4 comments on “Is Nepal a Sovereign Country?

  1. Nope Nepal is not free.

    But, if Tibet becomes free, imagine, who will be the neighbour of our country in the North – not China but Tibet, Tibet which wags its tail to India and Umrika. Nepal, landlocked by India from all the four sides.

    Tesh pachi ta jhan barbaad.

    Umes, plz be sure that i’m not advocating fr Free Tibet.
    But i think it’s in favor of China itself if it negotiates with the Dalai Lama.

  2. Of course, Nepal is free. It is not being able to maintain its dignity just because of those shameless leaders. Nepal should keep silence even if Indian Intruders enters inside Nepalese territory, search for culprit and nap whomever they suspect; its just happening because of those incapable leaders. A day will come when Nepalese leaders will understand the power exist only on Nepalese people but not the Delhi trips, then, Nepal can keep stand on their voices, rights and dignity.

    what do u think of the saying that a society gets the leaders that it deserves?
    where do these leaders come from?

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