3 comments on “Is it right to smack children?

  1. I would say that any form of corporal punishment that does cause lasting physical harm is right – if it is administered for the purpose of punishing misbehavior or anti-social behavior.

    I would also say that any form of punishment – physical or not – that is solely or primarily administered because the child “pissed off” the parent or guardian is wrong.

    One – no matter the form – is punishment, the other – also no matter the form – is assault (logically, not legally).

    P.S. Umm…TYPO! First sentence should have been “[sic]…does NOT cause…”

    Sorry, too early over here in the US.

  2. Your point about parents parenting based on what they had experienced and were told was the norm is very true. I think that in most cases parents do the best they can … the best they know how… my mother’s style was different from my father’s and their families were very different. That is her family was awful his the reverse.

    I also believe that as people learn , read, and are exposed to more differing thought then they have more opportunity to recognize that the “old” way was flawed. I know my mother tried to be a better mother and was better than her own and I learned from her so I could be a better mother. I know I made mistakes, but I know my daughter will be a better mother to her children. We can only forgive the parental flaws and try to do it differently for out kids.


  3. There is a definite line to be drawn between what is child abuse and and a rare or occaisional swat on the backside of a child. The problem with such laws is that they don’t draw the line and leave open abuse of the law and use it against good parents.


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