4 comments on “No Woman No Cry

  1. yeah,yeah……. no women’s day ……… it always reminds me that it’s their day and they are speaking only once in a year…

  2. I read this thinking the author might have some sort of proposal, or an idea that could make the world a better place. Instead, it seems to rather vaguely stated that Women’s Day is bad because it’s not an instant fix for a problem that the author didn’t define, for reasons that the author didn’t justify. Various catch-phrases and important-sounding words were mentioned, but most not more than once, which meant they didn’t actually contribute any meaning to the article.

    In short, until you have an actual opinion, rather than a collection of pretty words, be quiet.


    thanx Brandon, u r most welcome.
    But I was thinking that u’d react the other way.
    i thought u’d say ‘Great Idea’, but poor expression.
    n true, it’s a forced writing!

  3. At once i have been ooppssed by thinking you as a doctor. Now second time i don’t wanna feel the same oopppsss. I am thinking you as a male but by reading this article i think second time also i have to say oopppsss. The our in “Our Fathers, Mullahs, & Pundits are responsible for all our sufferings” is forcing me to think like this.

    I pray to the god this time i would be right…hey god change this blogger as a male(if not then) to make me right.


    doesn’t a man suffer when a woman suffers, ametya?
    isn’t man a son, father, brother, hubby, or a friend to a woman?

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