3 comments on “Busharraf!

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  2. … A very naive commentry on the real stakes involved….

    Western govts brought these third-rate people back to pakistan …. knowing fully well that the jihadi element’s grass root induction took place while both these third-rate parties were in power in the 90’s. The Western Govts know: Musharraf had to clean that mess his solidiers died doing it…. & Mush got a bad name for it.
    keeping the nukes safe is the only concern for …. these Western Govts….so it is in the interest of all concern that the jihadis dont regroup again.
    Nato presence in Afghanistan will be the biggest issue for these corrupt parties who donot have the political will to address it . Pakistan Army has decided to clean pakistan of these jahadis & I see a backlash from the thieves re-elected with the support of the West.

    Thanx Daud, fr ur informative comment.

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