2 comments on “OK, Call Me a Traitor!

  1. You traitor! India ko chamcha!

    That’s what I would like to shout at our leaders – but what can do – aafnai karam kharaab!

    Truth is – Nepal has been “unofficially” ruled from Delhi since Sugauli Treaty and it’s our destiny to be ruled like this for forever!

    Jai India, Jai Shiva ji (I mean Shivashankar Mukharjee ji), Jai Jai

  2. Dear Divas Jii,

    You have been fantastic in your perspective on madhesi and “Nepali Nationalism”.

    I really liked your statement “I need no more proofs to be sure that that definition if applied on me, spares no one”

    You very well defined NRN, as Non Returning Nepalis. The keyword “Non Returning” explains the reason for every concern. Its pure “livelihood”, pure “Roti”. Rest is all bakbas. The one who sing song of “Napalization” is a handful of broker in the center whoes kitchen flame is glowing, just because of this song. People throw some coins for these singer, as if they are doing in front of temples or road side singer. Common man don’t enjoy the tune of song, until the stomach cry for piece of roti. But these broker are able to manage roti from other pie by imposing tax (or NGO’s donation), not more than that.

    Divas, One more point I want to ask you, why do you feel that non-Madhesis are not hindu? And Why do you think that only madhesi are susceptible to “Hindu Ghee” (even if you are right is assumption that “Hindu Ghee” works)?

    Ram Manohar

    Glad to receive your comment as you really challenge intellectually.
    And I agree with you that the “Hindu Ghee” works both with Madhesis & Pahadis. More so with the Invincible God of Nepal.
    That why I insist on making the point that both the cultures have more in common than differences.
    Focusing on Madhesi Culture was due to recent Madhes agitation, my interest & upbringing in Madhes(i’ve no objection if they like to call themselves Madhesis), & the fact that Madhesis are comparatively sensitive about their religion & culture.
    Thanx again Man for letting me clarify myself.

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