3 comments on “Madhes Mania in Nepal

  1. is it a solution???


    aakar, would u plz explain yor question?

    I mean, revolution means banda,लाठिचार्ज,burning vehicles,destroying public property.and strongly, I don’t like this revolution………… can’t they sit on peace talk…blah..bla


    Yeah, movements n revolutions r necessary. But we need to learn from East Europe where Velvet, Rose, etc Revolutions take place…no one is hurt.

  2. You are right, if the both sides, especially the government, have a little bit common sense, Madhesh movement is not a big problem. Bigger and more dangerous possibilities like Maoist terror dictatorship or army dictatorship are lurking near. Chaos will those seeking their own dictatorship.

  3. Divas’ article is well judged. Well done Divas. On people like you Nepal Aama is proud. God bless you everything .

    Thank you Dr Ramesh for your kind words.

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