

    – Let the refugees protest without any sort of intervention. We will all just watch and carry on our usual routine.

    – Join the protest with the refugees, Nepali people and Nepali government.

    – Let them go inside the Chinese embassy.

    What is the solution to this issue, how can we manage this conflict – instead of just criticizing this and that?

  7. Let them protest.

    If they come towards the Chinese embassy, create a block.

    That is all.

    What’s the use of dragging them mercilessly in front of the cameras, if they are to release them at night again.

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